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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

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2. Vision.

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"But, She, I, promised!"

My eyes were blind with panic. If i had a heart, it would be thumping uncontrollably. It would be out of my stone body without hesitation. I felt like screaming, more than that. My life had revolved around her. She couldn't be gone, or going. The world couldn't go on without her living in it. She made it complete.

Alice's face was engulfed into worry. For what seemed like an eternity, silence spread the room. Esme and Carlisle starred at me, obviously searching for answers. This was the most I had uttered in a few weeks. I only spoke when necessary, and I could tell it was getting the whole family depressed. Jasper had tried with his emotion trick nearly everyday, but even his powerful gift failed to make me happy again.

"Would someone please tell us what's going on?!” Jasper yelled.

I could tell Alice’s emotions and mine were swamping him. The worry, the devastation, the guilt. Alice knew as well as I did that this was our fault. We had reduced her to this.

The whole family had now gathered around my slumped body. They eyed me suspiciously, but I blocked out their screaming thoughts. I needed to think.

"It's Bella." Alice whispered.

Emmett recoiled, anxiety filling his face. He had took nicely to Bella, thought of her as family now. Esme's body shook a little, as if she were about to burst into tears, even though it wasn't possible. Alice sat slumped on the wooden chair inside Tanya's small cabin. It was temporary, for we had planned to leave in a matter of weeks. We were going to relocate, well, they were. I was going to go somewhere for a bit; maybe track Victoria for a while, until I found her. And I would find her; I had to, for Bella's sake. My body reacted to her name. I realized again the horror of Alice's vision.

"What about Bella?" murmured Carlisle, but I could tell in his face, that he already knew. I looked at Alice hopefully, I couldn't tell them about what she saw. It was already killing me inside.

"It's, well, she." she choked. This was hard for her, of course it was, Bella was practically her sister.

She exhaled deeply and rubbed her eyes, trying to compose herself. " Well I have seen that something terrible is going to happen to Bella." she began. "I have seen that... that she is going to jump of a cliff, and I don't see her coming back up." She choked on the last part, her hands shaking as she made the horrifying statement.

Carlisle nodded, Esme sobbed, Emmett's usual grin had disappeared, Jasper was full of remorse and Rosalie, well even Rosalie was taken aback.

"We shouldn't of left her, I knew this would be too much for her." Alice said.

"But, but she promised. She promised she would take care of herself." I murmured.

As if she would listen to that Edward. You'd already broke all of your promises. She loves you, always will. She can't just get over you. Alice said, in her thoughts.

I shook my head. Of course she would get over me, of course she would.

What have I done? If only i could of controlled myself, they could still be together now. Jasper was full of guilt, and who could blame him. Although I knew it was the wakeup call I needed. I realized that my world wasn't safe for her.

I looked up at him, but couldn't find the words to ease his guilt, so I simply shook my head at him.

"How long?" Carlisle whispered. We all looked at Alice for the response. She was still sat next to me, her body shaking and her usual sleek hair already tatted with the nervousness. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples hard and fast. I starred at her, praying that the vision had changed. Hopefully it would never even happen; maybe Bella would change her mind. But I knew how stubborn Bella was; that once she had made a decision, she wouldn't turn back.

Alice opened her eyes again and I could tell that I wasn't going to like the answer. I waited silently as her eyes refocused. She looked at me, and answered simply, "3 hours."