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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

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16. Worry

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“No! Edward, Jacob! Stop, now! You can‘t do this!” I screamed as I pushed myself further into the centre of the fight.


I was too caught up in the fight, that was a fact. I should have stopped immediately - as soon as I had heard her panic filled voice, I should have stopped. But I didn’t -and I hated myself for it.

I lunged at the huge wolf in front of me, ignoring her loud pleas. I had no idea what I was doing, I only wanted to kill this wolf. I never knew if it was for competition, jealousy or just plain hate that kept me going, but something did. He bared his teeth further than before and readied himself for his attack. I caught his plans seconds before he attempted it so quickly blocked and jumped on him. I brought my razor teeth to his furred neck, the venom pooling uncontrollably beside my tongue.

That’s when I felt it. A small, tiny squeeze on my pale wrist. A squeeze that brought warmth and a strange electrical pulse through. Her fingers brought me out of my blood-lust and I stared into her brown depths.

“Edward, Please! Let go of him!” she screamed at me, terror evident in her hoarse voice.

I had no idea what she was seeing at this moment. I had switched into the murder crazed vampire I used to be, and I was holding no concern to my love.

“Please, you cant fight, either of you,” she cried, and I noticed the streams of tears rolling down her cheeks.

I gasped at myself and carefully slid off the shaking wolf.

She exhaled loudly.

“Thank you,” she whispered, “thank you to both of you.”

Why was she thanking me for? If anything, I should be thanking her. I rubbed at her shuddering fingers at my wrist and she quickly let go.

“Bella, I’m so sorry, I had no idea what I was doing there,” I murmured.

She stood, motionless, simply staring into my eyes. It seemed she could find hidden answers in the topaz colour. I began to panic, she wasn’t moving or talking - only breathing.

“Bella? Are you okay?” I asked, like it wasn’t a stupid question.

She nodded slowly, almost as if her body had forgotten this simple movement. I heard her stuttered heartbeat slowly coming back to original, normal speed. I smiled, only a small edge, at the thought that this heart, the simple human heart had consumed me, absolutely. This heart was the reason I existed, the answer to my endless questions. Her loving heart had the potential, the power to make or break me.

Strolling at a small speed, I kept my arm firmly, yet gently around her shuddering form, hoping to walk as far from this beach as possible.

I brought my fingers through her damp hair, enjoying this simple pleasure that I knew I should not be experiencing yet could not help feeling proud. Not proud for any selfish reason, although some might have saw it like that, but proud because my Bella had allowed me to do such a small gesture. Well, not my Bella yet. I blanched at the thought, bringing me out of the love filled dream I was living.

Just because she allowed me this small liberty, did not mean that she wanted me back - far from it. I needed some miracle for her to even accept my profound apology - no mind actually give me her heart back.

I sucked in a deep breath, a sound that alerted her to my internal struggle and she stared at me with questioning eyes.

I tried, with all my might, to show her, just in my own eyes, my undeniable, unstoppable love for her. I did not know if she saw it, but her breathing accelerated and in my own, deluded mind - I was sure she replied with the same answer.

I did not listen to the erupting snarls behind me that left the child, Jacob’s furious mouth and ignored his insulting, yet piercing thoughts that he fired at me, instead I listened to Sam’s.

I can see we cannot settle this without hurting Bella. I, or any other member of my pack do not want to hurt her in anyway and if that means protecting you and your family - then so be it. You have not caused any harm before by stepping onto our lands but, so help me God, if you ever come here again - I will not hesitate to give the order. Do you understand?

I flinched at the thought of him hurting my family, but I was hugely grateful to this…man.

“Thank you, Sam. You have my word,” I whispered, too low for Bella’s observant ears to hear.

And I knew I wouldn’t go back on my word, only if I really had to. I glanced down at Bella in my arms and knew she would be the only reason I would ever come here again. I would go anywhere in the world to save her - not only to have her back, safe with me, but to show just how much I love her, how much I need her, how I simply cannot live without her. I only hoped she would understand that as much as I did.

I was going to run, but I soon decided that I would rather take my time and have a few more stolen moments with her. I didn’t know whether she would accept my apology, so this seemed fairer - to me at least. I did carry her - my excuse being that I she must have exhausted herself today, but it wasn’t much of a lie. Truthfully, I wanted to feel her in my arms and even worse, I wanted to feel like she was mine. My Bella. I knew it was terrible of me to think like that - but it was the truth. I never, ever wanted to share or let her go and that was selfish. I always wanted her to be my love, my girl that was with me, Edward the one who was always alone.

I sighed as I got to the cliff, at the sheer edge. I instructed Bella to stay where she was, metres away from the edge, just to keep my worrying to a minimum. I quickly pulled on my shirt and jacket, and flipped open my cell. 15 missed calls from Alice. I shot an apologetic look to Bella before dialling to my dear sister.

She answered on the first ring.

Then the screaming began.

“Oh Edward. Is that you, Edward? Why aren’t you answering, Edward? Is Bella there? Is she safe? Is she alive, Edward? Answer me!”

I groaned as her screaming burned my ears.

I heard a small giggle from a distance and I quickly looked up to see Bella with a small smile etched on her perfect face. I chuckled quietly, tremendously happy to finally see her smile again.

“Alice, calm down. I am fine, more than fine actually. Bella is alive, fine and safe and well.”

I heard a sigh of relief.

"You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, truly,” she murmured.

I walked over to Bella as I talked on the phone and wrapped an arm around her. She gave a quick smile before proceeding to walk ahead with me.

