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A heart shaped chain

sequel to prisoner! Kyna is locked away, dreading her sixteenth birthday. The day she will be presented with a heart on a chain and be a prisoner to an ancient vampire


2. Chapter II

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Dinner was always quiet in the servant's quarters. Standard food and light conversation. But I enjoyed it, nevertheless as it was a chance to see friends. I was actually kind of hoping that Logan would be there but he wasn't. Stable boys did not mix with serving girls at meals.

"Kyna? Umm..."

"What is it Beatrice?" Beatrice was a rather timid girl who lived here with her sister. She was born here but her mum had been killed for ‘betraying' Jack. But she got lucky.

"He wants you to go to his private dining room" said Jemima. All noise stopped.


"No dumbie, after dinner. Of course now! He wants you to eat with him"

"No way...uhuh"

"It's not an invitation you can refuse," said Valeria. I glared at her. She was jealous that he'd taken a shine to me. She longed to be in a position of power and did whatever she could to get there. I hated her and she hated me.

"Fine. I'll go. Ummm...save me some food please?" I asked Alana.

"He'll probably feed you" said Beatrice.

"That's what I'm worried about" I muttered as I left the table. I headed up a flight of stairs to the main hall and then up a further flight of stairs to the upper floors (strictly private. Only three maids were allowed in too clean them. Valeria, Janet and Carrie). I slowed as I approached the wooden door and considered turning and running.

"Come in" called a voice. Stupid vampire heard me coming up the stairs. I opened the door slowly. The room was made of a dark brick and had paintings hanging on the walls. There was a series of arched window with no curtains. In the centre was a long dining table, groaning under the weight of food. He didn't even eat. My attention was drawn to one particular painting on a bare wall. It wasn't bright but there was something about it that focused your attention on it. It was a dark picture of a man in a cloud of shadows.

At first, I thought it was just a cloud but as I entered the room, I could see that the cloud was made of the ghostly bodies of women in revealing, bloodstained clothes. Underneath was a caption inscribed on a small plaque.

One day, men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century.

"Hello Kyna. I was wondering if you would join me for dinner"

"Err...please don't say that I'm on the menu?"

"No" he said. He pointed to a chair. I sat down, nervously.

"What's with the weird painting? Sir?" I asked.

"Jack the Ripper. The British prostitute murderer they never caught?"

"Jack...the Ripper?"

"A self portrait" he said. I froze.

"Eat please" he said, rising from his seat "As you know, when you turn sixteen I may ask you to be my bride. You will have your own private quarters and be rich and strong"

"I think Valeria deserves it more then I do," I whispered.

"Valeria is to course for such a refined role. Eat, please," he pointed at my untouched dinner.

"But why?"

"I require someone gentle, and elegant. Someone who will suit immortality. You are that person. Now, eat"

"No" I said. He was insisting I eat for a reason and it probably wasn't a nice one.

"Fine. Kyna, goodnight. I will see you soon," he said. He sounded angry. I stood and left.