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A New Dawn

The Cullens make some new friends... A story about what happens after Breaking Dawn... New characters and old characters... Have fun reading :)

Okay this story was kinda hard to write. I'm very much Team Jacob and it was hard to write about someone who doesn't have a problem with Edward. But hey, I stuck with it and here we go... one awesome story.

1. Chapter 1

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Jaq pounced on the deer and pulled it down to the ground. She made a face as she drained the blood. She hated this part of being a vampire. She hated that her body compelled her to survive on the life of other creatures. In her human life she had been a full vegetarian, now that was an impossibility.

Suddenly she looked up, her nostrils flaring. There was someone nearby. She stood up quickly and smelt the air again. It didn’t smell human. It smelt like… like another vampire.

She tensed and scanned the area around her. Then she saw him.

He was a very pale man, dressed in a doctor’s uniform. He was walking towards her at vampire speed from the house at the bottom of the hill. She took a step back in alarm. He reached her in less than a minute.

“Hello.” He greeted her politely. She tensed, frozen with fear. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He assured her.

Jaq still couldn’t speak. She watched the colours of his aura sparkle. It was a creamy white without even a tinge of red. It was very similar to Nathan’s. It was a safe aura – he’d never killed anyone. But she’d been wrong before.

“W-who are you?” She stammered.

“Would you like to come down to the house and I’ll explain it to you there.” She didn’t feel like she had a choice.

“O-okay.” She stammered. He has a nice aura, he should be okay… she tried to assure herself. It didn’t work.

They walked down at vampire speed to the house and he opened the door for her. She walked inside and he shut it behind him.

“Could you just wait here a second,” He asked politely. “I just want to take my work clothes off.”

“S-sure…” She murmured before he left up the stairs.

She stood still in the deserted hallway. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. She had been wrong about auras before. She shuddered as she remembered what that had resulted in... A pixie haired girl of about the same height as her skipped down the stairs and hugged her enthusiastically. Jaq froze.

“Hi,” The girl grinned. “I’m Alice.” Her aura was a bright sparkly pink with green shimmers and a tiny red tinge.

“Try not to scare her too much Alice.” Warned the brunette from behind her. “Not everyone is used to your manic behaviour.” She turned to Jaq, smiling. “Sorry about her, she absolutely refuses to respect anyone else’s personal space. Anyway … Hey, I’m Bella.”

“Hey …” Jaq mumbled, taken aback. She frowned, anxious. She couldn’t see Bella’s aura. Not at all. That had never happened before. It worried her.

“I see you’ve met Alice and Bella.” The doctor man was back. He was now accompanied by another female vampire. She had blonde hair and a creamy coloured aura which also had a tiny red tinge at the edges. It almost matched the doctor man’s aura and was a clear description of her very kind face.

“Hello,” The female smiled warmly. “I’m Esme and this is Carlisle, my husband.” She indicated to the doctor man.

“Hello…” Jaq said quietly.

The front door opened and in came a bronze haired male vampire. He headed straight for Bella and held her hand. His aura was as blue as the top Bella was wearing. The red in it was much more potent than Alice’s or Esme’s. He was followed in by a huge bear like male and attached to his arm was a beautiful blonde female. They both had greeny yellow auras with red tinge. One more male with blonde curly hair came after them and shut the door behind him. He walked over to Alice and wrapped his arms around her. His aura was a dark green with a hidden red. It was very different to Alice’s but also had a pink shimmer the same shade as hers as if they we connected on a spiritual level.

“Who do we have here then?” The bear like male asked with a grin.

“I…errr…” Jaq stammered. She didn’t feel safe here. Not at all.

“This is Jaq.” Alice said bubbily. Jaq’s mouth dropped open. How did she know her name? “She’s the one I told you about. Remember, Jasper?”

The curly blonde nodded and looked over to Jaq, scrutinising her. She could almost feel the beads of sweat that would’ve popped out on her forehead when she was human.

“This is Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett and Edward.” Carlisle introduced them all in turn.

Jaq was frozen with fear. She’d never been in the company of so many vampires.

“Oh,” The bronze male, Edward said looking up with a frown. “We’re scaring her. There’s too many of us.”

“Oh dear,” Carlisle exclaimed kindly. He looked to the others “Maybe you should all find something else to do for a little while.” They nodded and began to walk away. Alice waved ecstatically as she was guided towards the stairs by Jasper, and the bear like male, Emmett grinned impishly before leaving with Rosalie, the blonde female. Esme gave a kind smile and left the room. Carlisle, Edward and Bella stayed. They still outnumbered her three to one but she felt more comfortable – not totally though.

“Would you like to come into the lounge?” Carlisle asked.Jaq nodded hesitantly. She still didn’t feel quite at ease.

They walked through the hallway and through the first door on the right. It was a very nice house with a pastel colour scheme.

