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Like the shining silver stars...

happenings in twilight-breaking dawn are still in effect except that there is an extra character. Damien Cullen is forever 16 and Edwards little broth er. The marked warriors of the Shoshone tribe have kept their existence a secret for centuries. They are a group of mythical warriors who possess supernatural abilities used only to protect human life. They are very strong and very powerful. They possess unnatural beauty and amazing intellect in order to lure in they’re enemies and destroy them. But they’re all old legends right? Meet Lilly White, a sixteen year old girl from California, who wants nothing more than for all the legends to disappear. Although she is only half Shoshone, she is still bullied in school for being a freak, as are the rest of her Shoshone family. No one dares to speak to her or even desires to be her friend. She is the school freak. When her dad moves them to Seattle, she hopes that she can start over new and finally make some friends. In her new school, she meets the mysterious Damien Cullen and is instantly drawn to him. Its like nothing she has ever felt before; so strong and new. Can she tell him the truth about the legends that surround her family, or will he shun her away too? Can she seriously tell him, if she doesn’t even believe them herself? Soon enough she is swept up in Damien’s world of secrets. She knows he’s hiding something from her, and she’s determined to figure it out. But is she safe in his world? The summary is not that great, i know, but the story is much better so give it a read :) Also there is no such thing as the marked, it is purely fiction. leave me some reviews, they're greatly appreciated :)

Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer, I'm just an obsessed fan :):):)

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter one-

“It’s time
to say goodbye Lilly.” My father, David White, muttered. He was tall and slender, but he had a good
build. He had dark brown hair and eyes
to match.

“I know.” I
ran my fingers over the coarse gray stone in front of me. I traced the deeply
engraved letters that spelled out my mothers name; Aiyanna White. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the
cream colored seashell that I had stashed there earlier. I pushed its fan shape into the dirt ever so
gently. I took a deep breath and got up
to my feet. “Goodbye mom. I love you.” I whispered. I tried to wipe the dirt off the knees in my
jeans, but it seemed permanently embedded.

This was
the last time I would be able to visit my mom for a while. My father had gotten a transfer to
Seattle. All they way from sunny San
Diego to cloudy Seattle. What a
relief. I hated the sun.

I tried to
remember the last time I had loved the sun.
It was the last time I had been to the beach with my mom. I could still see her, about twenty feet
from the shoreline on a wide blue bed sheet, taking in the sun. I remember thinking about how beautiful she
was and how much I loved her. My mom
was the best. Not only did we do
everything together, but we also told each other everything.

That day on
the beach was the day before she found out she was sick. She had been getting tests for about a
month. She just kept telling my dad and
I that everything would be fine. It was
all routine stuff, nothing to worry about.
Then when she told us that she had ovarian cancer, I didn’t believe
her. I mean she had promised me that
nothing was going to happen. Then she
had promised me that everything would still be alright. She promised that she would pull through for
me. She put up a good fight, but in the
end, she just wasn’t strong enough. She
died within the year.

Three years
had passed since then. The family house
was empty without her and dad jumped on the opportunity to get us out of
there. It would be a relief not to have
to see her everywhere I was. Although
that was not the only reason for our move, it was certainly a big part. There were many other reasons that had to do
with me, such as getting severely bullied at school for who I was. This was going to be a fresh start for the
both of us. This move was going to be
good for us, I think.

“Come on
kid, we’re going to miss our flight.” Dad put a hand on my shoulder. I pressed a slight kiss to my fingers and
then set them down on the stone. I was
going to miss coming to see her. I
sighed and followed dad back to the car.
I slid into my seat and slammed the door shut. Dad fell into his seat about half a second later.

When we
reached the airport, I could see the entourage waiting for us. It was mostly family. I didn’t really have many friends. They were all lined up in front of the

“I still
can’t believe you’re leaving us.” My cousin Kai folded me deep into her
arms. Kai was a year older than me and
far more bad ass than I could ever claim to be. She was my very best friend.
We were the closest of all our cousins.
We even looked the most alike.
After all, our mothers were twin sisters. And of course, we both looked like our mother.

believe it.” I whined.

“You have
to call us like every day.”


“Ok.” She
squeezed me affectionately. “Love you

“Love you
too.” I groaned as she finally let me go.
Then it was like a frenzy. I was
passed around between my other cousins; Kai’s twin brother Mai and Susan and
Adrien. Their dad was my mom’s older

“I’ll miss
you Lilly dear.” My grandmother tucked an errant curl behind my ear.

