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key to my heart

What if Victoria got to Bella, but was saved by a unknown vampire? What if her and Edward meet in one place no one would expect, except Alice(;


1. history

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It has been about forty -five years since Edward left me. I have to say my life has changed quite a large amount since his departure. Nevertheless, one thing remains. The hole in my chest never banished.. There was only one way it could.. However, I knew better now to know that the hole will always remain because Edward is not coming back. He didn’t love me, the way I will always love him. Not matter what changes I go through I will never be enough for him, it was something I learned to accept over time, even though it was one of the hardest things I will ever have to come terms with.

Seven months after he left I learned that Victoria was out for revenge. She was searching for me.. To torture me to death apparently. At least that is what Laurent had told me. Her and James had been mates and Edward killed him, to her it was only far I die to, a mate for a mate. Thankfully Victoria never got the chance to kill me though she came awful close. Lucas saved me that day, he had no idea who I was or why she was after me but he saved me none the less. And I was eternally grateful.

See Lucas was very much like the Cullen’s. He fed off animals, his eyes were that beautiful topaz, he was the good kind of vampire. The only difference was he didn’t have a permanent settlement, he was trying to find one in forks, that was why he was there to save me.

I was out for a hike trying to get away from everyone who kept bugging me about getting my life back. Charlie in particular was always on my case for walking around the house like a ghost. I was about a mile in the woods when she found me. At first she just hit me over the head to knock me out. When I came to, I was tied to a tree she gave me a look then began laughing. She told me her plan was to torture me till I eventually died.

She began kicking me breaking all my ribs. She smacked me over the head again giving me a huge cut, that began to bleed profusely. Finally she broke my left leg and then just sat back and watched me begin to bleed to death. That was when Lucas showed up. Victoria was so preoccupied with me she didn’t hear him approaching. He ripped her to shreds and burned every last piece of her.

I gratefully watched that even though I thought he was just going to finish me off after he was finished with her but instead he untied me and told me he was the good kind of vampire. He asked if I would like him to take me to a hospital, let me die, or if I wanted him to change me.

I choose the third option, obviously I didn’t really give it much thought. Just in the moment I that if I was a vampire I could go find Edward and maybe I would be beautiful and he could learn to love me again.

Lucas took me far out into the woods and asked me if I was positive. I simply nodded and then he bit my neck. I was already in a lot of pain I didn’t even realize he bit me till I felt the fire on my neck. That was the last thing I remember before I blacked out.

I “awoke” half way through the second day. I didn’t remember what had happened till Lucas started to refresh my memory. he asked how I knew about vampires and why Victoria was after me. I told him my whole sob story , then he told me how he became a vampire.

He was changed in 1974, but he doesn’t know by who. He was walking at night coming home from work. He was 19. He doesn’t remember much about his human life except that his father died when he was 7 and he lived with his grandparents. He is not sure if his mother died or if she just didn’t want him. When he “awoke” he was deep in a forest nearby his house, that was when he smelled a deer nearby he didn’t even think he just pounched and drank. He has never fed off humans, he said he just never had the heart too.

After 7 years of wandering around he found a pair of vampires like himself. The came together just like a family. There is Mark who was changed in 1953 , he was 20 years old. Then last but not least there is Elizabeth who was changed in 1955, by Mark, she was also 20 years old. Mark changed Elizabeth because he wanted someone just like him. He is not sure how he was able to resist not sucking her dry for lack of better words but he did. They both fed off animals. They roamed around together for over 50 years trying to find a permanent house.

After he told me his history he taught me how to hunt then took me to meet the rest of his family. They accepted me with open arms. They thought that maybe I could become Lucas’s mate. So he wouldn’t be lonely anymore. We didn’t become mates but we became best friends. I knew Lucas and I would never be anything more then that, I still loved Edward he held the key to my heart, my heart would always belong to him no matter where he was, who he was with, or how much distance was put between us. Little did I know there wasn’t much distance between us..