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MY harry-pottert-wilight-super-calli-frajalistic-expially-doscious-crossover

what the title says! but without the whole mary poppins thing!lol

all characters belong to stephanie meyer and J.K rowling

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter4 “Bella! Are you all right?” “I’m fine Edward!” “Let’s go home.” “Not yet.” “Why?” “Celebrations, funerals, etcetera.” Just then, I was saved from explanations by myself being hoisted up by Ron onto his shoulders. “Woohoo! Old Voldy’s gone and snuffed it!” He sang and jumped about, with me still on his shoulders. “Put me down Ron! Don’t you have Hermione to snog?” “Oh yeah!” He suddenly dropped me and ran off and started to smooch with Hermione *shudder*. Suddenly, the house tables appeared, full of food, courtesy of the house elves in the kitchens. I headed over to the Gryffindor table, full with everyone from Ravenclaws to Slytherins, dragging Edward along with me. I sat next to the DA, and started catching up. After the feast, everyone went up to their dormitories. As I was about to walk up the grand staircase to the Gryffindor Tower, Edward pulled me back. “Bella, why didn’t you tell me?” “I couldn’t. For your safety and mine. By the time I had met you, Voldemort had infiltrated the ministry. If they found out I had told anyone who didn’t already know about magic, the whole town of Forks would have been exterminated.” “I understand. Can we go home now?” “Not yet, a few more days. Ill send an owl to Charlie to tell him where I am tomorrow.” I started walking up the grand staircase, Edward in tow. We walked through the portrait hole, to hear shouts of merriment. Dean sidled up to me and handed me a bottle of butterbeer. God I have missed this stuff. I took a swig of the warm liquid, letting it rinse down my throat. “What is that stuff.” “Butterbeer, one of the best alcohols ever. It tastes brilliant even though it is so low in vol%, that even first years can’t get drunk on the stuff.” “So it tastes good then?” “Hell yeah. You wanna try some?” “No thanks love. So are we here for the night?” “Yup. Anyways, let’s get partying!” We partied the whole night, and I passed out on the couch, with Edward holding me. Ahh, bliss. NEXT DAY Edward and I went down to breakfast the next day. “Hey, Bella!” Ernie Macmillan called from the Gryffindor table, already in his quidditch robes. “You still on for the match?” “Of course. You can’t play without one of the chasers.” “True, come and have some breakfast.” I walked over to the table, pulling Edward with me. We had gotten all the burials over this morning at dawn. I helped myself to some eggs and toast, making conversation and making introductions. Then the time came to head down to the quidditch pitch. I already had my firebolt broom and my quidditch robes were in the changing room. “Right, just go with everyone else to the stands, and ill see you soon. Love you.” “Love you too.” Our lips touched for the briefest moment, and I turned away to the changing room. I changed into my quidditch robes quickly, and survived a very boring wait, until we were due to walk out onto the pitch. I grabbed my firebolt, and we walked out onto the pitch. I was quidditch captain, so I had to shake hands with Flint, captain of the Slytherins. We kicked off, and the game began. I got possession of the quaffle, and scored ten points for Gryffindor. The game followed as such; with Harry catching the snitch, so the game ended Gryffindor 300, Slytherin 20. our next match was against Ravenclaw. As I scored the first goal, I caught a rogue Bludger. It tailed me, so I was forced to throw the Quaffle to Angelina. I flew under the stands, trying to shake it off, with no success. I went back up onto the pitch, still not managing to shake off the Bludger. In the end, I was forced to fly out of the stadium. I just couldn’t risk anyone getting hit. I knew Bludgers couldn’t stand water, so I performed a quick bubble-head charm, and dived into the black lake. I transported my broom to the changing room, and my robes, leaving me in my underwear. I kept my wand at the ready. The mermaids were vicious if they were disturbed. I was approached by one of the mermaids. “I only came here because of a great emergency. I was being tailed by a rouge Bludger, and I came here to escape.” I hurried through the words with rough mermish. The mermaid nodded and swam away. I swam to the bottom, and waited whilst the quidditch match continued. I waited until I felt a sudden prescence behind me. I turned to see a Grindylow about to attack me. I stunned it and sent it away. I was assaulted by millions of Grindylows. I blasted as many as I could, but they were to strong. In a moment of desperation, “Ascendio!” I muttered the charm that would shoot me out of the water. It worked. I was shot out of the water onto the bank, choking. the bubble-head charm only lasted for an hour, I realised too late. The burning feeling in my throat was saltwater.. I landed on the bank and spluttered out the water that had found its way into my lungs. I heard footsteps on the sand and stones. “Bella!” “Bella!” “Bella, are you okay love?” The last voice I heard was Edward. Then I blacked out.