“I’ll miss
you too Grandma.” I tried my best to smile.
After I had nearly been smothered by my mother’s family, it was time for
my friends. My father only had one sister. She and her family had said goodbye to us
the night before. She didn’t want to
have to take the day off of work. I
moved quickly through the embraces of my friends; Jason, Ashley, Annie, Sam,
Mike, and Charlotte. They were the only
ones who dared to be seen with me.

The flight
wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t too long,
just tedious. A little kid kicked at
the back of my seat the entire time.
The entire time. I had
visions of eviscerating him. I was more
than ecstatic when we landed. I grabbed
my only bag out of the overhead compartment and pulled the strap over my
shoulder. All of our stuff had already
been shipped to our new house. A lot of
it had already been set up and ready to go.
Dad just had to finish his last two weeks in the San Diego hospital. He was a brilliant surgeon. Well, maybe I was biased.

Dad got the
keys to a rental car from a woman in an airport uniform and we were off. I pulled my mp3 player out and put it on
full blast before I got into the car. I
relaxed at the sound of, For the Fallen Dream, blasting through the speakers.

I observed
the unfamiliar town and people through the window as dad drove. Everything was dim and dark and wet. The dark I didn’t really mind, but the
wet…ugh! Everything looked classic
small town 101. Everyone probably knew
everyone. They were most likely all
grouped up and paired off. Good luck
making any new friends.

I stared up
at the unfamiliar house as we pulled into the driveway. It wasn’t as if I had never seen the house
before. It just wasn’t home. Hell, home wasn’t home anymore. I waited impatiently as dad opened the front
door. Once inside, I ran up to my room
and threw myself down on the bed.

I turned
over slightly and looked around at my new room. A dark purple backpack was leaned up against the closet
door. That’s right. I was starting my junior year in a new
school, three days late of the first day.
Suddenly I wished I was back home.
Well, maybe not.

I felt my
eyes starting to close. It had been a
long day. I looked out into the
darkness through my window once before I let sleep take me over. When I opened my eyes again, dad was
standing over me. I jerked up, a little startled.

“Dad! What the hell?” I breathed.

“Sorry. Get ready.
I’ll drop you off.” He offered.

“There’s a
bus.” I mumbled, rubbing my eyes.

“I know,
but it’s your first day.” He shrugged.

“Ok.” I got
up and rifled through one of the large boxes that covered my bedroom
floor. I found a band tee, an old blue
hoodie, and a pair of jeans. Perfect. I wasn’t trying to impress anyone. They could take me as I was. I grabbed a clean towel from the linen
closet and headed to the bathroom.

The warm
water felt so good against my skin. The
soft fall of the water had always had a calming effect on me. I let my hair melt to my neck before I
washed it. I got out quickly, dried up,
and got dressed. I blew my hair dry,
afraid of how frizzy my natural curls could get in this weather. They weren’t exactly ringlets, but I still
didn’t want to bother. I threw my
backpack over my shoulder and ran down the stairs.

Dad asked, holding out a box of cereal.

thanks. My stomach is in knots.” I

“Alright. Let’s get going then.” He pulled his jacket
on. We piled into the car quickly,
ready to get this first day out of the way.

I groaned
at the sight of the school building.
The weather was disgusting. It
was cold and everything was wet again.
It must have rained while I was sleeping. The clouds blocked out all of the sunlight and made everything
look almost dreary. I frowned.

luck.” Dad smiled.

“Thanks.” I
gathered all my things in a hurried attempt to get this over with. The sooner the better. I waved goodbye as he pulled away. When he was out of sight, I turned to get a
better look at the school. It was a big
brick building. No surprise there.

A sudden
gust of cold air blew past me. It was
much colder than I thought it was going to be.
I started to pull my jacket on, holding my bag loosely in one hand. Then I heard the zipper jerk open and
watched helplessly as my books spilled out onto the ground. I could feel how angry I was getting. I could feel how warm my face was right
then. I kicked at one of the books,
completely unaware of all the people around me. I knelt down to grab my things, but a pair of pale hands had
already beat me there. I sat there
frozen and watched as they quickly stacked my books into a neat pile.

