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key to my heart

What if Victoria got to Bella, but was saved by a unknown vampire? What if her and Edward meet in one place no one would expect, except Alice(;


3. Chapter 3

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I felt like someone had ripped my heart out and stomped on it over and over again. The room was starting to spin. I could hear voices calling my name but they felt so far away.

“Bella, Bella are you alright? Can you hear me? Bella you need to sit down.” I finally gave up trying to balance myself and just fell to the ground. I put my head in my hands trying to figure out why I was in this state. Ohh yes Elizabeth told me, the Cullens are coming to Forks.

“When?” was all I could manage to say, I needed to know when they were arriving. I looked up to find Elizabeth. She was sitting right beside me.

“Bella, I don’t know when. I just saw them in cars passing the ‘Welcome to Forks’ sign.” I saw in her eyes regret, and anger that she didn’t see when they were coming. Her power was “seeing” future events, like Alice, but Elizabeth could also see past events.

“It’s alright, do you know if they are staying for a while or if they are just here for a visit?”

“Bella, I’m sorry I don’t know, actually they might just be passing though Forks, they might not even be staying at all.” That gave me hope that maybe I wouldn’t have to face anyone of them. But part of me wanted to see them again, I love the Cullens so much. I missed the family I was suppose to be a part of.

“Oh well it’s not your fault, but I just need some time to myself, so can you guys just go for a little bit.” They rose from their spots and nodded, understanding the pain I was in right now.

Edward. He was all I could think about. Every gorgeous feature of his face.

“Edward, why did you leave me like this?” I mumbled to myself, as if I would get an answer. Hah how silly I could be a times. I heard Lucas and Elizabeth talking outside my door, so I went over to the door so I could hear more clearly.

“Lucas, after I saw them passing into forks I got flashbacks of his life. They started out with the time he spent with Bella. Then it showed when he left her, and his life after. He was in an attic, just sitting there saying her name over and over again. I also got clips of his parents having a conversation because they were worried about him. Lucas he loves her, he never stopped loving her. He left because he thought he was ruining her life. Always putting her in danger, so he made her believe he didn’t love her so she would let him leave.”

“So everything Bella believe is a lie, he didn’t leave because he didn’t love her he left because he loved her.” I couldn’t take it anymore, they had no idea what they were talking about. Elizabeth must have got the wrong idea from her vision. Well there was only one way to find out. I closed my eyes and ‘borrowed’ her power. My power was the I could borrow any other vampires power. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Edward, my beautiful Edward sitting in a corner basically rotting away. He was calling out my name, and asking ‘how could you believe me Bella?’ Believe what I wonder. That was all I could take I dropped the vision and went over to sit on my bed. It was impossible Edward doesn’t love me he probably just feels guilty.

I sat in bed for about a week, before Mark came into my room and said I needed to hunt, and it just so happens that he was going. Mark is very easy to get along with. He reminds me so much of Carlisle, he has so much compassion for everyone. He must have known I didn’t want to talk about it, because he never brought it up and I was thankful for that.

When we got home Elizabeth was waiting at the door, she looked scared, and nervous like she was trying to hide something that would hurt someone. Again I ‘borrowed’ her power and saw my family and I sitting in our living room when their was a knock on our door, I got up to answer but right before I opened the door the vision ended.

“That was strange, I wonder who would come to our house,” I turned to look at Elizabeth, “Why do you think the vision cut off like that.”

“I’m not sure, I was wondering the same thing.”

“Oh well, I guess we will find out who it is sooner or later.” I went upstairs and into my bathroom so I could get a shower, the hot water always felt amazing on my cold, granite skin. When I was finished I changed my clothes, and made my way downstairs to the living room where the rest of my family was. They were discussing who the mystery person was at our door.

As if on cue there was a knock at the door. Everyone stopped talking and looked at the door. I hopped up.

“I’ll get it.” I walked over at human speed just incase about half way there I was hit with this delicious smell, that was familiar. I through a glance at my family and I saw Elizabeth was having a vision so I joined in.

Again I saw myself going to the door to open it, but this time I saw who was on the other side; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.