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When Bella was small, vampires came into her life. Now she's older and there still in her life. But she needs to escape. Will she ever find happiness.

The guy in the banner is the actual guy who plays demetri in the film. He's...average.

7. Chapter VII

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I woke up in a small room.

"You're awake," said Tanya "it's about time"

"Where are we?" I asked.

"None of us know" the room was dimly lit. There were five beds, like the kind you found in hospitals. They each had a bedside table and a small candle.

"How long have I been out?"

"Well I came round first. That was about two hours ago. Tanya woke second. Jess was third. We aren't expecting Angela to wake up for a bit, her being ill and all"

"A lady came and left us some food. If you're quick it might still be warm," Tanya said. I noticed a tray on the floor with some plates of food. It looked like gloop but after what we'd endured, I was willing to eat anything.

"It tastes better then it looks," said Jessica.

"After that, do you really think I care how it tastes?" I said.

"Sorry! I was just saying," she said. A thought occurred to me. These girls were like my family but only because we'd been shoved together by fate. Did I really actually know any of them? No, I didn't. The door opened. A group of vampires were there.

"Hello. Tanya?" said the person at front "We have found a suitable party to take care of you" two vampires stepped apart from the group.

"I am Carmen and this is my mate Eleazer. We live in Denali with two more members, Irina and Kate" Tanya got up. She showed no hesitation. No sadness at leaving us behind. She just left.

"Oh, and Gianna? You will be remaining here after a petition from one of our guards"

"Cool" she said. She got up and followed another vampire. The woman, who had spoken, Carmen, turned to the male who had been addressing us.

"Have you not found homes for them?"

"I believe I may have one. I have asked Carlisle and his mate to pay me a visit"

"Ah yes. The Cullen's would surely be willing to care for them"

"Indeed. I must thank you again for taking Tanya. It will be interesting to see whether she has any powers. Please keep in regular contact with us so we know how she is progressing" they were talking about her like she was a dog. I wondered who these ‘Cullen's' were.

Angela woke up half an hour later.

"Hey!" I shouted through the door. After a few minutes, the door opened.


"Angela's sick. She needs food" I said, fiercely. The woman raised an eyebrow at me, glanced at Angela and nodded. She turned and left. Two minutes later, she was back with three steaming hot plates of food. I nodded gratefully and she left.

"Angela, you hungry?"

"Yes" whispered Angela. I could see she wouldn't die at this point but I'd feel better when she was well again.


"I'm fine," said Jessica.

It was three days before anyone new came to the door. We'd only had the door opened by the lady who brought our food.

"Girls?" said the vampire who'd been there when Tanya and Gianna were taken away.

"I would like to introduce you to your new coven"

"Isabella, Jessica, Angela, this is Carlisle and Esme Cullen"