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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

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6. Heartbeat

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Edward's POV

It was one of those moments. The moments where you find yourself feeling like you’re in a dream. And in that dream, you can't move. You're frozen in the very spot where you're standing. No matter how much you try to move, will yourself to move, it's no use - you're stuck.

I was in that sort of situation. My mind was racing. I knew what I had to do. I had to jump in the water and try and save her. Stop her from dying. But I couldn't find the strength to move. My emotions had died inside me; I felt nothing - except the urge to wake up from the dream. I knew I wasn't dreaming, but it was like what I expected dreams to be like. I heard these were the worst sorts of dreams. You're either stuck and trying desperately to move or you're running for something but can never catch up. I couldn't even flicker my eyes to spot her. I was frozen, like my dead body.

An annoying vibration woke me up from the terrible dream. It took a second to snap out of it and I quickly reached in my pocket for the source of the interruption. I pulled out my cell phone and flicked it open. It was Alice.

"Edward! Edward!" she called down the phone."Look, you've got to hurry up, you can't just stand there. Help her for god sake! Look, we're coming - "

I snapped the phone shut before she had a chance to finish. It was the wake up call I needed. My hands shook at the horrible outcome this could end in. I scanned the area, desperately trying to find where she was. I resolved that the best way was to jump in myself and search for her. I threw my jacket off, and then tore my t-shirt until it landed in a heap on the floor. I simultaneously kicked my shoes off and ran to the cliff edge. I couldn't see her in the water, which only meant that she must have sunk. Good God! I muttered.

I dove into the black water, not caring about leaving my top, shoes and phone lying on the ground up there. I noticed the difference in temperature as soon as I hit the water. Of course, it didn't matter much to me, I couldn't tell if it was cold or not. But to Bella, this must of been freezing. I took a deep breath, although not necessary to assist me in swimming, but seemed to calm me slightly.

My mind was to distracted to think much of Bella properly. I didn't think of the outcome if I couldn't find her. The only thought I had was to swim and to search. Those were the only two important things. I dunked into the water and swam deeper and deeper into the depths of the black water. My eyes adjusted quickly to it, and the salt never irritated them, like they would to a human. And the taste was bearable, but made my tongue tingle. It was a bit like when I would kiss her tears, only more pungent.

I tried to hear for gasping or breathing. Normal signs for when someone was drowning. My heart ached involuntarily at the word. I couldn't bear to think of Bella dying this way, dying at all in fact. My ears scanned out for any sign of life, to help me find her. I heard nothing. I tried for her scent, her heartbeat, but again found nothing. This was a very bad sign; this could mean that she was already....

NO! Do not think of that yet. Find her first! I screamed at myself. The panic began to set in as I realised every moment, every second I tried to look for her could be her last on this Earth. I memorised her face, her too beautiful face and that single thought pushed me on.

It was times like these that I truly realised how much I loved her. Before, of course I knew I did, but now, it was something more. Like my whole life, my whole existence relied on this one girl. Before her, I would have criticised any vampire stupid enough to do this, although maybe I was the only vampire stupid enough. After Bella, I didn’t criticise anyone for their love, who they fell in love with. I now understood that it was involuntary. Falling in love was just that, falling. You couldn’t stop it, no matter how much you wanted to and at first I really didn’t want to. All the bad things were irrelevant now – I simply didn’t care. The bad things made our lives too. Our love was true, pure. She was the perfect other half, the one, my soul mate. It was my destiny to find her. And I would never change one second of our blissful four months and half together. It turned out to be the very best of existence. I loved her, and no amount of time was going to change that.

I delved deeper into the depths until I heard something my ears were craving to hear. A single, muffled heartbeat. It was much slower than normal, and the variation was muddled. It was going at a very slow pace, like her heart was beginning to give up, like she was giving up. She couldn't give up. I wouldn't give up.

That's when I saw her. She was floating only slightly just above the seabed. I couldn't comprehend why her heart was still beating this far beneath the water. I thought that it was maybe a miracle, a blessing from God, protecting his angel. Her face was skinnier than before and there were dark purple bags under her eyes. She looked terrible, yet still beautiful. I raced to swim to her, to hold her in my arms. I picked her up, and began to swim to the surface.

Beneath my panic and worry, I felt happy. Happy that she was back into my arms that we were finally together again. I broke the surface with her still in my arms and I took another breath. I stared at Bella, gaunt in my arms and urged her to stay alive.

"Bella! Bella." I screamed at her.

I couldn't lose her now. I had finally truly realised how much I needed her in my life and I couldn't lose her now. Her heartbeat was getting quieter and slower and I knew that soon it would stop. I began to swim to the shore and talked to her while I did.

"Bella, I’m so sorry. I should never have left you. I love you. I was stupid to think I could go on without you, I was stupid. I love you so much. Please Bella, please, don't leave me. I need you."

I felt like I was crying. I was at the shore by now and was laying her on the sand.

“Bella. Can you hear me? Bella. I love you more than anything. More than anyone has ever loved anyone. You need to stay with me, for me. I need you. You are my life.”

"Edward." She croaked, so quietly I wasn't sure if it was her or just a figure of my imagination. But it gave me hope. It gave me hope for exactly 11 seconds. As after 11 seconds, her heart gave out it's last beat.