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MY harry-pottert-wilight-super-calli-frajalistic-expially-doscious-crossover

what the title says! but without the whole mary poppins thing!lol

all characters belong to stephanie meyer and J.K rowling

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Fred was dead. Fred was just lying there, cold, lifeless. His once mischievous expression now a simple smile. A smile of acceptance. A smile of death. “Not Fred, anyone but Fred.” Molly whispered. I burst into tears of agony and loss. He was my brother, my partner in crime, my best friend no.1. “Who did this?” “Acywith.” George answered. “Ill get that bastard!” I ran to the corridor that I heard Acywith was wasting perfectly good air in. I aimed and performed the cruciatus curse. He writhed in pain and agony from the torture I was inflicting. “Bella, stop.” Edward urged me. “He killed my brother; I want him to feel some form of agony before he dies.” “Bella, just kill him.” “Avada kedavra.” I ended his miserable existence and burst into tears. I fell down to the floor and shook with the pain of my loss. I felt cold, strong arms holding me as I convulsed and sobbed. I finally dried my tears. “I need to find Nagini. Fred’s death will not be in vain.” I sprinted down the corridor, to the courtyard. Voldemort was preaching about a new age of pure-bloods and no muggles. Harrys body was hanging limp but alive in Hagrids hands. Nagini was slithering around on the ground. I charged forward and cut its head off. “You bitch! Crucio!” He performed the cruciatus curse on me. It was an agony like no other. I felt lie I was being stretched on a rack, being boiled alive and submerged in acid, all at the same time. Suddenly, the agony stopped. I knew then that I had died. Death is peaceful, easy. Life is so much harder. But with death must come acceptance. But I will not accept this. While Voldemort still breathes, I will not give in. While people are still being tortured and killed, I will not give in. While muggles are still being hunted down, I will not give in. It is not my time to die, not yet. Not now. Not for a while. I felt a light tug, and regained consciousness. I opened my eyes to narrow slits, and saw a lot of fighting. I also suddenly saw my angel leaning over me. “Bella! Oh I thought I lost you!” “I alive and kicking.” I lept up and aimed a curse at the nearest death eater. Bat bogey hexes are so fun to watch. The fight was heading to the great hall, so I followed. It was incredibly difficult not to die, as curses were flying everywhere. It was now kill or be killed. I entered the great hall; the number of death eaters was greatly diminished. There was now only a giant battle between Bellatrix Lestrange and Molly. Molly aimed a death curse and hit right on target. Bellatrix’ face transformed into a mask of shock. She then dropped down. Voldemort let out a roar of shock, shocked that he had lost his most faithful servant. What followed was a duel between Harry and Voldemort. Harry taunted the Dark Lord, and then ended it swiftly. Cheers erupted. I turned round to face my Adonis. I was in sooooooooooo much trouble. Oops!