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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

I own nothing of this. The characters are all Stephenie Meyer's. Please review, it makes my day.

5. Thoughts

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Edward's POV

I'd already established what I would do if I didn't make it in time. I gulped at the very thought. My Bella, dead, because of me. I knew that my family would say it wasn't because of me, but I knew better. Of course it was because of me. I had seen her face, first-hand, when I'd uttered the black lies. I had seen the last shred of hope die inside her, the heartbreak glaze her eyes. The pain that was clearly visible was enough to crush my world. She was my world. And I pushed her to this. By breaking every promise I had vowed to her, she was going to take her own life. I had wanted her to move on, to protect her; but instead, I had killed her myself.

I remembered that dark moment, when I had hurt Bella more than humanly possible. When her soft face crumpled, her heart shatter into pieces, her warm chocolate eyes die and the life got sucked out of them. She was so beautiful, but I had reduced her to what I hated to see. Her in pain. I would of killed anyone who done that to her, who had made her feel that anguish and I couldn't believe it was me who had done that. It surprised me how quickly she had believed me. After thousands of times telling her how much she had meant to me, and then a few mere words and she believed me. I thought I would have to lie for hours. And then I left her, alone in the forest. She had tried to reach for me, but I rejected her, her act of love. I remembered the feeling of frustration, that I wanted to stay with her, to hold her in my arms - but I couldn't.

I felt like killing myself right now. My heart ached, the emptiness overwhelming my body. It would be worse if she wasn't even in this world. I gasped at the truth of my own thoughts. Of course, it would be even worse. My own pain would be unbearable. That's why if I didn't save my Bella in time, I would have to go to Volterra. I hoped my family wouldn't think of me as selfish for doing it. I hoped they would understand; understand that I couldn't live in a world without her, even if I couldn't be with her.

The realisation of the situation hit me even harder, pushing me faster than before, faster than ever before. No one would see me if they glimpsed at me, only the sharp breeze and the green leaves blur and rustle, and the twigs and branches snap violently. I didn't care if anyone saw me; I had a job to do. I didn't have to concentrate on my surroundings whilst running, so I found myself thinking about her even more. Her soft white face, her chocolate brown eyes, her dark brown hair with the subtleness of red entwined. And her personality, which consequently made me fall deeper in love with her. Her clumsiness, her bravery, her love, her deep thoughts, her loyalty, her hate towards double standards. A small chuckle slipped through my lips at that fond memory, how she would lose her temper with me, the way she believed herself to be a tiger yet she was only a defenceless kitten.

Shock rattled through me at the sound of my own laughter. I hadn't heard it in months. I was involuntarily laughing at my love. Esme would have rejoiced at the sound. Ah Esme. My mother. I couldn't bear to think of how this would hurt her, if I did have to go to Italy. I thought about what I would say to her. Esme, Mom, I love you. More than you can imagine. You have helped me through the dark times and been with me in the good. I know this will hurt you, but I love her. I hope you can understand.

I sighed at the memory of my family, what I was to lose if I failed today. I glanced at my watch, if Alice's prediction was right, although when were they not, Bella would jump in around 4 minutes - at this speed I would get there in 10.

The panic swept through me. I had to get there on time, both of our lives depended on it. I pushed myself even further. If I had a heart, it would be pushing through my ribcage now, breaking it and out of my body. Although, I was already broken. Broken with the guilt and memories. I had caused this, and I had to try and fix it. I wondered what would have happened if I had stayed. How different would our lives be? Surely, we would still be together and happy. The guilt got worse and I felt like my brain was going to combust. Maybe, maybe not, I told myself. There was a reason I left her; it was to save her from myself, from our kind. If I'd stayed with her, the end would be obvious. One of us would kill her, and I couldn't live with myself knowing I could of done something about it. So I did do something about it, I left. And it was probably the worst mistake of my life.

I was close now, I could feel it. I wondered what would happen if I did get there on time. Maybe they were right, Carlisle and Emmett, maybe I wouldn't have the strength to leave again. In fact, I knew I wouldn't. As soon as I would see that perfect girl, the true love, I would never want to leave her side. I would protect her from anything, but I would not be strong enough to walk away. Not if she still loved me.

I shuddered. What if she didn’t? She might hate me for all I knew. I had put her through hell, maybe even ruined her life. That would crush me- if she didn’t love me. But I would walk away, give her her life. I would always wait in the wings, hoping for the day she would search for me, want me again - for all of eternity.

I could hardly see the trees as I whipped past them. And before I knew it, I was coming out of them, out of the clearing. I could smell the distinct smell of werewolf, and realised I would have to cross the treaty line to save her, but I didn't care. I had to try. Afterwards, they could kill me if I didn't manage to save her, I wouldn't put up a fight. So with a deep breath, I soldiered on.

I could see the sea now. I ran along the path to find the cliff, the true panic setting in, but also the determination. I ran and ran, not knowing where to stop, until the scene began to look familiar. It was starting to resemble Alice's vision, so I knew I was close. I urged myself to run faster, to find my Bella.I sprinted until the scene looked identical. I glanced at my watch again, was I too late?

I stared at the cliff top, until I realised my eyes were not deceiving me. The cliff top was empty.