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Bella's Granddaughter (The re-write)


A few months ago I had written this story, but I've rewritten it.
70 years after New Moon Bella's Granddaughter,
Zoey sets out to find Edward and Jacob.
When Zoey finds them, she finds
more than just people but emotions that her Gram once had.

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1. Box

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"Zoey," My mother spoke has she opened my bedroom door. I didn't look at her, I kept my head buried in my soggy pillow. I didn't want to talk to my mother, I didn't wanna talk to anyone. I just wanted to wallow in my misery, alone. "Zoe," my mother repeated "I know this is hard, but you'll make it through. We all will." I started to feel bad. I thought I was upset but I didn't realise how much of a wreak my mother would be too. It was her mother, the woman that raised her. I was being selfish.

I sat up on my bed and wiped my tears. My mother came and sat by me on the bed. She put arms around me. "I'm sorry, Mom." I sobbed "I've been so selfish, I'm not the only one suffering from the lose." I apologized

"Oh, honey it's okay. Gram's been sick for a long time. Most of us were more prepared for Gram's passing, than you were." She reasoned. "Here, I have something for you." I'd been to upset to notice the familiar shoe box under mom's arm. I gasped at the box.

"Gram left this for you. I didn't open it-- no one has. I knew it was something special between you too." My mother said. "I'll let you alone for a bit." My mother hugged me and left me with my thoughts.

I sighed and took to box on my lap. I closed my eyes. I'd seen this box thousands of times. It kept Gram talking for hours and me intrigued. Gram kept a CD, expired plain tickets and a few photos. I'm the only one who's ever seen them. Gram told me all of her stories involving the items in the box. You'd have to be crazy to believe her stories of amazing Edward Cullen-- a vampire. Well call me crazy, because I believe every word of the woman. I've heard the stories thousands of times. Even has a 16, 17 year old I'd spend nights at Grams baking cookies and listening to the stories I've heard many times. Unforchantly I'll never hear the stories has an 18 year old.

Today makes it one week since Grams passing. She died of "old age" apparently. At least it was a peaceful death. She died in her sleep, her heart just stopped beating. Gram was obviously aware that her end was coming soon because the box felt heavier then I remembered. I opened it to find a few new items had been placed. Besides the normal items there was a photo album and a few envelopes and a spiral note book.

I flipped through the notebook. I read through it abit and I realized every story Gram had ever told me were preserved in this notebook. The stories aren't gone! I grinned to myself.
I flipped through the photo album. There were photos from Gram as a young child all the way to our family at my 18th birthday party, two weeks ago. I gave into the tears as I memorized each picture. Then I turned my attention to the envelopes. There were 3 of them. Each had a name printed on it. It shocked me to read "Zoey, Edward, Jacob" on the envelopes. I figured if I'd read mine and I'd probably find an explanation. My letter from Gram read:

Dear Zoey Isabella,
I'm sure you're a mess over my passing, but I don't want you to be. I had an amazing life and you were the light of it. The stories I've shared with you and you only, can be found in the notebook. I knew you'd miss them so they're all written in the notebook. Now, I have a favor to ask of you. I'm not telling you to take off, but I want you to try you're hardest to get the other envelope to their owners. I love you, Zoey and I wish you the best in life. You will go far, I know you will. I love you.

-Grandma Bella.

Gram's letter made me tear more. Her request echoed in my head. I should try, I should try to find Edward Cullen, her vampire love and Jacob Black, her werewolf best friend. I owned her that much. And I would like to meet them, the immortals that lit my Grandmothers lightest and darkest days. Gram said Edward left to protect her, and she knows that he loves her. And she'll always love him. Edward would look like he did in this picture, of Gram and him in my Great grandfather's house, 70 years ago. Edward would look the same. But would Jacob? Would he be so easy? Gram said the only way he'd look the same would be if he still phased. Gram also said that was a long shot. Well, he could be easy to find, but he'd be old. Whatever, I own Gram.

"Forks" I said quietly to myself "Where is that? Washington." I answered my own question. It would take about 12 hours to drive there. "Great." I said smugly. But I would do it. Mom and Dad would not approve of this. I couldn't even explain it to them. I'd promise Gram I'd never tell her secrets. They'd think I was insane anyway. Tomorrow morning I'd leave.

I wiped my tears and went in search of my suitcase. I packed a weeks worth of clothing. I didn't think I'd be staying that long anyway, but just in case. I actually only plan to stay till I got the letters to their owners, if that was even possible. I only had $150, I'd have to sleep in my car. "Ugh" but I'd do it. I'd done anythings on Impulses before, but this had to be the craziest.

My parents are gonna flip a bitch, I thought. I am 18 years old thought. They can't do anything.
I fell asleep with a lot on my mind, that night. I was nervous. What was I going to say to these strangers? Would they even believe me? I laid, still, in bed with my thoughts, waiting for sleep to take me.