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key to my heart

What if Victoria got to Bella, but was saved by a unknown vampire? What if her and Edward meet in one place no one would expect, except Alice(;


2. Chapter 2

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Forty- five long years. Everyday I think about the same thing, or should I say person. Edward. I mostly sit in my room and stare out my window, day dreaming that I was human again and I was simply waiting for the love of my life to crawl through my open window.

I remember when Edward first told me he came in through my window to watch me sleep. I was pleased that he was so interested in me he came to watch me sleep but horrified because I used to talk in my sleep. I think about the meadow a lot, about how beautiful he looked with his glissening skin. I went back to the meadow once but I couldn’t stay long, the pain in my heart became too much to handle.. I could have sworn I almost passed out. Today I was thinking about the night all the walls came down, the night I learned that Edward was a vampire, the night that changed my life forever. I remember the sweet smell of his jacket, a smell that would be stored away in my memory forever. They were some of the earliest memories I had with Edward. What I would give to have forty- five years worth of memories to go along with them.

I go through the same emotions everyday. I become depressed, then sad and heartbroken wishing he would love me again and we could be together for the rest of eternity, then I feel self pity and stupity for not fully coming to terms with the fact I was never good enough for him.. Maybe if I would have seen that I could have saved myself so much pain. Pain over the fact the true love was lost… and never coming back.

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my bedroom door, “Bella, can I come in.” It was Lucas.

“Yeah, it is unlocked.” I was truly grateful I had Lucas, we told each other everything. We helped each other get through life day by day.

“How are you feeling today?” He asked as he sat on the other corner of my bed.

“I’m alright. Just trying to remember some little details about my human life.” I tried to sound alright but he knew I wasn’t.

“Bella days seem so much longer for vampires then they do for humans, I promise everything will eventually work out some way. It will be alright.” He sounded so sure everything would eventually work out.

His presents made me feel calm and happy, but I knew it was a fake, forced feeling. That was his power, manipulate people's feelings to make them believe they feel better about a horrible situation. In his human life he must have been the type of person who could easily make someone feel better. He wasn’t like Jasper though, he couldn’t feel others feelings, just change their feelings.

“How can you be so sure everything will work out, the only way things could get better is if for some miraculous reason Edward came and found me because he loved me again.” Oh how I wish he did, how I wish I was sitting in his arms being able to smell his sweet scent. “I bet if I hadn’t pressured him so much to change me well.. I don’t know but maybe I would still be with him, human or not.”

I had thought about this before. My theory was that he didn’t want to spend an eternity with me, so by pressuring him to change me I pushed him away little by little. I heard Lucas sigh and groan in annoyances probably because of the direction my thoughts had taken….. again.

“Bella we have been over this so many times. You did not push him away, obviously he just didn’t realize how amazing you are, how lucky he was to have you. He was just plainly an idiot to let you go and not fight for you. Hw about we go for a run or something. To get your mind off everything, we could run t-”

“BELLA!” Elizabeth ran into my room, almost knocking my door off its hinges.

“What? What is it?” Her frantic look had me worried. I jumped up to go and try and comfort her.

“Bella its, its Edward and his family,” she looked up to meet my eyes, that were filled with curiosity and pain at hearing their names, “they are coming back to Forks.”