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Cullen Girls Cheerleading Tryouts

Alice and Rosalie are tired of the cheerleaders getting all the attetion so they decide to try out for the cheerleading team!


2. Shopping

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"Rosalie?" I asked shocked at how her face looked; I almost thought she didn't want to go anymore but then she answer me.

"What did you say Alice?!" She almost yelled.

"Well...I had a vision of you and I staring at the Forks Cheerleading Tryouts poster in the hall, and you suggested that we should tryout which means were gonna need clothes to tryout in. So drive!"

"Oh my gosh! Alice really?" She yelled surprised.

"Yes but if you don't want to anymore I understand." I said putting my hand on the door knob. She grabbed my shoulder.

"What are you talking about; ' I changed my mind' stay were you are women! Were goin shopping!" She yelled backing out of the garage and speeding down the drive way, down the highway.

When we arrived in the mall Rosalie and I decided to go somewhere simple yet still fashion foward. We entered the store and walked over to where we found solid color shirts. Rosalie grabbed a white one that fitted her form well; while I got a solid baby blue one.

We then started walking towards the shorts isle when we say Jessica and Angela their sorting through the shorts. Rosalie and I strolled over.

"Hey Jessica, Angela! What a surprise!" I giggled.

"Oh! Rosalie, Alice Hi?" Jessica said surprised.

"Hi?" Angela said.

"So what are you doing here?" Rosalie asked with a sour edge.

"Umm...well we needed to get a pair of shorts for tomorrow's cheerleading tryouts." Jessica said.

"Oh really? That's so funny were trying out to!" I laughed.

"You are?" Jessica demanded.

"We both are." Rosalie said in her sour tone. I grabbed Rosalie's arm and toward to the other side of the rack and said, "Yes so we better get going. See you tomorrow!"

"Umm...Bye?" Angela said.

"Bye." Jessica said, and they walked away towards the shoes.

"Hmph." Rosalie said looking at them.

"Anyways we should get our shorts and be on our why now then. Shall we?" I asked handing her a pair of solid black M.J. soffe shorts. Rosalie took them and she grabbed another pair and handed them to me; I took them and she said,

"We shall. And we also shall teach them what a really cheerleader is!" She said raising her hand for a high five.

I laughed. "Well then let's go!"