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Cullen Girls Cheerleading Tryouts

Alice and Rosalie are tired of the cheerleaders getting all the attetion so they decide to try out for the cheerleading team!


1. Vision

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"Come on Rosalie. Let's go!"

Rosalie was just staring at the group of Forks High School cheerleaders, who are surrounded by a group of boys. She just wishes she could have that much attetion.


"Look Alice." Rosalie said staying at a poster that says Cheerleading Tryouts Next Friday

Rosalie turns to me; eyebrows raised. "Oh my gosh! Alice me and you should totally tryout!"


"Because you know me and you are able to do everything they can. And you know Jasper and Emmett would love the cheerleading outfits we would wear."

"Hmm...well it does sound like fun, I suppose. Besides it is something different."

"Yes!" Rosalie cheered jumping up and down clapping.


"Come on Alice let's go." Rosalie said looking back at me and heading towards Edward's Volvo.

"Hey Rosalie?"

I think I should just tell her since it's gonna happen tomorrow.

"Hmm?" She said sadly.

"Well..." I chickened out and said. "Since Edward is going with Bella do you wanna drive?" Handing her Edward's keys.

"Sure." She said sliding into the drivers seat. Everyone was in there seats now.

"What's wrong Rose?" Emmett said worried.

"Huh...? Oh nothing."

"Are you sure?" Emmett repiled.

"Yeah i'm fine don't worry about me."

Should Rose and I really try out for the cheerleading squad? I mean I know I want to. And I know Jasper would love the outfit.

Well I guess Rose and I are trying out for the cheerleading squad tomorrow. Hmm...Were gonna need to go shopping!

Rose pulls into the garage; just before she opens her door I grab her shoulder.

"Alice! Get off of me!" She yelled.

"Rosalie do you wanna go shopping?" I asked raising my eyebrows and showing a big smile.

"Hmm...it does sound like fun; sure."

"Fabulous! By the way, were shopping for cheerleading clothes."

She turns her head towards me eyes wide and mouth open.