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A heart shaped chain

sequel to prisoner! Kyna is locked away, dreading her sixteenth birthday. The day she will be presented with a heart on a chain and be a prisoner to an ancient vampire


5. Chapter V

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I snuck out again that night, regardless of what Jack said. I'd rather be dead then stuck in this castle. I went to where Logan and I had talked last night. He was sitting there again.

"Kyna. I hoped you'd come" he said, jumping up when he saw me.

"Well, I'm here. I can't sleep knowing that this time next week I'll be dead"

"You're not going to die!"

"I'm going to die. My humanity will die. I may still be alive but I won't be!" I said.

"Well, we should make the most of this time while we have it"

"What do you suggest? An orgy in a changing room?"

"Not exactly" he leant over to me. And he kissed me. Wow. It was as if electricity was coursing through me. Then he pulled away.

"Sorry, that was out of line" he apologized.

"Why are you apologizing? Didn't you enjoy it?" I asked.

"I did. I just...felt that I was assuming you liked me as much as I liked you. So, I should have waited for an indication that you did" he was rambling.

"Logan. Just shut up" I said. I kissed him again. My eyes roamed. The tower lit up. A figure standing there. Oh God.

"I have to go," I said. I pushed Logan away and rose quickly.

"Kyna? Where are you going?" Logan called after me.

"I've got to go Logan!" I called back. I turned my head briefly to see him, standing by the bench, unsure whether or not to follow me. I ran to the servant's quarters. But as I shut the door that led to the corridor and stairs to the basement, I turned and he was there. Of course. He was leaning against the wall, half submerged in the shadows. I froze the moment I saw him, head bowed, afraid to look into his eyes.

"You disobeyed me" he said, finally, "You went out after hours. Your relationship with the stable boy was intensified"

"I did not seek it sir. I sought him out to disillusion him, to avoid such a situation as this" I lied.

"Then how did it become as this? From what I saw, you were joined in love with him"

"He kissed me, sir"

"That was the first time. More then once, I saw"

"I was distracted from my purpose out there tonight sir. It shall not happen again"

"Why do you do this to me?" he asked, "I wish for you to be my bride but a bride must follow the ideals of the husband. If I cannot trust for you, I will have to remove you from this sanctuary" my heart skipped a beat. He smiled a malevolent glint in his eyes.

"You see the truth, that you would choose to remain here to escape from death"

"No. every other child feels that death is the worst and would easily make that decision"

"And you?"

"I feel that death can be used as the cowards escape"

"You refuse to be seen as a coward? Or perhaps...you have an ulterior motive for this? You think that someone will find you?" I looked away. Too late, he'd seen the hope in my eyes.

"No one will ever come for you Kyna. When I took you from the Volturi, they destroyed every record of you. You are not merely dead to the world, you never existed"

"But what of my family's memories? Those remain intact"

"I was aware you were an orphan. Taken in by vampires"

"The dead family are not to whom I refer. The vampires you speak of are my true family though they cared for me for only a short time"

"They believe you to be dead and shall not seek you here," he said.

"I do not believe your lies but I still believe you are the right one. So, I shall not kill you"

"What will you do?"

"I shall imprison you until you turn sixteen. It is the only way to keep you safe"

"May I make one request?"


"I understand that I have done wrong but the night before my sixteenth, please may I be allowed outside to see the light with human eyes once more"

"I shall consider it" with that, he seized my arm and led me up stairs to a tower room. There were no windows or furniture. I was thrown to the floor with no more decorum then a sack of potatoes might have. He locked the door and I was trapped.