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My Boyfriend is a Vampire

This is a thought that came to me during an exam. It was very distracting so I hope I still did well on it... Anyway! Edward is watching Bella sleep, but Victoria chooses that time to attack. Will that attack go as planned? Or will Victoria fail? Will someone else be drawn into the vampire world? * What will Bella and Edward do now? With another person in on their secret, are they going to be able to keep him safe? Or is the knowledge he possesses going to lead to his death? NEXT CHAPTER IS UP!!!!!!


10. POLL

Rating 5/5   Word Count 230   Review this Chapter

Okay, I am desperate now. There are too many ways I could take this and I have no idea WHAT I want to happen. So I'm setting up a poll to ask people what THEY want to see happen. So here it is:

Option A) Bella gets into an accident and is forced to be changed before she's 20.

Option B) She waits until she's 20 to get married and changed into a vampire and Charlie is happy that she's finally happy

Option C) Charlie gets into an accident and is changed into a vampire so now Bella can follow without any one against it.

Option D) The Voltruir get involved

Option E) Something else I didn't list here

Okay, now, choose one of these options or a variety of them. (If you choose Option E please tell me what you are thinking of). Sorry if this seems like I'm just being lazy and uncreative, but the last real chapter I wrote was months ago and I need to write something and I can not think of anything. Seriously. I don't know where I want this to go and I need a push in one a direction so I get find inspiration again.

Anything any of you have to say would be GREAT and would really help me! I like this story too much to let i t die here...