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Isabella and I

Isabella is cool and confident
Bella is shy and hardworking
Isabella is a cheerleader
Bella is a friendmaker.
Bella and Isabella are total opposites.
Problem is, they're the same person

Okay, this has a rather random theme. And also, slightly non/canon in parts. Don't get offended! It's just a story. Oh, and Alice isn't a vampire yet. Jasper found the Cullen's on his own. Bella, also isn't a vampire but the other Cullen's are (like normal)

7. Chapter 7

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I sat at the lunch table on Monday.

"Hey Isabella, how was the party?"

"Great" I said to Rosalie "Did you enjoy it?"

"I've had better. Oh and Jasper wanted to invite you over on Thursday. He hasn't stopped talking about you since Saturday. It's annoying" she teased. I grinned.

"Hey Isabella!" said Alice.

"Hey Alice. How was your date?"

"God, Anthony Yates is such a loser. I'm not going out with him again," she said.

"Yeah he's a loser! He asked me out a month ago," said Rosalie "I rejected him. He's a nerd"

"He spent the entire evening trying to get me to have sex with him"

"So why didn't you?" I asked.

"I want to be in a steady relationship before I do that," said Alice.

"You really need to get a life," commented Rosalie.

"Just don't take mine," I said. We laughed.

"Do you know what we're doing then? Jasper and I?"

"No. he just wants to take you out somewhere"

"Fine" we settled into lunch. Afterwards I went to trig.

"You missed your detention on Saturday Miss Swanning. This was your final chance. You are to go to the head teacher's office and he will think of a suitable punishment" I headed out to the main office.

"What is it Miss Swanning?" asked the head master.

"Mr Varner sent me to you for missing a detention on Saturday"

"And why did you miss the detention?"

"Because I was cheering at the game on Saturday"

"Well, seen as you were at a school event I will merely pass you off with two weeks suspension. But if you miss one more, you will be expelled. Go home now and from tomorrow your two weeks start" I left the office and headed home. No one was in. thank God. I wasn't looking forward to telling Charlie I'd been suspended. Oh no! If I wasn't allowed to school, I wasn't allowed to go to cheerleading practice. Rosalie was going to be mad. I knew she'd scheduled a meet for that afternoon. She only ever scheduled them after she'd seen that the whole-or at least nearly-the whole squad was in. She was going to be seriously mad at me.

The doorbell rang. It was an hour after school. Practice would have just finished. I opened the door. Damn, it was Rosalie!

"Where the hell were you?"

"I got suspended! I was sent home!" I said. It wasn't my fault that Mr Varner had sent me home!

"Right, for how long?"

"Two weeks" I groaned. So you can't attend the next two games?" she asked. There was a game every Saturday.

"We need you!"

"I'm sorry!" I said.

"Well, it's your loss. I'm throwing another party and you won't be able to meet up with Jasper for it"

"Can't I still come?"

"Won't Charlie put you on lock down when he finds out?"

"I won't let him find out" I vowed.

"Great. I think Jasper's going to enjoy this party more. I mean, our house has his bedroom in it"

"Great. Tell him I'm up for Thursday" she turned and
left. I would just have to lie to Charlie. Oh well, I didn't see him much. I stayed out of his way. Good. Thursday with Jasper. Yeah me!