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MY harry-pottert-wilight-super-calli-frajalistic-expially-doscious-crossover

what the title says! but without the whole mary poppins thing!lol

all characters belong to stephanie meyer and J.K rowling

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 I sprinted to the Entrance hall. And was almost blasted by a stunning spell. I retaliated with a full body bind, just in case it wasn’t a death eater. It was, so I muttered the counter curse and killed him. He was fun. Not. I narrowly missed a killing curse, and sent one back to the sender. I hit Fenrir greyback. Shame. I expected more. I headed up to the astronomy tower, fighting more as I went. Jets of green light flew from all directions. This was a fight to kill or be killed. Suddenly, I felt a searing pain across my back. Looks like someone used a minor sectumsempra. Pleasant. I felt my self being levitated and Flitwicks voice. “You will be okay Isabella.” I was levitated to the great hall, where madam Pomfery was waiting to heal me. I heard my angel retaliating against Firenze. “Let me get to her! She is my fiancée. Bella!” “No, she needs no more stress if she is to fight again, which, knowing Bella will probably happen.” I felt madam Pomfery finishing healing me. I lept up the staircase to battle. “Bella.” A voice behind me. Harry “If I don’t survive, or you see it, use this to kill Nagini the snake.” He handed me the sword of Godric Gryffindor. I put a compaction spell on it so it could fit in my pocket, but extended to full size when I pulled it out. I heard a footstep behind me and spun round to find Edward behind me. “Why did you follow me Edward?” “Because, I love you and just in case you need protection.” “Edward, it is appreciated, but it would work out better”- I saw a death eater behind Edward and screamed “Duck!” “He did so, and I sent the avada kedavra curse at the un-ready death eater. “Sorry about that Edward.” “Bella, you-y-y-you just k-killed someone!” “I had to Edward, he would have killed you. Spells can kill vampires.” “You are coming with me Bella.” “No, Edward I have to fight.” And then I whipped round to face him. “Sorry. But I need to protect my school.” It suddenly went cold. I spun round to face a million or so dementors in the area I was in. How that many got into the small corridor (small so the death eaters wouldn’t bother mine and Edwards “chat”, I will never know. I recalled my worst moment, when Edward left me. I shuddered and screamed at the memory. I suddenly conjured up my happiest moment. When I was with Edward in the meadow. “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” A golden phoenix burst out of my wand. The weird thing about my patronus is that it is gold, not silver. My patronus chased the dementors out of the castle. I sprinted and slid (very smooth) into the corridor currently under attack. I blasted my way over to the body at the far end, that none of the death eaters seemed to notice. I made it to the heaving mass, and turned it over. “OH MY GOD! LUNA!” Then, too late, I realised that my scream had alerted the death eaters to my presence. I blasted about a million killing curses toward those vile things. They did not even deserve to be called people for all the atrocities they have committed. They all dropped dead. I heaved my best friend into my arms and sprinted to the great hall, blasting all the death eaters I could on my way. I gently lay her down on a spare blanket, as Voldemort’s voice boomed through-out the castle, announcing he was going to withdraw his minions from the castle, giving us time to attend to the injured. I suddenly caught sight of a huddle of red-haired people, who seemed to surround something, crying. I hurried over, automatically knowing them as my adopted family. I forced my way through the mass, and caught sight of a sight that made my skin go cold. Fred was dead.