“I…ermm…like your house.”“Thank you,” Carlisle smiled. “It was Esme’s design.”

“It’s very nice.”

He sat on the sofa and Bella and Edward sat in the loveseat next to it. Carlisle indicated for her to sit down. She hesitantly sat on the edge of the armchair furthest away from the others.

“How did …. Alice…. know who I was?” Jaq asked quietly.Edward frowned.

“I told her to act sane. I knew she would frighten her.”

“Alice has that effect on everyone.” Bella laughed at him then turned to Jaq. “She can see the future. She saw you coming.”

“She can see the future?” “Yeah, but it can change though, depending on the decisions people make.” Bella explained. “We almost thought you weren’t going to come at one point.”

“She saw me coming?” This scared her a little. What else could these people do?!

“Yeah, she saw the others with you too…” Bella trailed off confused. “Say, where are the others?”

Jaq’s mind flicked to a picture of Connor. She hoped he was okay.

“They’re… at the bed and breakfast still.” She said unwillingly.

“Keeping up appearances.” Carlisle nodded. It was a statement not a question.

Jaq’s mind flickered back to Connor. He should be asleep now - unless of course he was having nightmares again. She should be with him really. Not here with these…people…

“No...” Edward murmured. “Not for appearances. One of them is …. Human.”

Jaq looked up at him shocked. How did he do that? It was almost as if he could hear what she was thinking.

“I can hear you thinking.” He smiled apologetically.


“I’m a mind reader.” Eeek… So now they had a psychic and a mind reader. She was getting more and more nervous by the minute.

“Human?” Asked Carlisle shocked.“He’s … my nephew.” No point in lying if they had a mind reader.“Your biological nephew?”She nodded.“So you must be quite young then?”

“Just three years.”

Bella smiled. “I’m only two.”

Jaq frowned. She was still worried about Bella’s invisible aura. She could see everybody’s aura. Alive or dead… She didn’t like not being able to see it. It made her feel uncomfortable. Why couldn’t she see it?

“You can’t see it?” Edward asked her.

She shook her head nervously. The other two frowned confused.

“What Edward?” Bella asked.

“Jaq sees people’s auras.” He explained. “She can see all of ours except… yours.” He frowned looking at Bella speculatively. “I wonder…” He murmured.

“Do you think it has something to do with my shield?” Bella asked him. Jaq raised her eyebrows. Shield? What was this? Lord of the Rings?

Edward smiled. “Bella has a mental shield. She can stop people using their powers on her mind. For instance, right now, I can’t hear what she’s thinking.”

“Until I lift my shield.” She added, he smile mirroring his.

“You think her shield is blocking Jaq, Edward?” Carlisle asked.

“I’m certain.”

“Shall I try lifting it off?” Bella asked.

Edward nodded. “If you would, love.”

Bella’s face filled with concentration for a moment and suddenly Jaq could see her aura. It was a light blue colour, almost the same shade as Edward’s just without the red. She relaxed. None of them had too bad auras. They looked like they should be nice people.

“You have nothing to be afraid of.” Edward smiled. “None of us are going to hurt you.”

Jaq smiled tentatively. She was starting to believe that. Slowly.

“Can you like tell things about people by their aura?” Bella asked. Jaq nodded.

“What can you tell about me?” She lifted her shield again. Jaq hesitated. She tended to get into it a bit when she did this...

“Ermm, you’ve never killed anyone, you feel things really deeply. You’re probably quite prone to clumsiness – or at least you were when you were human. You seem to be connected to… Edward on some spiritual level like… Alice and Jasper. You also hold love for two other people.” She frowned in concentration. She liked doing this though, she felt herself relaxing and getting into it. “No not two - three. A different kind of love though – a family love. Actually it was probably something more at one point with one of them. Not anymore though… You worry a lot too. About your family. At the moment you’re anxious about something. I’m not sure what… a family member maybe…? Oh I’m sorry I’m going on a bit aren’t I?” She bit her lip embarassed.

“Wow.” Bella whispered, gaping.

“Was I right?” She asked. It was always helpful to check she was reading it right.

“Dead on.”

Jaq smiled. Mabye these people weren’t so bad.

“That’s an impressive talent.” Edward noted.


“Renesmee and Jacob should be getting back soon.” Bella noted, looking at her watch.

“I should probably get back.” Jaq said. “They’ll be wondering where I am.”

They all stood up and walked to the front door. There was no sign of the others.

Carlisle looked over to Jaq. “Are you planning to stay in the area long?” He asked. “I know the others would love to meet you properly.”

“Ermm, I don’t know.” Jaq answered, trying to avoid a definite answer. She still wasn’t completely sure she could trust them. “We haven’t decided yet. We’ve just been looking around.”

“Well, do bring the other two over. It’s so rare that we meet new people we don’t have to lie to.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Jaq said before she sprinted off.