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My Boyfriend is a Vampire

This is a thought that came to me during an exam. It was very distracting so I hope I still did well on it... Anyway! Edward is watching Bella sleep, but Victoria chooses that time to attack. Will that attack go as planned? Or will Victoria fail? Will someone else be drawn into the vampire world? * What will Bella and Edward do now? With another person in on their secret, are they going to be able to keep him safe? Or is the knowledge he possesses going to lead to his death? NEXT CHAPTER IS UP!!!!!!


11. Time Stops

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A week or so past before I gathered up enough courage to tell Charlie about the plane tickets to Paris. It went better then I had hoped. My hopes, though, weren’t very high to begin with.

“You’re going where with a boy?” Charlie demanded, his face turning purple. I glared at him, not having an argument to throw back at him.

“Paris, dad. We’re going to Paris,” I told him slowly, willing my voice not to shake. But of course it did, due to the threatening man screaming at me. Charlie could be very scary sometimes-especially when it came to protecting my virtue. Or me, in a whole.

Paris?” he asked again, not letting the facts sink in. “Alone? With out an adult? Who knows what trouble you can get into!”

“Edward will protect me,” I said quickly. But Charlie just threw me an exasperated look.

“Edward is the one I’m worried about!” he explained, waving his arms in the air. My heart stopped for a moment before my anger started to biol.

“If you think that he would hurt me in anyway,” I started, my own face turning purple.

“No!” Charlie groaned. “It’s just unsettling letting your daughter run off with her boyfriend to a city of romance unsupervised!” It was my turn to groan. I just wanted this argument to end. This certain subject wasn’t approached before and for that I was thankful. But now that I was engaged

“I’m past eighteen, dad,” I said. “You have no right to have control over that part of my life.” Charlie glared at me, knowing I had a point there.

“Please, Bella,” he whispered, his face suddenly turning soft. “You’re slipping away so quickly. I don’t want you to run away from me so quickly. You’re getting married in two years and then you will be gone forever.”

I looked down again, the familiar guilt weighing down my head. Charlie never really expressed his feelings so clearly and out in the open. I was taking away the only thing he had these days.

“I doubt that we would leave anytime soon,” I muttered. “Edward’s still a little worried about his self control and all.” Charlie looked relieved, but also a little depressed. I guess voicing those feelings out loud made them all the more clear. “We still have two more years,” I whispered, my own eyes starting to fill up. “Two more years to bond. And after that, I only need a few years before I can be around you again,” I suggested. I wasn’t going to stay out of his life forever…was I?

Charlie was already shaking his head. “You don’t actually believe that, do you?” he wondered. “Carlisle has explained to me how a newborn vampire lusts for blood. Only a few years? Only a few years to be out in public and at a distance! Do you know how hard it would be to be so close to a human? So close to me? We would have to be standing across the room for you to resist. And I may not even live that long. I may not even live long enough to be able to hug you again.” I stared at him in shock, the words echoing in my head. “Vampirism won’t be a walk in the park, Bella. I respect your decision to commit to such a hard task. I will let you go. But I’m afraid that these two years are the only ones we have left.” He walked out of the room then, leaving me to absorb his speech. I fell back onto the couch and stared at my hands. I knew being a vampire can with it’s risks and I was willing to face them head on. I would write to Charlie and make sure I remembered him. But I couldn’t accept that we only had two years left to be with each other. And I would be able to resist. I knew I could. Nothing in the world would be able to keep me away from my father. Not even the blood lust that would be raging inside of me. I would be strong. I had to be.

* * *

Edward and I were sitting in the waiting room of Forks hospital. He was finishing up with a few patients before he would join us. We planned on discussing the issue of being a vampire with Charlie, so we would know what to expect and know what my limits would be. And also if he could manage it. I never knew it would become so complicated. I took Charlie being able to handle the Cullens for what they were as a blessing. And I was sure he would be able to handle the complications that come with my transformation in a couple of years. We just had to work out the kinks. Know what we would expect.

Edward was rubbing soothing circles on my palm, taking my mind off my troubles. I just wanted a clear head. I just wanted to be able to live my life without problems at every turn. But that’s not how life goes. Problems make one stronger. Problems make one be able to live their lives to the fullest. Problems could be overcome and I would overcome this one. I had too much to live for to fail.

Sirens cut off my train of thought, though. My head snapped up along with Edward’s. I wondered briefly what all the commotion was until I saw a stretcher being wheeled through the emergency doors. The emergency workers quickly pushing the stretcher on wheels looked panicked, as if their patient didn’t have much time to get into surgery. But then Edward froze next to me, a look of complete horror setting on his face. It was then that I took a look at who was in the stretcher. Who was on the verge of death. And my heart almost stopped when realization came over me. Time seemed to stop for a few moments. All I could hear was my heart beat and all I could see was the person laying before my eyes.

Time came back with full force then and I saw the stretcher being pushed into the emergency room. I didn’t even have time to think.

I screamed, jumping up from the over stuffed hospital chairs. Edward jumped up with me and wrapped his arms around my wrists.

“Bella, stay calm,” he ordered me, whispering soothing words into my ear. But I just shook my head and tried to yank free.

“No! No!” I yelled, glancing earnestly back at the nurse behind the counter. “Let me go in!” She just shook her head and gave me a look of pity.

“Only medical personnel can enter the emergency room at this time,” she explained, as if she said these words countless times.

“No!” I protested. “Please!” But the look on both Edward’s and her face made my heart fall and my voice drop down into a whisper. “Please, that’s my father.”


I thought that I was going to die. Edward held me tightly while I sobbed into his shirt. I was sure that I lost him. I lost the person that loved me enough to accept my future plans. I was so sure that I lost my father. Sometimes my mother would say that I had a guardian angel looking after me. At that moment I knew that to be false. No angel would allow this to happen.

I asked Edward to explain to me what happened-why my father was dying. His voice shook and I barely heard him while the scene played in my head.

It was rare for Forks to have a shoot out. But I guess our small town has it’s handful of criminals. Criminals with guns. Charlie was shot before the other police could get the two men under control and into the squad car. Unfortunately it was near vital organs. Charlie was rushed strait to the hospital. I tried not to think of Charlie lying on the ground bleeding. I tried and I tried but I couldn’t help myself.

But I was saved the horror when Carlisle shook my out of my haze.

“Bella,” he said quietly. “Are you alright.” He had to repeat his question twice before I was able to nod my head. I lifted my head slightly so I could see his face. I expected sorrow and anguish, but instead I saw happiness. It took me a few moments to realize what that meant. “Charlie’s in a hospital room right now, Bella,” Carlisle explained, not being able to keep the smile from his lips. “He wants to see you right away.” All Carlisle had to do was point in the direction of his room and tell me the room number before I was sprinting down the hallways.

Charlie survived. My father wasn’t dead. Maybe I had a guardian angel after all.