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Cullen Girls Cheerleading Tryouts

Alice and Rosalie are tired of the cheerleaders getting all the attetion so they decide to try out for the cheerleading team!


3. Family Matter

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After Rosalie and I finished shopping for the clothes we decided we might as well get some new tennis shoes so we wouldn't catch notice. To me I only would wear tennis shoes when it was time for gym, but for this matter they also needed. We walked into Finish Line and both got a pair of light weighted Nike shoes. We then got back in the car and made our way home.


"Well...didn't see that one coming." Emmett said laughing.

"So you two wanna be cheerleaders?" Edward asked.

"Yes Edward, as a matter of fact we do. Why not do something fun once in a while?" Rosalie said

Edward laughed. "Well I don't think its a good idea, and I think Carlisle would agree with me."


Hmm...It seems were going to have to take this converstation very seriously and make them support us. I already know Jasper won't have a problem with it, Emmett would find it funny somehow, and Edward would agree with whatever Carlisle says.

We pulled into the garage and say Edward standing at the wall. We got out and walked towards him.

"Where and why did you take my car!" He yelled.

"Relax Eddie...We were in a hurry and happened to be in your car when that hurry came." Rosalie said. It surprised when she didn't yell back, I should have seen this coming but I've been to busy thinking of the cheerleading tryouts.

"Your what!?" Edward yelled. Ugh! I totally forgot he was listening!

"Yes Edward as a matter of fact Rosalie and I have decided to tryout for the Forks Cheerleading Squad." I thought.

"Why?" He asked surprised.

"Well...Umm." I said because honestly I didn't really know. I just had a vision of Rosalie asking me to tryout with her and I know we needed to go shopping if we were going to tryout.

"So this is Rosalie's idea?" Edward askd unsurprised; raising his eyebrows at Rosalie and crossing his arms across his chest.

"No! Alice told me we were going shopping for cheerleading clothes. Then she told me about her vision...Okay I suppose this is my idea." Rosalie said pointing her finger at Edward and shaking her head.

"I don't think thats a good idea."

"I didn't ask you for your opinion." Rosalie said with an angry tone.

"Alright, but I think Carlisle would agree with me." He said with a smile grin on his face.

"Relax Rosalie." I said looking up at her raising my eyebrows.

She took a deep breath. "Gosh always melodramatic." I said turning my head and walking past Edward and Rosalie towards the house.

Edward, Rosalie, and I walked into the living room and found Emmett and Jasper playing Guitar Hero. I heard Esme upstairs skteching in her room. Rosalie walked over to Emmett to stand in front of him.

"Hello? Babe your blocking my view! Don't you want me to win?" Emmett nearly yelled; trying to look past her to see the T.V.

"Guess what? Alice and I are trying out for the cheerleading squad." She said calmly looking at Emmett.

"What?!" Emmett and Jasper yelled looking at Rosalie and I.

"Yes you heard me." Rosalie said looking at both of them.

"Well thats alright with me, but I'm kind of surprised." Emmett said turning back to his game.

"Well it's about time to have a little fun." She said with a small smile.

"I think it's a bad idea...I mean what if you have to lift someone; your cold hands." Edward said trailing off.

"Shut up!" Rosalie yelled looking at Edward.


"Well Carlisle what do you think? Do you think it's okay for Alice and I to tryout?" Rosalie asked Carlisle in his office.

"Well I see no problem...Just remember to be nice and try not to get into trouble with the other girls." Carlisle said with a smile.

"Oh, thank you Carlisle!" Rosalie said clapping her hands and jumping up and down.


"Well looks like were trying out tomorrow Rosalie. Carlisle has no problem with it." I said looking back at Rosalie.

"Yes!" She yelled running up to her room.