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When Bella was small, vampires came into her life. Now she's older and there still in her life. But she needs to escape. Will she ever find happiness.

The guy in the banner is the actual guy who plays demetri in the film. He's...average.

2. Chapter II

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It was late. I was lying in the bunk I shared with Angela. I heard a creak of floorboards. I froze. Demetri was coming in to check on us and he hated it when we were still awake at night. I concentrated on slowing my heartbeat and regulating my breathing. The door opened and I tried not to flinch as light filled the room. He would punish any awake if he was in a bad mood. Sometimes he'd punish all of us if one was awake. Lock us in a closet or starve us.

I heard him sigh and mutter, "Bella, you're not a very good actress" I didn't react, just hid my head in my pillow. It was impossible to even talk to each other with him around. He didn't sleep and he could hear us a no matter how quiet we were.

"Bella?" whispered Angela.

"Shh. If he hears us..."

"Bella, will we ever get out of here?"

"Angela, I've been here for five years. If he really intended to ever let us go, he'd have done it by now. You know the ones who were here when Tanya arrived died. That is our only way out" Angela was new to this life. She still had hope.

"Angela, how did you get here?"

"A vampire collector killed my parents. He was left with three girls and a boy. He sold us off. I was put up for auction and Demetri bought me"

"Do you really think that a vampire who bought a child has mercy? Do you really think any of the vampires have an ounce of compassion in them?"

"There's got to be at least one..."

"No, Angela. They're heartless killers. We need to accept that we are never leaving here"

"We do leave here. We work at the restaurant"

Demetri needed a way to not look suspicious so he owned a restaurant. Thankfully, not a vampire one (though a few of the staff were vampires. We hated them, especially the way they looked at us) but we were still made to work there. We actually enjoyed it, as it was our one moment of freedom and Demetri wasn't there all the time. That's why he employed vampires to watch us while he was away, though most of the time when he went hunting we were forced to remain chained up inside the house.

"That's hardly what I would call freedom. A couple of hours a day under constant supervision" there was a creak outside and Angela and I froze.

"Shh. We'll talk tomorrow" I whispered, "Sleep now"

We woke up the next morning and went downstairs for breakfast. Cold porridge.

"Good morning girls" said Demetri.

"Morning" we muttered.

"I'm going away for a week. Usual rules apply. No leaving the house or going near the window. Also, when I return certain discipline issues need to be dealt with. At lights out, you are to go to sleep and not talk" his tone changed to one of icy anger. He glared at Angela and me.

I hated it when he looked at us like we were dinner. To him we were and that was a damn sight more natural then ‘looking after' us. But it was still frightening. I dropped my spoon into my bowl and pushed it away.

"Aren't you hungry Bella? You need to eat"

"Not particularly Demetri. Cold porridge is hardly bursting with nutritional value. Or flavour"

"I will not debate my breakfast choice with an eighteen year old. Either eat it or go hungry and go to your room"

"Fine" I got up and went to my room. I longed for rescue. But I knew that day would never come.