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My Boyfriend is a Vampire

This is a thought that came to me during an exam. It was very distracting so I hope I still did well on it... Anyway! Edward is watching Bella sleep, but Victoria chooses that time to attack. Will that attack go as planned? Or will Victoria fail? Will someone else be drawn into the vampire world? * What will Bella and Edward do now? With another person in on their secret, are they going to be able to keep him safe? Or is the knowledge he possesses going to lead to his death? NEXT CHAPTER IS UP!!!!!!


2. Hospital

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1844   Review this Chapter

Charlie’s POV

“Uh…Dad, my boyfriend is a vampire.” Vampire? Boyfriend? Room? Woman?
Window? Shreds on floor? Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle shredding woman? NOW

“Bella get over here,” I told her urgently. I watched the vampires…men… or whatever they were out of the corner of my eye. They committed murder! To a helpless woman who…elbowed me in the stomach with strength no man could ever have…

“Dad…are you okay?” Bella asked we worriedly. Was she a vampire? Oh my God, what if my daughter was a vampire? Edward snapped his head in my direction with worry stamped across his face. Who was he to be worried? I was starting to feel a little light headed. My stomach hurt and THERE ARE FOUR MEN IN MY DAUGHTER’S BEDROOM AT NIGHT. I saw the floor coming closer and closer and closer just before everything went black.

Edward’s POV

Charlie fell to the ground with a very loud thud. The thoughts that ran through his
head before he collapsed worried me. But the two things that really worried him was the ‘murder’ we committed and the fact that there were four men in her bedroom. In fact, that was the thing that sent him over the edge. I guess for him Bella came before the police work.

Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper were done burning the remains of Victoria. Why they had to do right in front of Charlie, I didn’t know. But I was glad to have her out of the way. Carlisle sighed and walked over to Charlie.

“He hit his head pretty hard, and Victoria’s attack on him might have done some internal damage,” Carlisle announced. Bella gasped and ran over to her father.

“Charlie! Wake up! I’m sorry!” she cried. Tears were streaming down her face. Jasper ‘said’ to me that he felt the guilt radiating off her. I bent down and picked Bella off the floor.

“Hush, Bella,” I whispered in her ear. She shook her head and buried her face into my shoulder.

“But he was attacked and then he fainted because I just had to tell him that you were a vampire,” she said, her voice filled with self-loathing.

“Bella, this is not your fault. Charlie was bound to find out sometime. It’s better that he did sooner then later,” I said sternly. Bella wouldn’t have any of it though.

“But now he’s going to send me away to Jacksonville!” she cried out again. I just sighed and tried to comfort her.

“We should take him to the hospital,” Carlisle said gravely. “We’ll put him under anesthetics so that he won’t…make a scene.” Emmett bent down and picked Charlie up easily.

“Come on, let’s go future-father-in-law,” Emmett said jokingly. I rolled my eyes and Bella chocked out a laugh. On our way out of the house I made sure to lock all of the windows and doors. The reality of the situation hit me with full force then. What if Charlie did send Bella away? What if he tried to alert the whole town about it? Maybe, could we pretend it was all a dream and that he hit his stomach and head as he fell out of his bed? Thoughts like those ran through my head the whole way to the hospital.

Emmett and Jasper ran back home to give us space to fit Charlie, Bella, Carlisle and me. Bella demanded that she sat next to Charlie so that if he woke up, he wouldn’t panic. I tried to explain to her that the chances of Charlie waking up in the car were slim. But I didn’t mention to her the small amount of anesthesia Carlisle slipped him when her back was turned. Carlisle wanted Charlie in a sound proof room, which I didn’t even know they had at the hospital, when he woke up so we could explain things to him more thoroughly. But I still doubted that Charlie would let me within a five mile radius from Bella. What if he had her home schooled? What if I only saw her at night? I started to panic. What if Charlie told the whole town about us? Bella didn’t seem to worry about that, though. Her only concern was Charlie’s health.

As we drove into the hospital parking lot, I informed Bella that our excuse was that Charlie slipped down the stairs and hit his stomach on the railing. She told me that the excuse was ‘lame’. I told her that it was the best I could do in five minutes.

Hospital workers and patients gave us funny looks as we entered the double doors. It was probably because two teenagers, that had a town wide reputation of going out, were running into the hospital at two’ o clock AM with both of their father’s. One of them unconscious.

What if he caught them together?

What if he caught them and then they hit him?

What if he tried to attack Edward when he found them together and then Edward and him got into a fight which resulted in Bella hitting him over the head with a lamp?