“Thank you,
I…”I started to say before I looked up.
A pair of beautiful golden eyes met mine, and silenced me. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t look away
from the beautiful golden orbs. It was
like I was seeing for the first time.
Nothing else mattered anymore. I
had a feeling like I had finally found something that I had been searching for,
for a long time, but what? There was a
very strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, a weird pull, grounding me,
keeping me in place opposite the owner of the golden eyes. My heart was pounding in my chest.

blinked. Only then was I able to take
in the rest of him. The boy in front of
me was utterly beautiful. His skin was
pale white and looked as smooth as marble.
Oh, how I longed to touch it.
His bronze hair hung slightly in his face. His eyes stood out among the other soft features of his
face. His pale pink lips parted over
gleaming white teeth.

I heard the
thud of the books as they fell from his hands but, I didn’t care. I couldn’t look away from his face. I was completely entranced and it seemed as
if he were as well. He held his hand
out, as if to touch my face, but pulled back.
He breathed deeply and then looked down.

“Sorry.” He
whispered, reaching for the books again.
He grabbed my bag and stuffed them inside. He stood up and offered me his hand. I took it carefully and he helped me up. It felt like my whole body would explode at
his touch, but I had to pull away. His
skin was so cold. “Sorry.” He said
again. He was taller than me and
seriously built. “Here.” He smiled and
held the bag out to me. Oh my God. His smile melted my heart and turned my
bones brittle.

you.” I took it and pulled the strap back over my shoulder. He nodded.
That’s when I noticed the others.
There were three others with him.
They were all watching me curiously.

There was
another taller boy. His tousled hair
was also bronze. Upon further inspection, I found that his eyes were gold as
well. He very much resembled the other
boy. His face was covered in the same
soft features. He held the hand of a
girl, shorter than he was by about four or five inches at least. She had the same eyes and skin, but her hair
was darker, mahogany like tree bark.
Another girl peeked out from behind them. Her hair was long, curly and bronze. She stared at me with a pair of chocolate brown eyes and a
wonderful white smile. She resembled
the taller boy, but also the girl somehow.

again.” I said to the boy in front of me.

problem.” His voice was soft and wonderful like ringing bells or chimes. “See you around.” He said, rejoining the

“See you.”
I whispered. I stared after him a
minute and then headed into the building.
It took a few minutes, but I found the main office. The set up wasn’t too different from my old

white, its nice to see you again.” The secretary called. I had only been here once before to register
over the summer. Huh, good memory. The joys of a small town.

“Hell, Mrs.
Dyson.” I smiled.

your locker number and combination, and…” She pulled a sheet of paper off her
printer. “Here’s your schedule.”

you.” I took the papers from her and ventured out to find my locker. “E2079.” I mumbled to myself, looking down
at the paper. I was thrown off balance
for a second when I collided with another girl. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m
just trying to find my locker.”

fine. Are you new here?” She asked,
pushing a tuft of her shoulder length blonde hair behind her ear. Here eyes were a dull blue. She was taller than me and much too skinny.

“Yeah, I’m
Lilly. I just moved here with my dad,”
I introduced myself.

“Nice to
meet you Lilly. I’m Meagan. I’ll help you find your locker.” She

“Thanks. You’re a God send.” I smiled and handed her
the paper.

“Oh, your
locker is right by mine.” She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me through the
hallway. “Here you go.” She said once we reached our destination. I tried out the combination and it opened
easily. I shoved all my things inside,
except for a note book and a pencil, and then slammed it shut. The bell rang. “I’ll see you later.” Meagan reassured me and headed down the

“Later.” I
headed to my first class. English. My favorite subject. I loved to read and write. I actually made it to class on time. “Mr. Peterson?” I read his name off the

“You must
be Lilly.” He smiled at me. I
nodded. “Well, welcome to our
class. Here is the book we started
yesterday. There’s a seat for you down
there next to Caleb.” He held the book out.
I looked out to find this Caleb and saw the only empty seat in the
room. The brown eyes girl was sitting a
few rows in front of it. She smiled at
me. I smiled back and then rushed to
take my seat.

“Hey, I’m
Caleb.” The boy next to me said.

“I know.” I
set my things down on my desk.

right. Well its nice to meet you. You are?”

“Lilly.” I

“Lilly.” He
smiled to himself. He reminded me of
one of the Jonas brothers. I hated the
Jonas brothers. We both turned towards
the board as Mr. Peterson began to teach.
It was slow. Actually kind of
boring. From English, I went onto math. A nice boy named Andrew let me copy his
notes. He was really nice. He reminded me of Meagan. He was just as blonde, only his eyes were
clearer, bluer. From math I went onto
Spanish to gym to history.

I was
beyond happy when I realized that my
next class was lunch. After skipping
breakfast, I was pretty hungry. I got
myself a slice of pizza and a soda and then went to look for a place to sit.

