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When Bella was small, vampires came into her life. Now she's older and there still in her life. But she needs to escape. Will she ever find happiness.

The guy in the banner is the actual guy who plays demetri in the film. He's...average.

1. Chapter I

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Everyone dies at some point, that's nature. People who stay alive after their heart stops beating? That's just creepy. I am not one of those people but I despise all of them. My dad for example. Okay, he's not really my dad, just an arsehole. A vampire arsehole who keeps me locked up like a princess in a tower. Only, a handsome prince will never come for me. His name is Demetri. I am one of his ‘children'. In my room, there are five others. Me, Gianna, Jessica, Angela, Lauren and Tanya. He keeps us as pets.

To die would actually be fantastic. I just want to leave. I'd have run away long ago, in fact I did, were it not for the slender chain around my wrist. Not a lot of us run away. The fear keeps us here. There are worse things out there then Demetri.

We all sleep in the same room on one set of bunk beds. We never know what day it is and can only ever find out by the temperature. It's bitterly cold in winter and we often stick three of us in the same bed. It's hard because we burnt the wood that stops people from rolling out of bed to keep warm last winter. Someday, when Demetri goes away on business we can light fires. In summer, we sleep two in a bunk. One pair keeps watch for two nights then we swap roles.

It's hard but we've spent so long living this way we're kind of used to it. No, we don't enjoy it but it's been so long we've had to get used to it, just to stay sane. I've been stuck with him since I was thirteen. I am now eighteen. Five wasted years. But nowhere near as bad as Tanya, she's been with him since she was six!

Now, I used to be ordinary. I lived an average life but I made a deal with the devil. James. He took a shine to me. When I refused any moves, he made and he knew I'd never reconsider because I saw that he was evil, he went to my younger sister. He kidnapped her and was going to kill her so I gave myself up. What I don't get is why he didn't just kidnap me. Maybe he actually did want my approval but I don't know. Or care. After a while, he made friends with a female called Victoria. They were mates but when she wasn't around he told me that he only kept her around because her ability to escape. He liked a challenge. The worst bit was when they came back from their hunts with crimson eyes.

So, eventually Victoria (who never liked me) persuaded him to get rid of me. She wanted him to kill me but before he could, he heard a wolf howl and they decided to tie me to a tree. We were in the middle of nowhere so no human would find me. I thought an animal would find me and kill me. But I was unlucky. Demetri found me instead.