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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

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15. Heart

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The feeling inside me was building up. It was stronger than any feeling I had ever experienced. The love and happiness was bubbling in my cold body, warming it to a state of complete tranquillity. I could feel her steady heartbeat against my dead one, and I smiled at the thought.

Her warmth radiated into me and her scent was pushing into my senses. It was pushing without relent through my nostrils, threatening the cage I had enclosed my demon in. But although the devastatingly tempting smell was burning my throat, I knew I could never harm her. I knew the pain I felt when I thought she was dead, it was too much to bear, so I knew I would never have the strength to kill her just for a taste of her sweet blood. That taste would last a few moments, but the unbearable pain would last an eternity - and I knew I couldn’t face that. I willed myself to be strong enough to bear it, so I could be near her.

I would be strong enough. Although the smell was throbbing my throat, I swallowed back the venom and tried to forget about it.

The only thing that mattered was that finally, after all the heart wrenching months, she was back, safe in my arms. It felt as if my heart was back, I could almost feel it beating in my body - I felt alive.

It was moments like this, so rare and precious, that I was truly thankful for being a monster. I had found Bella, the most important thing to me ever. She was my life, my soul, my heart. She consumed my every thought, each breath she took, each smile her lips displayed would take me to the edge of oblivion.

I knew I had a lot of explaining to do. How could I give a valid reason for leaving this beautiful creature behind when my decision had nearly killed us both? But I knew she deserved to know. Even if she didn’t want me, although such an unbearable thought, I would stay. I would keep a distance, be her secret guardian. She deserved to know why I had caused so much pain in her life. Even if she hated me, I would do it.

She continued to cry into my shoulder, her warm tears spreading down my bare shoulder. Soothing her, I rubbed small, light circles in her damp hair and kissed it. I couldn’t control myself, so I continued giving tender kisses. She looked up into my eyes again, and I felt myself drowning in them. Those chocolate doe eyes that hooked me immediately, brimming with hidden secrets that I would perhaps never find out. A small smile played on her lips, and suddenly, I wanted so badly for her to smile. I vowed to myself that one day, I would make her smile again.

She shivered and I realized the cold temperature of the air around. I tried rubbing her skin once again, savouring in the electricity pulsing through me, but her shivering would not stop.

“Bella, would you like to go home?” I asked, quietly.

Her head flashed upwards and I recognized fear in her large eyes. She shook her head stubbornly, refusing to look away from my eyes.

“Why, Bella? You’re freezing.”

“I don’t care,” she muttered.

I exhaled sharply. I had forgotten how stubborn she was, but for some reason, it made me smile more.

“I’ll take you home.”

“No! No, don’t! Just stay here, with me,” she whispered.

She wanted me to stay with her? I couldn’t push down the emotion of hope inside me as she uttered those words. Could that possible mean that she wanted me forever, she was willing to forgive my hateful words? The words that had cut and bruised her so deeply, no other could ever recover.

I moved down to her ear.

“I’ll take you home, but I’ll stay with you,” I murmured.

Her heart stuttered, a blush hinting at her cheeks. A small smile played around her lips once more and she nodded ever so slightly. I grinned at her acceptance and began to stand up. Once I had, I began to bend down to lift her into my arms. For once, she didn’t refuse my gesture, so I quickly pressed her against me. Her heat burned against my cold skin, sending goose bumps up my arm. I sighed in contentment as I began to walk away.

Her small fingers ran patterns in my chest, until she stopped suddenly. I looked down in confusion, to see her staring ahead. I gazed upwards, until I realized in horror what was before me. I had been so lost in my own thoughts, of looking at Bella, that I had missed the thoughts of the 2 growling wolves in front of me.

I knew I could probably fight them, and win, if I was on best form. But Bella was here, and I simply could not risk her getting hurt.

“Gentlemen,” I began, almost choking on my own words, “is there something you wish to discuss?”

Sam didn’t speak, instead opting to think.

You are on your land, Cullen. That breaks the rules.

I nodded. “Yes, I know.”

The treaty was set up for a reason, to protect everyone. This could start a war.

“Don’t patronize me, Sam. I was there when the treaty was made, of course I know the consequences,” I snapped.

Yes, then you should know better. You know the consequences, so you know what is going to happen.

“Yes, but I did it for a reason. I wouldn’t consider it at any other time,” I muttered.

I know Bella is important. She is important to all of us, especially Jacob. He’s been mending her.

“Then if you know how important she is, then surely you must understand the situation.”

I understand the situation perfectly. You broke the treaty.

“Please, Sam. Can’t we just overlook it?”

It can’t happen like that.

“So what do you propose to do?”

It begins a war.

I watched in horror as the one who was named Jacob struggled to control his anger any longer and was resisting the urge to attack. His convulsions and growls were fierce, and Sam tried to control him.

But I saw exactly what was about to happen. He began to run towards me and Bella, jumping mid air. I threw Bella off me, far away, and prepared myself for the fight ahead, hoping to God that I would not lose Bella again.

Bella POV

I felt the pain before I realized what had happened. The sand and water was cold against my skin and I let out a small whimper. Trying to soothe my skin, I rubbed small circles into my freezing skin, closing my eyes in the process.

I glanced around quickly, realizing I was at least 20 feet away from the spot I just was. The events suddenly came flooding back and the panic barged into my system. My breathing was coming out in short spurts as I squinted to see into the distance. The growls and snarls erupted into the air as my heart pounded harder against my chest. I could vaguely see a blurred fight but could not see who was winning.

Oh god, fighting. I felt the blood draining from my face. I knew in this sort of fight, there would be only one winner. Edward and Jacob were fighting, the two men I loved more than anything. They would fight until it resulted in death and I just couldn’t lose one of them. They were too important to me for that. I would rather me die.

A few moments ago had been so perfect. I was finally in the arms of the lost love where time had stood still. We finally locked eyes with each other again, and I knew I was so deeply in love with Edward that there was no escape.

I knew I couldn’t let Edward die, my heart contracted at the thought. But I definitely couldn’t let Jacob die either. I knew if I didn’t stop the fight now, the end would be something I didn’t want to see. The snarls were getting worse and then I could distinctly hear a low whimper fill the silence in my ears.

That whimper set me into overdrive. I didn’t know who it was, but that didn’t matter. Either of them in pain caused me pain.

I stood up, taking in my surroundings. I was still wet from the damp sand and I was sure there would be bruises tomorrow. Looking up towards the fight occurring, I ran towards it.

When I was close enough, I planned my next move. Trying to decipher what was happening, I did the only thing I could.

I stepped closer to the fight, perhaps close enough that I would get hurt.

“No! Edward, Jacob! Stop, now! You can‘t do this!” I screamed as I pushed myself further into the centre of the fight.