Lilly!” Meagan called from a slightly
crowded table. “Come sit with us!” She
yelled. I pushed my way through crowds
of hungry students and dropped my tray down onto the table.

“Thanks.” I

“Sure.” She

Lilly.” Caleb was sitting on her left,

Andrew was on her right.

“Hi.” I
took a sip of my soda. There were two
other girls that I didn’t recognize.
They looked like carbon copies of each other. One girl looked all snooty.
She was dressed all flashy and was wearing too much make up. Her wavy brown hair fell just passed her
shoulders. The other girl looked
somewhat shy. It was almost as if she
were just along for the ride.

A casual
conversation started up. I didn’t join
in, but nodded and smiled when they acknowledged me. Then without another word, their eyes all focused on the doors. I shifted in my seat so I could see what
they were looking at. The beautiful boy
was making his way in with the three from this morning, and four other
beautiful faces.

family?” I guessed.

“You have
no idea.” Caleb moaned, eyeing the brown-eyed girl.

“Who are

Cullens.” Andrew crushed his soda can.
I looked at Meagan for further explanation.

“The Blonde
girl is Rosalie. The big guy with her
is Emmett.” She started. Geez, Rosalie
was perfect. She was exquisite, blonde,
and curvy in all the right places. No
other girl could stand a chance with her in the room. Emmett was huge, almost
like a bear. He was all muscle. “The little dark haired girl is Alice. She’s with the blonde guy Jasper.” Alice was tiny in the extreme and skinny
too. Her short spiky black hair was molded
to her head perfectly. And Jasper, not as big as Emmett but big enough, looked
kind of pissed off and uncomfortable.

“With?” I

they’re all together. Like together,
together. It’s weird.” The snooty girl chimed in. I could see her eyes glaze over in
excitement as she initiated the gossip at the table.

“The tall
bronze haired boy is Edward. The
shorter girl with him is Isabella, but she likes to be called Bella. The one with the curly hair is Renesme.”
Meagan finished. I recognized those
three from this morning.

I whispered.

not actually related. They were all
adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. The
Cullens are all the ones with the reddish brown hair. They’re triplets. Emmett
is their older brother by one year.
Something happened to their parents when they were like ten. Since Mrs. Cullen can’t have children, she
didn’t mind older children. Rosalie and
Jasper are twins, adopted a little later on.
They’re the same age as Emmett.
Bella and Alice are sisters.
They’re Dr. Cullen’s nieces or something. Isn’t that right Nicole?” He
asked the snooty girl, putting her in her place. Go Andrew.

“Oh.” I

“I still
think its weird that they’re coupled like that. They live together. It’s
weird.” The shy girl spoke up.

“Who’s he?”
I nodded towards the beautiful boy.”

Damien.” Meagan smiled. “Cute, isn’t

“Cute isn’t
the word.”

“He’s the
only single Cullen.”

“What about

“She has a
boyfriend outside of school. He picks her
up everyday after school. He’s quite
the hottie. She brought him to the
homecoming dance last year, broke every guys heart.” She giggled. Caleb frowned. Obviously, he had been scorned.

Cullen. The beautiful boy was
Damien. Interesting. They all seemed to have older names. I couldn’t remember and Emmett’s, Jasper’s
or Rosalie’s at my old school. Without realizing it, I was staring at
Damien. He must have noticed because he
looked up at me. I blushed but didn’t
look away. Rosalie started to talk to
him and then she glanced over at me too.
She stared straight into my eyes for a second and then turned back to
Damien. He smiled and shook his head. He grinned at me and then went back to
shredding a bagel into teeny tiny pieces.

I took a good
look at the Cullens. They were all so
good looking. The four girls had the
bodies that every teenage girl dreamed of.
They were tall, slim and curvy.
Except Alice. She was slim, but
tinier then the other girls. Their
faces were so beautiful, they didn’t even need make up. The guys were all built up; strong and
muscled. Emmett was the biggest. It looked as if the table would crumble to
pieces from just a tap of his finger.
Even their clothes were beautiful.
Beautiful and designer. They
were so colorful, dressed in deep blues, reds, and purples.

They didn’t
look anything alike for the most part.
A few of them, Damien, Renesme, and Edward shared a couple features, but
that was it. They were all opposites. And yet, they were all the same. They were all chalky pale and undeniably

Lilly. Wake up.” Megan waved a hand in
front of my face. “Drooling much?” She

“I wouldn’t
bother. He’s been here for two years
now, and apparently no girl is good enough for him. He turns everyone down.” The snooty girl, Nicole, said. I looked back at Damien. He was fighting a smile. Renesme stood up, pushed in her chair, and
threw out her empty tray. She made her
way over to us.

