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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

I own nothing of this. The characters are all Stephenie Meyer's. Please review, it makes my day.

1. Chapter 1

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Edward's POV

Time seemed to drag endlessly. What felt like hours, turned out to be mere seconds. How could i continue life like this? This wasn't life. Not without her. I sighed loudly and rubbed under my eyes. I knew I shouldn't go back, I wouldn't back to her. I couldn't risk her life anymore. But even as I knew this, I couldn't help wishing. I couldn't help wishing that things had turned out differently. Maybe even that I wasn't a vampire and I lived in her time. We could of been so happy together. We were happy together and I ruined it.

For her safety, I kept telling myself. She was the only thing more important than myself, than my needs. I needed her to be alive, even if I couldn't be with her. She could move on, she could find love once again - at least she would be happy. She would find someone who was perfect for her, who could do everything I could never do for her. Even as I tried to convince myself, jealousy pulsed through me. It could end up being someone like Mike. Maybe Mike himself. I shuddered at the thought.

Come'on, is he ever going to get over her. It's been months!

Rosalie with her selfish thoughts again. I knew she was right, I had to move on. But how could I? I loved her. I love her! I could never see anyone else apart from Bella. She was the love of my existence. The reason for my existence. But I left her. I left her.

Anger coursed through me as I realized what I had done. This always occurred when I re-lived that terrible day, the day I left her. She believed me so quickly. I could tell by her face, and I could tell that her heart was breaking right in front of me. I could tell she was trying to control herself, but how could she? She had put all of her trust into me, she trusted me that I would never leave her. I shattered all of that in a few words. I thought I would have to lie through me teeth for hours, but I didn't. I nearly stopped telling the lie at all. I was so close to running up to her and kissing her and telling her how much I loved her. But I let it go on, I let her heartbreak go on. She even reached for me, to stop me from leaving her. And again, I rejected her.

If I could cry, I would be crying now. My body would be shaking uncontrollably. I began to remember the special moments of our time together. The times that were the best of my existence. The time when we realized we loved each other, the first time we kissed. All those times that I'd left behind. Although I couldn't be with her, I could remember her. I wondered whether she still thought about me. If she still even loved me. I doubted it. I'd broken her beyond repair.

Do you mind if I sit with you, Edward?

Alice's thoughts broke my silent memories. I'd managed to block everyone else out, apart from her. She'd probably been internally screaming at me. I looked up at her tiny face that starred at me and nodded. She moved gracefully, almost dancing, and sat herself next to me. She smiled at me, almost a sympathetic smile. I tried to smile back, but I only managed a grimace.

How long will this go on, Edward? For the rest of your existence? You know as well as I do that you can't live like this.

I nodded, knowing she was exactly right. Alice was always right."I can't help it, Alice. I can't even pretend not to be miserable anymore." I whispered, trying to keep anyone else from hearing, but no doubt they could all hear.

Hmm. She pondered. I know this is really hard for you, I know. But remind me again why you left her?

I didn't like talking about this to anyone. It only made me feel worse, which was very hard to do.

"You know Alice. I couldn't risk her life anymore. She didn't have a life when I was there. She was coming close to death so many times, because of what we are. How could I keep doing that, just to fuel my selfish needs." I murmured.

I could tell by her face, she knew I was right. Alice loved Bella too. Nowhere near as much as me, but still enough. She nodded thoughtfully again.

I know. I just hate seeing you like this. We can see. She gestured around her. that this is never going to get better. I know you can't go back, but you need to do something.

I sighed. What could I do? Nothing I would do would help this... this agony. She lightened up my life, and without her, it had become dull.A low gasp filled the room. I looked up to see Alice sitting with her eyes wide open, rocking slightly. The whole room turned to look at her, horrified. She was seeing something, but I could only see flickers. The image in her head began to focus and my mouth fell open. I jumped up and felt my face fill with anguish."No!" I screamed, as Alice turned to look at me.