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**Vampires and Wolves- Happy Holidays**

I glanced over at the place where the bloodsucker was. He was still facing the other direction. I didn't know why, but this seriously frustrated me. I wanted to see his face. Why did I want to see his face? Nine years after Breaking Dawn, the werewolf pack has gotten much bigger. When one werewolf girl, Harley, imprints on a vampire, everything begins to fall apart.


2. Shopping and News

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Two days passed. I stayed at the leech cave, much to my displeasure. I slept in Edward’s old room; he now lived in his own cottage with Bella. “So,” I said to Rosalie one morning, trying to be nice. “You fix good food for people who don’t eat.” She faked a smile. “You don’t want me here,” I said. “I don’t want to be here either, if that helps.” She smiled. This time, it wasn’t fake. “I’m… surprised,” Rosalie said. “About you and Ben.” I poked at my eggs with a fork. “That’s a shock,” I mumbled. Rosalie frowned. “Cheer up,” she said. “It’s all okay.” I smiled and ate my eggs. Rosalie watched me with amusement. “I don’t know how you eat that stuff,” she said. “It smells disgusting.” I grinned. “It’s human food,” I said. “What do you expect?”

“Edward,” I said later, after breakfast. “Does Ben know?” I asked. Edward shook his head. “No, but Emmett and Jacob have been dropping hints.” I growled. The leech and my Alpha trying to mess things up. Great. I hissed. “Make them stop,” I said sternly. Edward saluted. “Be careful,” he said, grinning. “Boys are tricky. Especially vampire and werewolf ones.” I rolled my eyes. He couldn’t criticize, he was a tricky leech. “I’m also a mind reading leech.” I hated it when he read my mind. “And I hate it when you think mean things,” he said. “I’m so incredibly revolting when I act this way.” I grinned. “Yes,” I said. “And you could stop by not saying everything that pops into someone else’s head.” “I’ll try,” Edward said. I hissed and walked out of the room toward where Alice was.

“Alice?” I called. “Can we go shopping? I need to.” Alice grinned so largely the grin shouldn’t have fit on her face. “Yes we can,” she said. “It’ll be fun!” We ran outside, passing Ben in our hurry. “Shopping with Alice,” I explained as I ran past him. Alice and I got in her Porsche and she took off. “126 miles per hour?” I asked once we were on the road, raising an eyebrow at her. She smiled, still looking at the road. “Cullens like going fast,” she said simply. I understood. We were in Port Angeles in ten minutes. “Alice,” I said once we were in a parking spot. “Where are we shopping?” “Follow me,” Alice said. We walked over to a very expensive-looking store. “You can afford this?” I asked, confused. She grinned. “Money is only an object in the Cullen family, which you have joined.” I joined the Cullen family? When did I join the Cullen family? Oh, probably when I imprinted on Ben.

We walked into the store. Alice ran over to the display window. She grabbed a purse. “How much is this bag?” she asked. “Oh, only one hundred fifty dollars. Pocket change.” Wow. The Cullens really were rich. I picked up a sleeveless red dress that came with a matching purse and jewelry. “Oh, this is cute,” I said. Then I saw the price tag. “I don’t have enough money to buy it… not by a long shot.” Alice waltzed over. “Oh, five hundred dollars for the set? Harley, I’ll cover it. I’ll buy you anything you want.” I grinned. “Why are we standing here? We should be shopping!” Alice squealed and I started picking out the most beautiful outfits I could find. Alice had her gigantic pile, and I had mine. There was probably a million dollars worth of stuff in our piles. Alice really was a sister to me now; so was Rosalie and I could even call Edward a brother, no matter how much I didn’t want to. Alice laughed. “Have we picked out enough for this store?” she asked me. This store? There was more? Where was I going to keep all this?

We picked up our piles and walked over to the cashier. He was a French man; the kind you’d expect to see on the cover of a fashion designer magazine, holding his latest creation. He started scanning every article of clothing, every piece of jewelry, every purse. We hadn’t bought shoes or hair accessories yet… “Okay, Harley,” Alice said, watching the man put our things in bags. “We’re going to get shoes now, then casual day wear.” I grinned. “Fifteen thousand one hundred twenty three dollars and ninety four cents,” the cashier said. How could the Cullens afford her shopping sprees? Alice had already written the check. “Psychic leech,” I mumbled to myself. I coughed and started to speak in my normal volume of voice again. “Where am I going to keep all this?” I asked Alice. She grinned. “At the house Esme is building you,” she explained. “It’s for you… and for Ben.” I grinned. “Then let’s go get shoes!”

We dumped our dresses in Alice’s car and ran to the shoe store down the street. Ten minutes later, we were back at the Porsche, trying to fit our packages in her car. “Is there any more room for casual clothes?” I asked, stuffing shoe boxes in the back seat. Alice laughed. “Yeah, there is,” she said, and we ran down the street, laughing.

After we were done shopping, we stuffed the rest of our bags in the Porsche. She opened the front door and a pile of shoe boxes fell into the front. “Jeez,” I said. “We bought too much.” Alice smiled. “I’ve never shopped this much in one spree. Usually, I take Bella and Rosalie against their will.” We were back at the Cullen house in ten minutes. I opened the car door and several shoe boxes fell out. Edward walked outside, glaring. “You’ve never had a fifty-thousand dollar shopping spree, Alice,” he said flatly. She grinned. “Sorry, Edward,” she said. “We got carried away.” Emmett appeared from around the door. “What’d you buy, Alice?” he asked. I opened the back door. Several shoe boxes fell out. Emmett raised an eyebrow at me. Then Ben appeared. “Hey,” I said, grinning. He frowned. “Esme won’t show me my house,” he said. I frowned.

“Alice,” I whispered. “Tell him. Please.” She drifted over to where Ben was and pulled him over to the garden. I started unloading bags. “Wow,” Edward said. “How did you fit all those packages in that little Porsche?” I rolled my eyes. “It was hard.” Alice drifted over. “He knows,” she whispered in my ear. I gave her a hug. Wow, she was cold. Ben walked over to me. “Wow,” he said. “I never thought…” I frowned. “You don’t like me?” I asked. He shook his head. “I do,” he said. “You’re… very warm. And you’re… beautiful.” I giggled and blushed. He smiled. “When will our house be ready?” he asked Edward. Edward shrugged. “Two… three days tops.” I glanced toward the woods behind the Cullen house. “How does Esme work so fast?” Edward shrugged. “She‘s has a wonderful touch,” he said.

Ben and I walked around to the garden. He lightly plucked a pink flower and handed it to me. I didn’t know how Esme grew these flowers in such a sunless environment, but she did. I loved the flower Ben had given me; it was beautiful. I sat down and held the flower close. It was really the best day of my life.