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key to my heart

What if Victoria got to Bella, but was saved by a unknown vampire? What if her and Edward meet in one place no one would expect, except Alice(;


6. Chapter 6

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I ran until the shaking of my body from the sobs escaping my chest became to much. I wasn’t really sure where I was but I knew I couldn’t go back to face my family or the Cullen’s. Edward probably already made his way back to the house and most likely Lucas is out looking for me. I needed to get away for awhile, away from Forks. Away from the world.

I dropped down to sit on a broken off tree stump. I could go to some secluded island and stay for a few months. No I couldn’t do that to my family. I would have to go back but not today not this week. Maybe in a week or two I would go back. Sure Elizabeth would worry and Lucas would look day and night for me, and Mark would probably get sick of reassuring Elizabeth that I would be okay but I needed to do this for me.

I stood up ready to begin my advenure when I heard footsteps and talking. I quickly crouched behind the stup, and listened more intently.

“-mostly she just lived as normal as any of us can live. There are times when she goes up to her room and just sits and watches her windows like she is waiting for something, it worried all of us, but after a couple of years of this we figured out what she was waiting for. She was waiting for you, to come through her window to be with her again.”

“I always thought by leaving she would move on, get married, have children, live and die the way we are suppose to. This wasn’t suppose to happen, she wasn’t suppose to lose her soul.”

“Edward I’m not saying this to hurt you but she lost her soul when you left her. You were her soul. She would have died if it meant saving your life. And when you left her life basically ended. She would do little things that would remind her of you. As if to keep part of you with her. She would lock herself up in her room and listen to music for days on end. She also left a lot to visit some meadow but she never said much about that, I just assumed it was somewhere you both used to go.”

I can’t believe she is telling him all of this. I stood up and walked right in front of them. They both looked startled by my presents.

“Bella we have been looking everywh-”

“SAVE IT ELIZABETH. I THOUGHT WE WERE FAMILY, BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG. HERE YOU ARE WITH THE MAN WHO HURT ME SO MUCH TELLING HIM ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE. SOMETHING HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO KNOW!” no one said a word they both stood motionless in front of me, looking for the right words to say. Edward reached his hand out as if to hold me.

I took off running anywhere just to get miles away from them. I wasn’t really pay attention to where I was going so when I ran into something solid I began sobbing.

I looked up and saw Lucas. Thank god. I throw myself at him sobbing uncontrollably. He swung my legs up and cradled me like a baby, and began running. When he stopped I looked up and saw mile and miles of water and sand. It was beautiful.

He sat down on the sand but kept me in his arms; my only response was to burry my head into his chest. Lucas was always there for me not matter what. Even if he hates me at the exact moment I break down he is by my side in an instant.

We sat like this for a while before he said anything. I knew he was just trying to give me time to clear my head.

“What happened?” He whispered into my ear. I kept my head down afraid he might see how hurt I was, how weak I was being.

“Elizabeth and Edward. They were talking about how much I have suffered since he left. She told him personal stuff Lucas. Stuff he doesn’t need to know.” A sudden wave of anger flashed threw me. I jumped up. “I-URGGGG-,” I collapsed back down to the ground. “Why, why would she does this to me? She isn’t suppose to help him. She is suppose to help me, comfort me, be there FOR ME!!”

I brought my hands up to my face praying to find tears, but none prevailed. One tear that was all I every asked for once in a while.

I heard Lucas sit down in front of me, but made no notion to move my hands from my face.

“Bella, I know this isn’t what you want to hear but she was trying to help you. For some reason she believes if you get back together with Edward you will be happy again. Even though I think you will just be setting yourself up for a disaster. I mean the soulless creature already left you once, what is stopping him from doing again.” I looked up now, a little surprised. I didn’t know this was how he felt about him.

As if my luck couldn’t get worse that day, when I looked up there was something in Lucas’s eyes that told me I should break the gaze we were locked in. He reached up and grabbed my hands from the sides of my face.

But before he could continue I jumped up and pulled him up with me.

“Come on we should get back, Mark needs to know I’m alright. Alice and Esme are probably worried too.”

A low growl managed to escape his lips with the mention of their names. I grabbed his left hand and took off running in the direction of the house. I wanted to try to get there before Elizabeth and Edward, though some how I knew they were already there.

I kept running till I reached the front of the house then I came to a abrupt holt.

I very slowly started walking up to the porch, trying to listen to see who I was going to encounter upon arriving. I didn’t hear anything and figured maybe everyone had went to their rooms and that the Cullen’s had left.

When I reached out to turn the knob of the door, I was overtaken with a vision. Being in the frenzy I was, I wasn’t in control of my power, but at least I knew Alice was still here.