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A Matter Of Time

A TLYDF Recommendation, Nominated for Immortal Cookie Award, Won Best Imprint in the Silent Tear Awards Two weeks and the whole world can change. Caius and Jane led an insurrection against Aro and are making a mad power grab. Renegades from the wolf pack, unhappy with the treaty with the Cullens, are attacking vampires at every opportunity. Jacob and Renesmee are struggling with the paradox of imprinting. Edward, Bella and all the Cullens must come together to protect the world they've come to love. A tale of action, deceit, intrigue and sexual awakening.

Stephanie Meyers owns all things Twilight. My thanks to all the wonderful people at PTB who helped with this story.

23. Chapter 23 Another Chase

Rating 3.7/5   Word Count 1817   Review this Chapter


The morning light was bouncing off the reflecting pool next to my window and creating rainbows refracted across my ceiling. I was in my own bed and it felt snug and warm.

Then I remembered what had happened last night and I sat up with a jolt.

Rising from the easy chair in the corner, Jacob came over to sit on my bed. He took my hands into his own large, brown ones. He brought them to his face to kiss them. “How do you feel?” he asked.

“What happened? Is Jane..?”

He smiled. “The pack took care of her and her fire starting friend. They’re dead, Nessie. They won’t be back.”

Relief flooded my body. I jumped to my knees and wrapped my arms around Jacob’s neck. I pushed my lips onto his, giddy with the release from the cloud of fear I’d been living under.

Jacob got over his surprise at my assault and wrapped his long beautiful arms around me. Our kiss was long and deep and I was losing myself in the sensations when I had to gasp for breath. Jacob pulled back from me, smiling. “So, I take it you feel okay?”

“I feel wonderful.” I threw back my head and laughed. I pushed him to his back on the bed and threw my leg over his to kiss him again.

“Oh, you’re awake,” I heard a voice from the door. Seth turned the corner and saw us on the bed. “Oops. Ah, sorry. Maybe I’ll come back—“

“No, Seth come on in,” I called. I reluctantly pried myself off Jacob and sat up, keeping Jacob’s hand in mine.

Seth came around the corner again, wearing a grin that could only be described as shit-eating. “Nessie, nice going last night.”

I looked at Jacob, who was grinning and nodding. “Nice going?” I didn’t understand.

Sam and Embry edged into the room behind Seth. Sam spoke up. “If it wasn’t for you, we’d all be ashes.”

Confused, I looked at all their faces. Seth explained, “I don’t know how you brought yourself to grab hold of her, Nessie. That one blast of pain we got was enough to last for a lifetime.”

Jacob held my hand in both of his, my small hand disappearing in his large ones. “When you grabbed Jane, she released us. Otherwise, her fire friend there would have just done away with us at her leisure.”

“You saved us,” Embry chirped.

“We just wanted to stick around to say thank you,” Sam said, edging back towards the door. “It was good teamwork.”

I felt like my face was going to crack I was smiling so hard. Jacob was nodding at me and grinning widely.

Sam paused by the door as he was leaving. “Jacob, you should bring Renesmee to the Labor Day Picnic. It’s going to rain but then…”

“—It always does,” the other three finished his sentence and laughed at an obvious inside joke. Sam and Embry left, chuckling.

“Really,” Seth said. “You must come. You’ll be very welcomed.”

“Thank you, Seth.” I whispered, touched by this outpouring of support. “I’d love to.”

“Okay, then. Bye.” Seth gestured toward the bed. “Guess you two can get back to whatever it was you were doing.” He didn’t move from where he was standing.

“Good-bye Seth,” said Jacob, raising an eyebrow.

“See ya later.” His eyes twinkled and he was out the door.

I looked at Jacob in wonder. “That was so nice of them.”

“You’re a hero, Nessie.”

I shook my head. I didn’t think this is how heroes felt. My stomach rumbled loudly. “I wonder if there’s any food in the house.”

Jacob stood up and helped me off the bed. “Let’s go check. We should probably get ready, your parents called to say they’ll be here in an hour.”

My stomach lurched. “An hour?”

Jacob laughed at my expression. “Come on,” he said, putting an arm around my shoulders and leading me out of the bedroom. “If you can face down Jane, your mother and father ought to be a piece of cake.”

An hour later we were back in the main house. Jacob was sprawled on the sofa while I was pacing, checking the windows every few laps. Finally, I heard the crunch of wheels on gravel and I saw Carlisle’s car come down the drive.

I went out to the porch, Jacob following behind me. My apprehension left me when I saw my family climbing out of the car. I ran down the steps and flew into my mother’s arms. We cried each other’s names at the same time and it was so good to be in her arms after all the trauma of the last few weeks. Dad came up behind me and as soon as Mom let me go he scooped me up to give me a huge hug. He set me down saying, “Oh, I’ve missed you.”

