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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

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3. The run.

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"3 hours!" I exclaimed. I thought it would of been longer, at least a day.

Alice nodded, "Yes, I see her going to a house but then she disappears for a while. The next thing I know, she's on the cliff and it looks like she's talking to herself."

My poor Bella. Esme whimpered in her thoughts.

What should we do? We promised we would never enter back into her life again. Carlisle added mentally.

What could I do? I loved Bella more than anything. I never even knew this kind of feeling existed until I met her. But I promised we would never trouble her again; never return to her, to give her a chance at the life she deserved. I could stay here and think about her constantly, but that would mean she would be dead and I couldn't live in a world where Bella didn't exist. Or...

Or, I could go after her. Try and make it to the cliff in time. Try to convince her not to jump. I could tell her I loved her, and then she would stop and run into my arms. Her red blush exploding onto her cheeks, her fragrance lighting up the air. But maybe she wasn't doing this because of me. Maybe, just maybe, there was another reason. Maybe she had got over me, like I wanted her to and something else had pushed her over the edge. Could I face that rejection?

Edward?! What should we do? This is up to you. Carlisle murmured.

I glanced at Alice nervously. She was still staring at me as I thought about my options. Obviously, my decision had been made for a good 2 minutes, so she would know if I were going or not.

"I'm going to go, try and talk some sense into her." I whispered.

Carlisle nodded. "Yes, that seems like a good idea." But will you be able to walk away afterwards? He added mentally.

Would I be able to walk away? Would I have the strength to leave behind my only love again? I knew what these past few months had done to me and I simply didn't know if I could handle it again. However, Bella's life was more important than that. I could walk away knowing she was alive. The world would have a reason to exist again if she was in it.

"Yes." I replied, both to his spoken and mental statement.

"Will you want us to come with you?" Emmett interrupted.

He was looking at me suspiciously and I could tell by his thoughts what he meant. If I did save her, but I couldn't walk away from her, he would be there to help me. I pondered for a while but then came up with a decision.

"No, I think it would be better if I went alone."

"But Edward! I should come with you." Alice argued. I knew she was right but I shook my head.

"No Alice. You wouldn't want to be there if, if, Bella..." I choked at the end of the sentence. If I didn't make it in time, the anguish and devastation would be too much for me to hold in. That wouldn't be something I would want anyone to see.

"Of course, Edward. But if you do need us, then we're only a phone call away." Carlisle soothed.

I simply nodded. If I had spoken, my voice would of broke. I could usually control that kind of situation, but I couldn't today. Esme jumped up as I began to stride to the door. She ran to hug me and kissed my forehead.

Good luck my son. I love you. You will do the right thing. Go and find your Bella.

I smiled as best I could and with-that, hurried out the door.


Fear was pushing me to run faster, faster than I had in a very long time. This was probably as fast as I was running last year, when I was trying to save Bella from the clutches of James. I shuddered at the thought, and it felt like De-javu. I was racing the clock again. The fear that consumed me was unbearable. I knew if I didn't run fast enough, it would be too late.

I paid no attention to the trees as a swiftly sprinted through the deserted forest. I didn't need to- my senses were top class. I did mental arithmetic in my head as i calculated the distance between Alaska and Forks. At the speed I was doing now, it should take about 2 and a half hours. But we'd been discussing this in the cabin for 15 minutes, so I only had 15 minutes to find the cliff and save her from her death.

My brain lurched at the thought. What would I do if I didn't make it in time? I didn't even know. I had tried not to consider the worst, but what if the worst happened. I could try and get on with my "life" for my family's sake. That would be easier said than done. I could roam alone for a while, but I was sure that the loneliness would be unbearable, and every single moment, every thought would be about her.

Or I could find the easy way out. Well, easy hypothetically. I could find a way to kill myself. Although I already knew how I would do it, as vampire suicide was nearly impossible. But I had discussed it last year, and even told Bella about it. Of course Bella had been disgusted, I smiled at the happy memory, when the times were happier than it was now. She made me promise that I would never do that. I couldn't make any promises now though.

Maybe Carlisle would be right about the afterlife for the immortals. In a way, I hoped he was, and then I could be with Bella forever.

So it was decided. If I never got to her in time, then to Volterra I would go.