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Soldier Boy

Its 1943 and Edward is a human 18 year old boy who is about to be shipped to France to join the boys at the front struggling to defeat Hitler's 3rd Reich. He is not married or involved with anyone when he arrives and gets redeployed to Italy where he meets an enchanting young woman. A passionate affair ensues and his new love is devestated to learn that he is MIA and goes in search of a way to end the pain she is in. 70 years later she is still 18 and she is still searching........................................will she find him?


1. Chapter 1- Shipping out

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Edwards POV:

I knew this day was coming. I had completed the required basic training and was now off to join my brothers in Europe. Emmett and Jasper had shipped out a little over a year ago and true to form they were both excelling in the face of danger, Emmett wrote letters telling us the different operations his batallion were involved in and every tale seemed to involve a major explosion and a skin of your teeth escape. Japer who had a certain charisma and uncanny knack for military organisation was making quite an impression on his senior officers and was quick to outrank Emmett (much to his chargin). My parents were of course proud of the service they were doing for their country but it pained me to see the look of utter sadness in my mothers eyes as she prepared to say googbye to be her youngest son. To have 3 sons fighting in this damn war must be a never ending nightmare mixed with pride and gratification.

After the goodbyes were said and promises to write as often as possible had been made I took one last look at my childhood home home with its white exterior walls and plush gardens, its true to say we lived quite comfortably, my father, Carlisle was a renound surgeon. We had grown up with certain priveleges that others in our town of Forks, Washington were not afforded but escaping the war was not one of them and for that i I was very grateful, i wanted to do my country proud just like every other red blooded American boy and I waited rather impatiently to for 18th birthday to arrive in order to join my brothers, after all why should they get all the glory!

The car pulled away from the drive and I took one last look at my parents and turned back around focussing on my destination, as far as I knew I was to arrive in Dover in England where I would more then likely be deployed to Belguim or France, Italy was a strong possibilty but as a matter of security we were rarely told our orders to we were shipped.

As I climbed aboard the naval ship I said a silent goodbye to my home country and tried not to think about the possibilty I would not see it again.

As I took my place in the mess, I sat and let my drift to all the things I wanted to before I.............died, I wanted to make my name in the world of music, I was an accomplished piano player and I was regularly told how wonderful my singing voice was. My mind then turned to the things i hadn't experienced yet like falling in love, sure i'd stolen a couple of kisses from the local girls but none of them had set my heart on fire, my brothers had a bit more luck in that department, Jasper was married to Alice and they lived two xAXWstreets away from us, Emmett was engaged to be married to the local beauty queen Rosalie Hale and I knew it cut them deeply to be away from their girls, maybe I should be grateful it was only my parents heartbreak I carried with me. More then anything I wanted to experience the touch of a woman, to take her and explore every part of her, my brothers would had relentlessly teased me about the possibility of dying a virgin once they knew for sure I had enlisted.

I spent the rest of the journey getting to know brothers in arms and got on really well with three, Ben, Mike and Tyler.

All too soon the shipped docked in Dover and we departed into the waiting army standard vehicles and were off to base to recieve our orders and find out what part we would play in this war.