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Cullen Wife Swap

Alice gets bored one day and decides to have some fun with the girls. They decide to do Wife Swap, cullen style! Slightly noncanon couples but NO THEY DON'T LOVE EACH OTHER! THEY ARE JUST HAVING A LITTLE BIT OF FUN! I set it as Teen because it has slightly mature theme. I figured i couldn't stick it in Adult, because i'm NOT an adult. So, teen is as good as i get.

Okay, may get slightly rude in places. But i won't go into details. You see, Alice gets rid of one of the key rules of Wife Swap (read the first chapter and see)

3. Bella's first week with Emmett

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I read Rosalie's guide incredulously. I would kill Alice for putting me through this. Emmett was ok, but I thought of him as a brother. Not a lover! Okay, it's just for fun. No commitment! I reached Rosalie's house and knocked the door.

"Come in Bella!" called Emmett. I walked inside.

"Hey honey," he said. He hugged me.

"Come on, we've got to go"

"I know, I've read the handbook"

"Oh come on. It won't be that bad surely? Come on. It's only two weeks"

"Have you put the camera in a room?"

"Yes. It's in the spare room Rosalie and I only use if our bed breaks"

"Enough details please Emmett"

"Uh uh. Put up with it. You have to follow the rules for a week"

"Whatever" he took my hand and we went to the main house where the others were. Edward looked at me longingly.

"Edward, stop eyeballing my wife" said Emmett.

"I think you'll find I've been doing much more then eyeballing her" Rosalie raised an eyebrow at me and I shrugged. Alice was sitting in the corner, reading.

"If you don't mind. Can you two please do this somewhere else? I want to watch TV with Rosalie"

"Yes. Fashion world's coming on" she replied. I groaned internally and settled down to endure it. After an hour, I got up, stretched and went out to the car. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do to the car. I knew nothing about cars! I'd only been out there for ten minutes and I'd broken three spanners, a screwdriver and punctured a tire. I knew how to change a tire so I'd just finished replacing it when Emmett appeared. He wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Fancy a drive?"

"Of course" I turned and kissed him, gently. He picked me up and carried me to the car, never breaking the kiss. He placed me gently in the passenger seat and sped off.

Two hours later, we returned to the house. Rosalie was right; my clothes were ripped to shreds. I swapped into the outfit in the boot. Even though I loved Edward to pieces...Emmett was fun to be with.

We reached home and I climbed into the BMW. We'd explained to our workplaces that we were having a wife swap thing, so when I got there; there were no awkward questions to be answered. I was set to work and I found it quite enjoyable and even relaxing.

After work, I went back to the Cullen house. Emmett was playing on the Xbox so I decided to try some of Rosalie's distraction tactics. Rose was already in the house and when she saw me, she gave me a nod. She knew what I was up too. I was wearing an incredibly skimpy top and I was relieved that Alice and Edward seemed to be outside. I leaned forward, showing off my cleavage. I noticed Emmett glance up but he gritted his teeth and resumed focus on his game. I swapped tactics. I was also wearing a short skirt that I'd found and I sat back, crossing one leg over the other so Emmett has a view.

Rosalie raised an eyebrow but shrugged it off. Her husband for two weeks, Jasper, looked like he was struggling not to laugh. Emmett seemed to be focusing on not looking at me. I got up and walked past, silently snipping the cord on the way past. I went to the house. A minute later, I heard Emmett shouting. I might actually be able to get use to it.

Emmett's video record on Monday

"Man, Bella is hot. I mean. I was playing my game and I had to try and not watch her! She looked so hot! Oh and when we went out earlier it was awesome! I could definitely get used to this. It's a shame it's only for one week...maybe Edward will lone Bella out to me. I mean, he always wants her to be happy and Bella seemed to enjoy it earlier"

Bella's video record on Monday

"For the first time since I became a vampire. I am in pain. Emmett is addicted to sex! And Mario Kart. I don't see how Rosalie puts up with that. I suppose, if you love someone...you'd see past their flaws. But I'm already getting ideas for my set of rules. NO MORE MARIO KART! OR SEX!

Emmett's video record on Tuesday

"Well, Bella is just as hot as before and I have no complaints. Well, maybe one. Every time she walks past the TV, my Mario Kart remote stops working. I wonder what's up with that? Maybe she thinks I'm ignoring her. I'm not. She's just distracting in those clothes"

Bella's video record on Tuesday

"How does Rosalie do it? I miss Edward so much! It's so weird seeing him and not being able to kiss him or anything. I may consider mutiny if this carry's on. Especially as Alice seems intent on torturing me. Every time I come into the room where she and Edward are, she starts kissing him or touching him! It's maddening!"


Well, I was in the garage, tinkering when I heard footsteps. I automatically assumed it was Emmett so I didn't slide out from under the car. The board I was lying on wheeled out into the opened air.

"Edward" I gasped. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me hungrily.

"I can't believe I haven't been able to do that since Sunday!" he said, "I've missed you so much" I had too and I kissed him as hard as I could.

"Emmett will be here in a minute. What if Alice sees you?"

"She won't. Jacob's in the main house. I said I'd give him fifty bucks if he's hang around"

"So...what shall we do?"

"This afternoon when Emmett's playing Mario Kart, after your hairdressing shift, meet me in the meadow"

"I can't wait until after the shift. I'm missing work" I heard footsteps approaching. I kissed Edward one last time and changed topic.

"Hi Emmett. Edward was just offering advice on the car"

"I'll see you later Bella. I'm going to spend time with Alice" he left and I felt a pang of longing to follow him.

"Ready Bella?"

"Actually, I have to go grab a new outfit. I forgot to put one in the car yesterday and if today's anything like yesterday, I'm going to need it" I headed out to the house and grabbed the outfit.


I was on the way to the meadow when I got a text from Edward.

Change of plans. Alice is taking Renesmee to the hairdressers and will kick up hell if you aren't there.

I grimaced and sped back to town.

"Sorry I'm late. I forgot something," I said to Vera, the woman in charge.

"That's okay Bella. You have a customer," she pointed to where Nessie and Alice were sitting.

"Mum!" she cried and hugged me.

"Hello dear. Are you being good for Auntie Alice and your dad?"

"Oh yes!"

When I'd finished cutting Nessie's hair, Alice said bye and went away. When my shift had finally finished I went to the meadow. Of course, Edward was there.

"How did you sneak out?"

"I told Alice I was going hunting and I got Jacob to hang around again"

"Oh I love you"

Emmett's video record on Wednesday

"Bella turned up slightly late tonight. I don't know where she'd been. She smelt as though she'd been near Edward, but there's nothing strange about that is there?"


"Bella, where were you yesterday?" Emmett asked me the next morning.

"I was hunting" I lied. He shrugged. He had no reason to suspect me as both Edward and I had eaten before returning home. I was glad that the week was nearly over. Okay, I had to stay for another week but still, I was in charge then. YEAH!


I went shopping with Alice and Rosalie today, after my outing with Emmett. Alice had roped Edward in too come and serve as a packing horse. I tried to think about other things but I couldn't help glancing at him. He was so damn hot! It really wasn't fair. I was never doing this again!


I spent a little while writing out my rules for tomorrow. I couldn't wait to enforce them. One, no Mario Kart. Two, no sex! I could hardly walk anymore. Also, I was trying to work out a schedule so that I could sneak out and see Edward. The only problem was, Alice was enforcing her rules tomorrow and I bet Edward would have no time to see me.