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The Ripple Effect

What if Bella’s parents never divorced & she was a normal girl. Best friends with Jacob Black for all her life & suddenly the Cullen’s moved to Forks. Everything is Alternate Universe, Romance, drama and friendships galore.


25. Epilogue

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Epilogue: Here is a preview to the next fic part two of the Trilogy. Look for A Beautiful Disaster this fall November 2009.

A Beautiful Disaster


I hadn’t talked to Bella in over two weeks. It was the longest drought our friendship had ever seen. But there was no way I could bring her in, not without complicating her life further. What was the most surprising is the one person I should hate in all this is; is where I found solace. The first day of the change, I found myself calling Edward Cullen. The others would never understand why I went to the Cullens for help. The fact is, my people blame the change on the cold ones. I should hate him, but I could not.

Hating Edward was like hating the part of me that loved Bella. I could no more despise them, than I could her. There was no doubt that the Cullens were good to Bella, that they were different from the cold ones of the legends. This rift that existed between us was long overdue for a change. Instead of keeping ourselves separated, we should be more accepting.

The Cullens were the exception to the rule. If Bella was going to be a part of their world, that meant becoming one of them. I could tell she was teetering with her humanity. Living as a teenager forever, was sounding good to me. As long as I was with the Cullens, I would stay the same. But there was something more, if we could change the relationship between the tribe and the cold ones; we could stop the renegade vampires from invading our lands again.

The legends, those stories my people passed down from generation to generation were all coming into fruition. To think of how I laughed at them not a year ago. It's not like I had expected all of this to be true. But I couldn't deny it anymore, my father could smell the change on me. He relished every moment that my bones ached and my muscles stretched and bulged. I was growing at a rapid rate and my whole world was changing. My life was flipped upside down. I had the entire tribe as my audience, waiting for me to take control and lead the pack.

Sam and Paul checked in on me every weekend waiting, pondering. I could see in Sam's eyes the hunger and anticipation. There was also the fear of having to wield to me when I had completed the turn. It was bad enough I had to avoid Bella's phone calls. But to have to be around Sam and Paul all the time, made my skin crawl.

My Mother wasn't taking to the idea either. My father had to explain why I cleaned the refrigerator out one Saturday morning. She cried herself to sleep that night. Luckily, I slept and ate most days. Therefore, when she had to tell Bella I was sick, it wasn't too far from the truth. When I did have enough energy to walk around the reservation there were hushed whispers. I felt like they were waiting for something to appear before their very eyes. My Dad explained the Quileute legend again, emphasizing on one of our ancestors. Finally, the stares made sense. I was going to be different from the others, it was in my blood.

I wondered if my tribe knew what I was planning with the Cullens, if they would follow me then. Would the pack still see me as a leader when I came out with a new treaty? When Bella showed up on my front lawn a few days ago, my facade nearly melted away. The one person I wanted to talk to was standing right in front of me. I wanted to cry, to break free from this steely demeanor and tell her everything. But, I couldn’t tell her yet. I should have known she would break me down. Bella Swan, my best friend is the most stubborn girl I know.

Just when I thought she had gone, away from any danger Bella surprised me again. When I heard her arguing with Leah, I fought with myself. If I left the house at that moment, I was acknowledging to everyone that I was ready to fight for dominance. Leave it to my best friend to start the wheels that would forever turn. When I stood in-between Sam and Bella the connections to the pack shouted in my head.

What hurt the most was Leah’s fear for Sam. After all I had been through, I couldn’t shake her from my mind. The pain of this new connection, hearing her heart slowly tear apart made me ache with her. But I had to control that emotion. Fighting with Sam had nothing to do with Leah; at least I kept telling myself that. It’s true that in some dark corner of my foreconscious; I related being an Alpha to her wanting to be with me. It was a foolish crush, or maybe I was hopeless when it came to her.

I tried to focus on Bella, on the Cullens. My friendship was put to a test. Bells ended up proving once again, that she was the best friend a guy could have. She took to my hints like a trooper and before I knew it, we were like Jake and Bells again. There was no way to see what would happen from here on out. But I had some idea; I would finally flip and after that, challenge Sam to my rightful place.

I wasn’t alone, there was Bella. I knew she would always be there by my side, helping me. And with Bella came the Cullens, if we could get the treaty prepared and all ironed out I know I could convince the others. With the Quileutes and Cullens together, that would set a new precedence. The most important part was I would never have to give up Bella. No matter what human or vampire, we could still be friends. Even when she smelled and felt cold, we would still be on the same side. Just that thought made me press on, with Bella by my side tomorrow just got a little brighter.