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When Bella was small, vampires came into her life. Now she's older and there still in her life. But she needs to escape. Will she ever find happiness.

The guy in the banner is the actual guy who plays demetri in the film. He's...average.

4. Chapter IV

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The next morning, Angela was worse. She was sweating but she was shivering at the same time. Demetri would be back soon. Angela needed food to help her recover but we didn't have any. We were at a loss of what to do!

"We could feed her our blood" said Jessica.

"She's not a vampire Jessica"

"Yes, I know but our blood has nutrients in it, right? So, we give her our blood and the nutrients and white blood cells will fight the virus"

"To hell with that, I'm not giving her my blood! Let her get over it on her own!"

"Fine, I'll do it," I said. I rolled up my sleeve.

"Erm...how should I do it?" I had considered biting myself but that wouldn't draw blood, not with my puny teeth.

"Knife?" suggested Gianna.

"Erm...can't I use something...less dangerous?"

"It's that or nothing" Tanya hurried downstairs to search for a knife.

"I'm surprised Demetri keeps knives in the house. I guess he doesn't care if we kill ourselves," muttered Gianna. Tanya returned.

"This was all I could find," she said, handing me a slightly blunt blade.

"Where should I do it?" I asked. I was worried I'd cut myself too much and die. For Angela. Remember that. For Angela.

"Do it there, on your arm" said Gianna, pointing to a spot just below the elbow. I cut swiftly, gasping in pain.

"Okay. Open her mouth" I said. Tanya propped Angela up and opened her mouth.

"What...what's happening?" she mumbled.

"Shhh...Angela, just drink this" I pressed my arm to her mouth and let my blood trickle into her mouth. Disgusting? Definitely, but would it work. Right now, it could be as disgusting as is humanly possible, just as long as Angela got better. I winced slightly.

"That should do Bella," Tanya said. I moved my arm. Angela was still pale, still sweating.

"Has it worked?" I asked, "I could give her more, I mean..."

"Bella, relax. It will take time!"

"We don't have time," Jess, pointed out with her oh, so perfect timing.

"Jessica?" said Gianna, sweetly.


"Shut up!" Tanya and Gianna both barked. Jessica huffed.

"Come on. It's late. If Demetri comes back earlier and finds us awake, he'll flip," I said "I'll stay on watch tonight, keep an eye on Angela" Tanya nodded.

It was a long night. When morning came and the harsh light came in through the dusty crevices, everyone stirred. I went to Angela's side.

"Ang? Are you alright?" I asked, hesitantly, worried about what her response would be.

"Bella" she whispered. I almost cried out in relief. She recognized me!

"Is she okay?" asked Jessica.

"She's better"

"The first twenty four hours are always the deciders," said Gianna.

"Thank you Doctor Obvious" said Lauren, rolling out of bed "God that was uncomfortable" all four had to sleep on the same bunk in case of infection. One could have slept on the floor but Lauren was too stuck up to offer and the others kept arguing about it (each of them wanted to volunteer but they couldn't decide who should be chosen).

"Lauren, sometimes I think you have no heart. And other times I think you have the hearts of your family pickled in jars" I said. She glared at me.

"You little..."

"Shh!" said Tanya.

"You did not just tell me to..."

"Shh!" Tanya cut her off again.

"Tanya, what is..."

"SHH!" she demanded. We all froze. Outside we could hear loud, angry footsteps. Terror filled each one of our hearts in the same second. Demetri had returned early. And he sounded mad. We all thought that Angela's illness had been the worst of it, the hurricane was over. But now we could see that was just the prelude to the storm.