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My Boyfriend is a Vampire

This is a thought that came to me during an exam. It was very distracting so I hope I still did well on it... Anyway! Edward is watching Bella sleep, but Victoria chooses that time to attack. Will that attack go as planned? Or will Victoria fail? Will someone else be drawn into the vampire world? * What will Bella and Edward do now? With another person in on their secret, are they going to be able to keep him safe? Or is the knowledge he possesses going to lead to his death? NEXT CHAPTER IS UP!!!!!!


6. Mike

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Word got out at school about Charlie being at the hospital. Kids herded around me during my first class and kept on saying how sorry they were that my father was in the hospital. I just nodded and smiled, feeling horrible underneath since I knew I was the one that caused him all the trouble. But Victoria was gone now, and she would never lay a finger on Charlie ever again. But then my thoughts started to stray. Victoria wasn’t the only vampire after me. What if the Volturi found out about him and-

“Hey, Bella!” Mike’s greeting shattered my thoughts. I looked up at him with a scowl on my face. He didn’t seem to see it though.

“Mike,” I responded, not having the energy to make my voice not sound like a monotone. Mike looked around casually, trying to make himself look uninterested, probably to make me ‘want’ him more.

“So, Bella,” Mike said, giving me a dazzling smile. “Do you want to go out Saturday night?” My mouth dropped open, I was pretty sure my bottom jaw hit the floor. I stared at him in shock. He was looking at me curiously, waiting for my answer. He really means it! I thought with dread.

“Uh…” I said, not actually comprehending what possessed Mike to ask me out when I had a boy friend. “I kind of have a boyfriend, Mike,” I said, making sure the message got through his thick skull.

“Oh yes,” he said as if he were surprised. “I guess I forgot.” He then smiled at me in a way that made me want to throw a brick in his face.

“How can you forget?” I asked. Has Mike changed his tactics? Instead of being a ‘love sick puppy’ was he trying to act like he didn’t care at all? I looked at him with a confused expression on my face. I couldn’t help but notice that he was sitting on my desk and that his butt was placed very close to me. I wanted to throw up. I couched lightly and turned my attention away from Mike and picked up one of my pencils. I dropped, or rather threw, it on the floor with enough force for the tip to break. “Oh look at that!” I said quickly. “Have to go sharpen my pencil! Bye Mike!” I stood up hastily. But, since I was me, I tripped over my back pack and landed with a thud on the floor. Wincing, I got back up and walked to the pencil sharpener. Angela, who was in my same class, joined me in the corner by the pencil sharpener.

“What’s Mike doing now?” she asked me. I looked back at my desk with a look of disgust on my face. I was never really repulsed by Mike, but his confident behavior creeped me out.

“In fact,” I said. “I’m not really sure.” He was writing feverishly on a scrap piece of paper, but I wasn’t a vampire with extraordinary vision so I couldn’t see what he was writing. Angela had a thoughtful face on.

“He’s even starting to get on my nerves,” she said. I raised my eye brow at her. Angela was one of the most forgiving, thoughtful people I knew. “I hope Edward doesn’t get too angry.” And with that she walked back to her seat since the bell rang. Mike hopped off my desk and strutted back to his seat. I rolled my eyes and started to head towards my own seat as well. But when I sat down I noticed a small piece of paper lying on my desk. I immediately realized it was the thing Mike was writing. I didn’t want to read it, but I was curious to see what it said. When I was sure the teacher wasn’t looking I unfolded the paper and read it.

Meet me behind the bleachers after school.

What on Earth? I glanced behind me to see Mike staring at the teacher intently. A shiver ran up my spine. What was I going to do? I couldn’t meet him! Edward would go berserk. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I had better things to worry about! My dad was in the hospital, the Volturi…

The class passed very quickly. I knew I was going to have to talk to Mike after class, but I was dreading it. I hated confrontations.

The students filed out of the class room and I waited until I could see Mike before I left the room, too.

“Mike?” I called out to him. His head snapped in my direction, a grin on his face. He walked over to me confidently.

“Yes, Bella?” he asked. I waved the paper in his face.

“What is this?” I asked him. He stared down at it.

“What? Didn’t you read it?” he asked urgently. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Of course I read it!” I hissed. “But what gives you the right to give this to me?” he was just staring at me then. I took a deep breath, and then continued. “I have a boyfriend, Mike,” I said as calmly and strait forward as possible. “I’m happy with him. I don’t want any distractions like this right now.” I then picked up my belongings and walked out of the class room. He stopped me before I exited the room, though.

“I still don’t know what you see in him, Bella. And I can’t help but ask, what makes him so special? I mean, come on! Unless you’re into the whole pale-as-snow thing, he’s not that great! Sure he’s rich, has fantastic hair and bod, but so what?” Mike asked, his confidence wearing off. I turned around to face him, my patience wearing off.

“You want to know what I see in him?” I snapped. He just nodded, unsure if he wanted to hear the answer any more. “He doesn’t care what everyone else thinks about him. He doesn’t try to act ‘cool’ and he defiantly doesn’t try to impress every girl he sees!” Mike was starting to frown. “He loves me because of me and not because I’m new meat to look at! You don’t know me at all, Mike!” I said a little too loudly. “He doesn’t care about my looks or anything! All he cares about is my personality!” I stepped closer to him then so that our noses were almost touching. “And I doubt any of that is true for you!” I hissed. I then walked out of the class room and down the hall, my face getting redder and redder. What had I just done? I was mortified! What was I going to do! Mike would never talk to me again! What if he spread rumors about me! I didn’t want everyone against me, especially since I was just going back to normal!

Mike didn’t spread rumors. He didn’t even talk about it during lunch. He treated me like nothing even happened. I started to have a new found respect for Mike. But then school ended and he caught me in the parking lot.

“Bella!” he called. I turned around hesitantly to see Mike dashing towards me. I had the fleeting desire to just run into my truck and drive away, but I was surly going to fall and he was going to catch up anyway. “Bella,” he said breathless when he reached me. I raised an eye brow. He stood up strait then and he looked very professional. “I just want to say that I thought about what you said to me earlier today. I know what I’m doing wrong and I would like to thank you for opening my eyes.” I was in shock. Maybe Mike was going to leave me alone and pick up his act. “And then maybe,” he said grinning. “You will actually consider dating me.” Scratch that last thought. Wordlessly I walked over to my truck and drove away from Mike and the school. Edward had to leave school early. He called it a ‘surprise’.

I decided to visit Charlie in the hospital. When I walked through the door to his room, he instantly saw my expression.

“Mike,” I grumbled before he had the chance to ask his question. He seemed to understand, though.

“That boy should give it a rest,” Charlie mumbled. I blinked a few times, when ever I heard Charlie talk about Mike, he was praising him. “You have Edward now, Mike doesn’t stand a chance.” I suppressed a chuckle as I went to sit next to his bed. Charlie was officially on the ‘vampire side’.