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Cliff face.

What If Edward was with his family when Alice had the important vision? Would he save Bella from her death? While you're waiting, why not leave a review? :D Chapter 18 up for validation!!!!

I own nothing of this. The characters are all Stephenie Meyer's. Please review, it makes my day.

9. Dream

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Edward POV

I exhaled sharply and swivelled around. I stared at the sound and the look of disbelief on Jacob. He wiped the salty tears from his eyes and pushed his arm up to lean on it. We stood there for sometime, simply staring at her. I welcomed the sound more than any other in the world. It seemed that my world had meaning once again.

I counted the increasing beat of her heart. It was beating again, only slowly, but still beating. I snapped my mouth shut, letting my teeth crunch loudly. I sighed, and stood incredulous as I soon realized that the utter agony was slowly evaporating from my body. It was being replaced with love and a huge amount of happiness. I stood, in absolute hope, waiting for her eyes to flicker open.

Bella POV

I was in a strange dream. I was simply sitting. I was sitting in a large, open field that was filled with daisies and a small pond in the centre. It had lily pads hovering above the clear water, and the purity surprised me. It was cleaner than I thought ever imaginable. I could see right at the bottom of it. I gazed around me, and realized that this beautiful place reminded me of the meadow. It didn’t particularly look like it, but it still held the perfect symmetry and beauty. The sky was a perfect cloudless blue; something I had not seen in a long time and the heat lingered on my pale skin.

I looked down myself and instantly recognized the dark blue blouse that Edward had complimented many a time. My hair was in loose ringlets, the sun emphasising the red in it. I sighed in bliss but could not help the feeling of impatience. It felt as if I was waiting for something, but I wasn’t totally sure what. I also could not remove the feeling of loneliness. I contemplated that perhaps I was impatient for someone to arrive but could not think who it was. I scratched my scalp, as if this would somehow hold the cure of my curiosity.

I sighed and sat, waiting, trying to be patient when I felt a sharp pain above my left breast. I gasped at the pain and clutched at my chest. My breathing was becoming more deliberate and forced as the pain increased. I curled my legs up to my chest as I clasped at my heart. Was it meant to hurt like this? My breathing was now shallow and my vision blurred around the edges. My body felt as if I was disappearing. I tried to fight it, I wanted to stay here – it was so much better than the world I had just left behind.

In the distance, I gazed as one tree slowly faded until it was gone. Then a few flowers, another tree and then the small pond faded. All my surroundings were disappearing as I cried out in disbelief. I didn’t want to leave. Everything in the field was gone, apart from me and then I succumbed into darkness.

I could feel myself and I could hear small sounds around me, but the whole world was dark. There was no light, not even a flicker. I tried to cry, but tears evaded me.

Please, God. Please let me go I prayed.

The darkness would not be removed but I could hear voices in the distance. I felt as if they were talking to me, or at least about me. The sharp pain in my chest was gone but my emptiness was still there. I attempted to make light but it wouldn’t work. I tried to move my arms but it wouldn’t work.

When I feared most that I could not escape, I tried to flicker my eyes. And when doing so, the light flooded back into my world. I groaned as it stung my eyes and my throat ached. I looked above and saw the black clouds making a barrier from the wondrous sun.

I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened them again, to find two eyes staring back at me.