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A heart shaped chain

sequel to prisoner! Kyna is locked away, dreading her sixteenth birthday. The day she will be presented with a heart on a chain and be a prisoner to an ancient vampire


1. Chapter I

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I had finished my chores and was heading to my room in the basement of this dark and draughty castle. I reached the dorm and quickly made sure no one was there. I was in luck. I lay on my bed and opened the chest at the end, which stored my clothes. I lifted the plank of wood, which hid my stuff in it. Pictures from when I was seven. Me, Bella and Jason. Bella and Jason. For me, those two names meant mum and dad. No, they were better then mum and dad. I'd only known them a short amount of time but they'd loved me and if I thought of home, I thought of them. The door opened and I looked up guiltily.

"You shouldn't do that," I said to my best friend, Alana.

"What? Sneak up on you? I didn't"

"Never mind" she sat next to me and I put my pictures away.

"Are you ready for it?" she said. She was referring to the selection. When I turned sixteen, Jack the ruler of the castle would decide if he wanted me as one of his many brides (he had one in each castle he owned). If he decided yes, he would present me with a necklace with a diamond heart on it as a sign to other vampires that I belonged to him.

"He may not pick you," said Alana.

"He probably will"

"It could be worse, rich, powerful, beautiful and eternally young"

"Yes, but I'll never have kids! Never get married to someone I truly love because even if I do escape, I'm going to have to either turn them which I don't want to do or I'll end up killing them"

"Don't worry about it. Live for now while you can. Let's go meet the new stable boy!"

"How will that cheer me up?"

"He is way hot" she led me up the steps, out of the cellar.

"Are you still thinking about them?"

"Of course"

"It's been eight years Kyna! You haven't seen them since then"

"They might think I'm dead," I protested.

"Kyna, your life is here now"

"No. this is not life. This is prison!" I shouted.

"Shhh! If someone hears you...you could be punished"

"I don't care," I said, but I lowered my voice. We left pushed open the little wooden servant door that led into the back courtyard. I glanced up at the castle and shuddered. A tall, dark figure was standing in the turret window, illuminated by a candle. I averted my gaze quickly as we went out to the stable. There were three horse harnessed in there. A large black stallion. A white mare and a brown mare, who was pregnant.

"The others are out" Jack had guests who borrowed his horses for various activities. Normally he went with them on the black stallion, Hunter. I turned to see a blonde teenager with sparkling green eyes, flecked with gold.

"Hey. I'm Logan"

"I'm Alana, and this is Kyna"

"You work in the castle?"


"Sadly" I added.

"How old are you two?"

"We're both fifteen, but Kyna will be sixteen next month. You?"

"I'm sixteen" a bell rang loudly, echoing around the courtyard.

"We've got to go," I said.

"Okay, maybe see you again" he smiled at me.

"He was so flirting with you," Alana whispered to me.

"Shhh" I nudged her and looked at the lit tower. The figure was still there. I couldn't see clearly but it looked like he was smiling.