“Oh, I’ve missed you too.” It was great to see him. So much had happened since we had last been together here at home.

Why is it that as soon as you try tonotthink of something, it becomes the only thing you can think about? Edward had his hands on my shoulders, and suddenly he got very still. I jumped when he threw back his head and yelled, “Jacob!”

On the porch, Jacob’s eyes got very wide and he started edging backwards to the screen door. “Come on, Edward,” he said, trying to placate my father, “you had to know this was going to happen.”

My father released my shoulders and started striding toward the porch, growls rumbling from his chest.

“Don’t hurt him, Edward!” my mother yelled sharply.

“I don’t care,” Dad answered to some mental retort of Jacob’s, climbing the porch stairs.

Jacob turned and fled through the screen door and Dad dashed after him. “It doesn’t matter!” Edward roared from inside the house.

“Don’t worry, honey.” Alice came and put her arms around my shoulders. “They’ll work it out.”

“I thought you couldn’t see Jacob’s future?” I asked her.

“I don’t need to for this.” She squeezed my shoulders.

From the back of the house, Jacob’s wolf form came tearing around the corner. His ears were laid back on his head and his body was close to the ground as he took the corner, running furiously.

Dad was not far behind him. “I don’t think so!” he yelled at Jacob as the two of them raced past us and into the forest on the far side of the house.

Grandma Esme came up to me and we exchanged hugs. “Are they fighting about what I think they’re fighting about?” she asked.

“Probably,” I said, hanging my head.

Carlisle kissed my cheek. “It’s good to see you, Nessie. It looks like somebody did some growing up while we were busy.”

Jasper gave me a hug. “Don’t worry. They’re not really aiming to hurt each other.”

Just then, some snarling and whimpering came from the forest into which they had disappeared. Dad’s voice yelled a very uncharacteristic swear word.

Jasper put his hands on his hips and frowned. “Well, not much, anyway.”

Mom put her arm around me while the rest of the family grabbed their bags from the car and headed indoors. “Would you like to share with me what your father is so angry about?” she said, her eyebrows arching.

I put my hand to her face and showed her some edited scenes of our time on Isle Esme. “I can’t leave him,” I told her. “I won’t leave him.”

She dropped her arm and leaned back against the car. “Well, I can see why your father is upset.” She looked up at me. “He could move east with us.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, come on. We’d take him away from everything he loves-his family, his tribe, his home? Billy depends on him, the pack depends on him.”

“Renesmee,” she said, her face so terribly sad, my heart felt like it was going to break. “We can’t stay here any longer. Your grandfather had a meeting with Sam and the others. Our presence here is only creating problems in the wolf pack. It’s time we were gone.”

We stared at each other stymied. “Mom, you must have felt this way about Dad at some point, didn’t you? Would you have left him then?”

“No.” She smiled ruefully. “I still can’t bear to be away from him.”

“Then you know,” I whispered.

“I don’t want to lose my little girl.”

“You’re not losing me. Why do you have to go all the way to the East Coast? What about Vancouver? Or Boise?

She looked up at me. “San Francisco seemed really nice.”

“I hear it’s often foggy there.”

She grabbed me and the two of us wrapped our arms around each other. “This is really what you want?”

“It’s what I need.”

She put her arm around my shoulders and we started toward the house. “Where will you live?”

“I was thinking maybe Charlie and Sue would let me live with them for a while.”

“Hmm,” she said. “I hope Sue is a lighter sleeper than Charlie was.”

From the direction of the cottage, Edward and Jacob materialized out of the forest. Jacob, dressed in just sweat pants, had his head titled back and was pinching the bridge of his nose, but blood had already gushed down his chin. Edward was cradling one arm in his other.

“I thing he boke my nose,” Jacob complained.

“He bit me!” Dad retorted.

“You taste tewwible.”

“I certainly hope so.”

“Well, come inside,” Mom said. “Carlisle should have a look at you.” She grabbed Jacob’s elbow to help him up the steps.

My father stopped by me, holding his arm. “Renesmee…” he trailed off, his eyes searching mine.

I love you, Daddy, you know that. But I love him, too.

“I just never thought we’d be facing this so soon.” He pulled me into a hug with his undamaged arm.

I didn’t choose it, Daddy it just happened.

“Well, this is you choice, correct? He’s not forcing himself on you, is he?”

I worked very hard on keeping the thought away from my mind that it was more likely me forcing myself on him. No, this is what I want. .

He sighed. “Well, we can talk about it tonight.” He put his arm around my shoulders and together we climbed the steps to the house.

All right, we would talk about it. I knew Bella was on my side and the two of us together would win our way with him. He’d come around, that was for sure. It was only a matter of time.

It was inevitable that Jacob and I would be together. Inevitable as it had been for Mom and Dad Sometimes you choose love and sometimes it chooses you.