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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

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13. Waiting

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Again, I was startled by his beauty. I realized that all of my hallucinations and memories, somehow, did not do him justice. This man, this god, was most certainly the most beautiful creature known to roam the earth. And this man, this god, was currently holding the key to my heart. His bronze hair shimmered in the small ray of light that reflected my hope. It was small, but still there, still evident. His face portrayed nothing, no emotion whatsoever, which terrified my body even further.

Because he held the key to my heart, this meant it would be easier for him to break it. He was the one man that could hurt me more than any other; he already had. And yet, I could still not refuse him. I could not stop myself from wanting him back. It wasn’t even a want any longer; it was an uncontrollable need. I knew what life would be like if he left me once more. It wouldn’t be worth living. I knew the pain I would have to endure and I also knew that this pain, this agony would be doubled if he left me once again. I needed him to stay with me, forever.

He stood, motionless, no more than 20 feet away from me. But this small space felt like an abyss. He wasn’t in touching distance unless I moved, unless I moved from my home, from next to Jacob. I gasped as my eyes scanned down below his face, the place my eyes did not want to budge from. I slowly realized that he was wearing no shirt, which set my heart fluttering. I could feel my cheeks flushing under the intense sight of his half-nakedness. I was becoming a hormonal teenager simply by looking at his chiselled abs and the stunning paleness of him. My breathing was forced and my eyes could not tear themselves away from him.

I had missed this. I had missed the embarrassing sound my heart would make at the sight of him. I had missed my usually vacant cheeks exploding into a blush. I had missed the warmth my forehead would give off because of the feeling. But also, I hadn’t. These features of me were the things that reminded me of how much I relied on Edward Cullen. It proved to me how much I did need him. It proved to me that although all the amount of hurt he had given me, I would always go running back into his cool arms, if he would let me. I was everything I hated reading in books. The predictable, weak woman who would do anything to return to her man. I would tut in disgust as the feeble woman would forget everything the man had done to her, every single ounce of pain he had caused her - to go running back to him.

And yet, I had become that.

He stared at me with obvious confusion as the blush exploded in my cheeks yet the anger inside me still bubbled. I didn’t want to be this but I couldn’t help it. He had changed me and, now, there was no going back. Why wouldn’t he just come to me? Why couldn’t we just talk? How I had missed that rich, velvet voice - and now, more than ever, I just wanted to hear it. I wanted to hear the silkiness of it caress my ears. I wanted his articulate speech leave me breathless. I had not felt that sensation in months and after everything he had done, I just wanted him to do this.

I needed him to come to me. But he just stood there, staring at me. Should I call for him? Or just wait patiently? But if I didn’t call for him, maybe he would never come. Maybe he would just leave me all over again, leave me alone in the darkness, never to find the exit. I shuddered at the thought and my brain registered what I was about to do.

I was about to call for my angel.

I took a deep breath, providing my shaking body with the much needed clean air. I processed my words in my head, hoping not to make a fool of myself and for once, say the right thing.

“Edward?” I whispered, as my throat contracted at the pain, although I knew his ears would hear me.

He did not look up from the spot he was staring at in the sand.

My hands moved from my aching sides to clasp themselves together. Tears began to form in my eyes but I refused to let them escape. I did not want him to see me cry. I did not want to show him the pain he had caused these past few months, but in a way, I did. I wanted him to see what he had done to me.

A lone tear fell down my cheek, before I quickly removed it.

“Edward, please,” I murmured.

I didn’t even know what to say to him. What did I really want from him?

He slowly looked up to meet my eyes and my insides churned. His eyes were filled with an emotion I did not recognise.

I exhaled deeply and did not remove my line of sight from his.

“Edward, please? Please, just come to me?” I pleaded, my voice breaking.

Then, horror took over as I realized the barriers I had set for my emotions were being rammed down. Tears burst through my ducts and ran down my already sodden cheeks. My insides were radiating with pain and loud sobs escaped my clenched mouth. I brought my hands to my shivering lips, trying desperately to stop the horrible wailing. The pain finally broke free from my fragile body, allowing the built up emotion to be heard.

I gazed down at the sand, knowing that now, he was not going to return to me. And that one revelation set my body into worse hysterics.

He was going to leave me again.

I kept repeating it in my head as the agony drained my whole body.

I took no notice of my surroundings, not caring if anyone saw my outburst of emotion. I could feel nothing else but the anguish and tears suffocating me. I refused to look up; I refused to see him leave me once again.

Then, as I let the terrible agony take over me, a swift breeze collided with my broken body.