“I know, I was just as happy - even more so, as you can probably understand,” I whispered.

“Well, yes, of course. But she’s okay? Are you sure? Where are you now?” she questioned.

“She’s with me right now and I’m taking her home before she catches hypothermia.”

“Yes, good idea. I sense that, well, you will need to talk to her - alone.

I sighed, twirling her brunette hair around my finger. I could feel the panic building up in my body as I thought about the results this conversation could have.

“Yes, that right, Alice. So, I better go, I’ll talk to you soon, okay? Go to the old house or something. Thank you Alice, truly. Goodbye,” I murmured, every word being the truth.

She replied with her own goodbyes as I flipped the phone shut and continued on our short walk back home.

We arrived only minutes later and I cursed myself for not taking even longer to walk. But that would have been too obvious. Although, maybe I should have went for the obvious, showing the obvious love I had for her. Or would she not appreciate that?

I groaned again. I had never been in such a panic over a conversation before in my whole existence. This conversation could have two extremes though, one I truly did not want to experience.

I walked casually to her front door, her small frame still firmly in my arms. I waited in anticipation as the front door swung open, Charlie standing in the doorway with the angriest expression I had ever seen on his smooth face.

I glanced down at Bella’s worried face in my arms as she stared at her furious father. I could not even make out his jumbled thoughts in his explosive rage.


Even though I was expecting it, his thoughts burnt into my brain; images of a broken Bella playing over and over in his head. I cringed immediately at the sight of them, the heartbreaking scenes tearing at my heart.

He then noticed a damp Bella within my arms. His angry façade dropped for a moment as worry replaced it.

“Bella, honey, are you okay?” he stuttered, returning his eyes to mine with a hostile expression.

“What have you done to her?” he demanded.

I cleared my throat.

“I simply came back for a visit and saw Bella jumping off a cliff. I felt it was absolutely necessary to make sure she was safe and return her home,” I murmured, but my words seemed forced and a liability.

His eyes popped out, showing the bloodshot irises and his mouth formed a small o. I listened to his heart thump louder than before.

“Bella? Is this true?” he asked.

She gulped loudly.

“Yes dad.”

A deep blush settled on her slender cheekbones and I gazed, mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it. This simple expression, even with panic etched upon it, left me utterly speechless.

“Why were you jumping off a cliff, Bella?” he demanded from her.

I looked from Charlie’s face back to Bella’s. I actually wanted this answer too, but I very much doubted if she was trying to commit suicide, that she would tell her beloved father. Although they had a strange relationship, there was no doubt in my mind that they loved each other. They sat in silence and liked to be alone, yet they were probably a better father and daughter than most in the world.

“I, uh. Dad, it was for recreational purposes only,” she muttered, trying to reassure her father, who’s face was bright red.

I pondered at her cryptic words. What recreational purposes could be so important that she would risk her life to find them? I shook my head again, this girl, who I had been in love with for so long - I still could not understand her. If only I could listen to her hidden thoughts, maybe I could actually understand the words she murmurs.

He sighed heavily.

“You weren’t, um, trying to commit suicide, right Bella?” he questioned. I could see his clouded thought filling with worry and pain at the thought of his Bella ever being in so much depression she would even think about doing that. My own brain mirrored that.

“No, of course not, Dad.”

His relief was not hidden; I was quite sure even Bella could see that.

“What recreational purposes? And, Cullen, do you really need to carry her like that?” he muttered angrily.

“Um, nothing dad. Just cliff diving,” she murmured, almost - embarrassed?

“If you wouldn’t mind, Mr Swan, sir - I do need to carry her. I’m sure she’s exhausted,” I said, politely.

“If she’s so exhausted, then maybe she would like to go to bed?” he said.

She nodded, looking up at me with a strange expression.

I tried to step foot into the door but he blocked me and stared at me.

“I can carry her.”

I doubted that.

“Sir, if you want me to leave after, I will. But please, let me put Bella to bed,” I murmured.

Her heart thumped even more loudly than before and tears pooled in her eyes. I smiled reassuringly and looked back at Charlie.

“Hmph. Well, fine. But as soon as she’s in bed - I would like to have a talk with you, Edward,” he uttered my name with extra venom and I knew that this conversation I would not enjoy.

I nodded and smiled politely at him.

Walking up the stairs with her in my arms, I did not hesitate to breath in her wondrous scent that consumed these walls. It ached at my throat, but truly, I rejoiced in it.

“You know, you don’t have to carry me,” she muttered, her words seeming strained.

I gazed at her, seeing tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I know, but I’d like to,” we were at her door now, “ as an apology I suppose,” I whispered.

I strode into her bedroom, gazing around all her walls. I had missed this room. It had been like my home. I had missed coming her every night, holding her close in my arms. I placed her onto her bed, carefully tucking her purple sheets over her. I had missed watching her in amazement as she slept and dreamt, listening to her utters, stolen whispers in the night. I could feel my throat contracting at every single moment I had missed because of me leaving her.

“Edward,” she whispered.

I could feel my heart rejoicing at her, saying my name. I had also missed that, the effect one word could have on me, just because she said it.

I sighed, smiling involuntarily.


She sighed too.

“Nothing, I’m sure my dad’s waiting for you, Edward,” she murmured.

I nodded, striding to her bedside. I let my hand gently caress her slightly damp hair and I brought my cold lips to her forehead.

“I’ll come back to you, Bella; no matter what,” I murmured, meaning every word.