I rolled my eyes as I heard the last one. There was no way to prevent the whole town hearing about us simply bringing Charlie to the hospital. The story would be blown all out of proportion into something even worse then the last thought. Maybe it would go like this: Charlie was checking on Bella in the night like a good father and then he found Edward and Bella together. He tried to get Edward out of the house like any good father, but ,like the horrible person Edward is, Edward attacked Charlie. Then a fight ensued, and Bella attacked Charlie with a lamp, beating him into unconsciousness, resulting in him going to the hospital at two AM.

My mind was going a mile a minute just trying to figure out a better excuse then Charlie falling down the stairs.

“Carlisle,” I said quickly. “When we’re done taking Cha-Officer Swan up to a room, why don’t you show me that faulty medical equipment you wanted me fix before the morning,” I said, making it up along the way.

“Oh yes, son. Isn’t it a good coincidence that we ran into Bella and officer Swan in the parking lot. Now we can help them and get the equipment fixed,” Carlisle responded. We both thought that it was a very corny excuse, and the look Bella gave us showed that she thought so as well. But the people in the hospital bought it because disappointment rang through out their minds. Carlisle and I were both relieved for the moment. But I shuddered when I realized what was going to happen in the next few hours. I just hoped that Charlie wouldn’t remember anything. Oh, how I was wrong.

“BELLA!” Charlie screamed as soon as we woke up. Bella was already in the room and I heard her jump up.

“Yes, dad?” she asked innocently.

“Don’t put on that innocent act! Tell me what you were thinking when you decided to go out with a VAMPIRE?” Charlie was obviously fuming. I decided to step in the room before Charlie went searching for me himself. I called Carlisle over and we both entered the room. Charlie went ballistic. “Stay away from my daughter!” Charlie yelled. Carlisle took a deep breath before trying to reason with Charlie.


“I don’t want to hear it!”

“Officer Swan-”

“Get away!”

Carlisle sighed and took a syringe out of a drawer and a needle. He fumbled around with some anesthetics before standing in front of Charlie.

“We can do this calmly like men,” Carlisle started. He then held up the anesthetics. “Or I will have to sedate you.”

“Don’t you dare stick any needles into my body!” Charlie said, starting to panic. Carlisle sighed and placed the syringe on a counter. He then turned to Charlie.

“We know the way you found out about us was probably the worst way it could have happened, but you have to understand, Officer Swan,” Carlisle said. “We mean your daughter no harm at all. We view her as a family member. No harm will befall her if any of us are present.” Charlie didn’t seem to absorb what Carlisle was saying too well.

“But you drink blood!” Charlie gasped.

“Not from humans,” Carlisle said quickly. “From animals.”

“But you still drink blood,” Charlie said, angrily.

“Yes, but we don’t put any of our…subjects in any pain,” Carlisle said, defending us. Charlie leaned back and rubbed his temples.

“And how can I believe you?” Charlie asked. Carlisle and I were stuck there. I opened my mouth many times to say something, but I what could I say?

“Alice is a vampire, dad,” Bella blurted out. Charlie snapped his head in her direction.

“What?” Charlie asked, not wanting to believe it.

“Alice is vampire,” Bella said more confidently. Charlie’s mouth fell open.

“How could a sweet girl like Alice be a vampire?” Charlie asked in wonderment. Carlisle stepped forward.

“We are not your traditional vampires,” Carlisle explained. Charlie nodded for him to go on. “We don’t burn up in the sun, crosses don’t hurt us, or garlic.” Charlie seemed to taking the information in very well. “We have super human strength, speed and hearing and we don’t age.”

“So you’re like superman?” Charlie asked with a confused look on his face.

“We can’t fly,” Carlisle answered.

“What about that woman that you…shredded,” Charlie asked, shivering a little.

“You can only kill vampires by shredding them and burning their remains,” Carlisle explained slowly. “That woman was a vampire that wanted to kill Bella.”

“So you were protecting Bella,” Charlie stated. Carlisle nodded. I stepped forward.

“Officer Swan,” I started, hoping he would hear me out. “I love Bella very much-”

“Until you left her,” Charlie said, narrowing his eyes.

“Yes, I left her, but you have to understand,” I said urgently. “I left her to protect her! Every minute I was around her, she was in danger! I couldn’t keep risking her life! That’s why I left,” I said, almost at a whisper in the end. Understanding dawned on Charlie.

“What are your future plans concerning Bella?” Charlie asked nervously. I looked towards Bella unsure of what to say. Bella motioned me and Carlisle out of the room. We both closed the door behind us.

“Don’t be listening in either!” she yelled at us. I rolled my eyes and Carlisle led me away from the room.

“Actually, I do have some medical equipment that needs to be fixed…” Carlisle said, trailing off at the end. He led me to the basement and showed me an MRI machine. “I’ll call you when Bella is done talking to Charlie,” He said, turning on the light and closing the door.

“Wait! Carli-” I started but the door slamming in my face cut me off. I muttered under my breath as I started to tinker with the MRI machine.