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When Bella was small, vampires came into her life. Now she's older and there still in her life. But she needs to escape. Will she ever find happiness.

The guy in the banner is the actual guy who plays demetri in the film. He's...average.

5. Chapter V

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We sat so still, you could have heard an ant sigh. I couldn't move. The footsteps got louder and the door downstairs opened. Jessica was crying silently, tears of fear on her face. The footsteps were on the stairs now. Tanya was clutching Gianna. I hugged Angela. A small sob escaped one of us. I don't know who, we were all so afraid. The door swung open. I hid my face, as if I could avoid this confrontation by not acknowledging it.

Someone screamed. I heard footsteps. I looked up. Lauren. She had run. Demetri was caught off guard and didn't stop her as she dashed past him. Then he regained his composure. He let out a feral snarl and vanished from the doorway. We heard a scream and he reappeared, dragging Lauren with him. He was holding her by the throat and she had gone blue.

"I've told you! Don't try to run!" he seized her shoulders. Tanya gasped. He threw her, hard, against the wall. She crumpled to the floor, all bones broken. Demetri stormed into the room and seized the nearest girl-Jessica-by the hair. He pulled her away from us, dragging her downstairs. We heard her screams of pain. Then they cut off. He was back in an instant. He grabbed Tanya and Gianna, one in each hand, and pulled them away. He returned.

"Demetri" I gasped, tears sliding down my cheek "Angela is sick! Please..." I begged. If he handled her like that, she could die! He looked at me, nodded once and scooped Angela up in his arm. I was left to cower in the corner. He returned before I could blink. Was he going to hurt me? He grabbed my wrist, holding it too tightly and tugged me downstairs. It was no use struggling. He led me to the kitchen, pulled open a door and shoved me down the stairs. I was in the cellar. The cellar was dark with no windows and the only light came from a dim, dusty bulb in the ceiling. There was a loo but it was dirty with one slit like window high up. We weren't allowed down here, so why was he putting us here?

"Anything broken?" whispered a voice. I squinted, through the gloom


"Over here" said a voice from the other side of the basement.

"It was me, Gianna" said the first voice "Is anything broken Bella?"

"I might have broken my leg. I landed on it"

"How's Angela?" asked Jessica.

"I asked him not to haul her around. I think he listened" I said

"Angela?" I called.

"Here" croaked a voice. She was lying near the stairs.

"Did he hurt you?"

"No. I'm fine"

"Why are we down here?"

"I don't know" it was hard to tell who was speaking.

"Poor Lauren" muttered one. We all sighed.

"Its better then this" I said, with venom "Trapped, filthy, starving"

"Shh" said Tanya. I crawled over in the direction of the voices. What was going to happen to us? Would we ever be let out of here? So many unanswered questions swarmed out brains. After an age, the door opened again. We all froze. But he didn't hurt us, attack us for sitting there. He merely entered the room, nudging Angela out of the way with his foot. He dropped a still frozen ready meal into our midst and left.

"From now on, only one guard at night. We all need to be well rested," said Tanya. It made sense. We were in maximum danger from sickness down here and if we were tired, we'd get ill.

"We swap every night," said Gianna. We all agreed (except for Angela who was strangely quiet). We would just have to wait and find out what had happened to put us in this dismal situation.