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When Bella was small, vampires came into her life. Now she's older and there still in her life. But she needs to escape. Will she ever find happiness.

The guy in the banner is the actual guy who plays demetri in the film. He's...average.

9. Chapter IX

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I didn't emerge from the neutral haven until Esme knocked on my door.

"Bella? Dinner's ready"

"Oh. Thanks" I left the room and headed downstairs. There was a steaming bowl of something that smelled totally delicious on the table. Alice was there, chatting animatedly to Jess and Angela.

Edward's POV.

I arrived back with Jasper and immediately noticed an unusual smell permeating the area. It was sweet like freesias, mixed in with another scent, which was like cheap perfume in comparison and a third scent that reminded me of shampoo.

"What is going on?" I muttered. Jasper too, was glancing around in curiosity.

"You smell that?" he asked me. I nodded. We approached the house more cautiously.

"Hello?" Jasper called, opening the door slightly.

"Hey!" called Alice, cheerily back.

"Kitchen" I said. We walked into the kitchen. Alice smiled at us but the other occupants of the chairs had their backs to us. One was Esme. The others were...I had absolutely no idea who they were.

"Alice. What have you done?" asked Jasper, with resignation.

"Edward, jasper, I'd like you to meet Jessica, Angela and Isabella" two of them turned. One grinned and waved at me.

"Hi" I read her thoughts quickly. She was contemplating our serious hotness. Her thoughts, not mine. The other one was quieter. She was shy.

"Hello" she said. I looked at the third one...Isabella? I could trace the smell now. The cheap perfume smell was from the confident one, Jessica. The one that smelled like shampoo was Angela. I stopped breathing. The smell was writhing through my brain and I dared not breathe. The third girl turned and froze. Then she pushed away from the table and left the room. I tracked her progress up to the floor that had my bedroom.

"Edward! You didn't need to scare her off!" Alice scolded.

"Sorry" I said, sarcastically.

"You will go upstairs and apologize," said Esme.

"Fine" I left the room, ignoring Jess's thoughts about me, and went upstairs. The smell was everywhere. I stopped outside the room opposite mine. I could hear quiet sobs. Oh. I hadn't meant to scare her. I knocked and the sobbing stopped her heart rate quickening.

"Isabella? Can I come in?" the door opened and inch and a shy face peeked out.

"Bella" she said.

"What?" she'd lost me in just one word. Was I salivating? I might be. That smell...

"My name's Bella. Not Isabella"

"Oh. Can I come in?" I asked. She hesitated then pushed the door open further. I stepped in and she turned away. She stood by the window and gazed out.

"Bella. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you...I just...it was an accident"

"You're apologizing to me?" she said, astounded.

"I was unintentionally nasty to a young lady and in my day that was deemed apology worthy"

"Sorry. I'm just not used to being...being treated this way...by vampires" she whispered the last words so quietly I couldn't catch it.


"By vampires" she repeated.


"For the last five years a vampire by the name of Demetri has been holding me, Jess and Angela hostage along with three other girls. One of them is dead. One of them is in another coven and one is still in Italy" I didn't know but it sounded like she might be crying.

"Bella. I'm sorry" I placed a hand on her shoulder and she put one of hers on top.

"I understand. This is the way life is"