Meagan.” She smiled. “Andrew, Caleb,
Nicole and Marie.” The other girl was Marie then, ok.

“Hey Ness,
what’s up?” Meagan asked.

my brothers are being idiotic. Mind if
I sit with you?”

“No, of
course not.”

you’re the girl from this morning.” Ness said, sinking into the chair next to
me. “I’m Renesme.” She held her hand

Lilly.” We shook. Her hand was so
warm. Such a contrast to her brothers.

“It’s nice
to meet you. Wow! I love the color of your eyes. It’s so pretty, almost silvery. It goes perfect with the color of your

you.” I ran my finger through my long black hair. She was right. My eyes
did look silvery. I always stood out
because of them. “Your eyes are amazing
too. It’s the first thing I noticed
about you. They remind me of chocolate.”

“So where
are you from?”


“That would
explain the tint to your skin.” She stared at the copper color of my skin. The sun actually had nothing to do with
it. I was part Native American. Half Shoshone Indian in fact. When I told her, cautiously of course, she
got all excited. She told me that her boyfriend, Jacob, was a Quileute.

For the
rest of the period she continued to ask me questions about home, where exactly
I had lived and what I had done there.
She asked me about all my likes and dislikes. Then the bell rang.

“So where
are you off too?” She asked,

with Bates.” I handed her the paper.

brothers are in that class. I’ll walk
you there.”

“Ok.” I
grabbed my books and followed her out into the hall.

“How do you
like it here so far?”

ok. Everyone is really nice. I just
hate that its wet.”

“So does my
mom.” She giggled, playing with something around her neck. “Here we are. Room 213.”

“Thanks.” I
tucked my schedule in my pocket.

“ Sure.”
She said before running off.

classroom was full of models and diagrams.
The little black tables fit two people each. Just like home. This
would force me to work with a partner.
Then I noticed that the only empty seat was next to Damien.

“You’re the
new kid right?” The teacher chucked a textbook at my feet. Bates was really rude. I looked over at Damien. He was too busy doodling in his notebook to
notice me. Edward and Bella were in
this class too. They were seated behind

“Take your
seat please.” Bates Barked.

I mumbled on the way to my seat. I
threw my books down onto the table angrily.
Damien was snickering quietly. “What?” I whispered. He just grinned.

Then I
heard the thud and the groan. I looked
back towards Bates. He was laying on
the floor. I guess he had just fallen
out of his seat. I threw a hand over my
mouth to stifle laughter and took my seat. Take that Bates. I looked back at Damien.

“Hey. Thanks for this morning. I don’t know what was wrong with my
brain. I’m Lilly.” I blushed.

Damien. Looks like we’re lab partners.”
He looked down at my notebook. “Lilly
White? Your dad wouldn’t happen to be
David White, master surgeon would he?”


“Well then
he works with my dad, Carlisle Cullen.”

is your dad?” I asked. He nodded. I looked away, trying to remember him
correctly. I had never officially met
him, just seen him through a glass window at the hospital. My dad had mentioned him a couple time.

everyone. Today is safety lab.” Bates
announced, handing everyone a lab sheet.
“I’m sure Cullen will show you a good time Lilly.” He smiled to
himself. Half a second later, he
collided with a desk.

“Shall we
begin?” Damien asked.

“Yep.” I
grabbed my paper and a pen. We walked
briskly around the room, identifying all the safety equipment.

“So you’re
from California?”


“What’s it
like? I’ve never been there before.”

hot. You have to like the sun.”

“And you

“No, not

“But you
don’t like the rain either?”

“I despise

“I guess
I’ve gotten used to it by now.”

“Maybe I
will too.” I breathed. Edward threw a
mock punch at Damien’s shoulder as he and Bella passed us by. Damien smiled and shook his head. “So Bates is a terrible klutz?”

like that.” He laughed. We mostly
answered repetitive lab questions for the rest of the period. He asked me a few more questions about home,
just as Renesme had. When the bell
rang, I trudged out into the hall. I
wanted to go back to sleep. My last two
classes went by quickly. I had a psych
class, my only elective, and a study hall.

I almost
cried when I peered through the glass panes of the front door. It was raining. I gave in and pushed through the double doors. When I spotted my dads car, I took off into
a run.

Lilly!” I heard. I stopped short. Renesme was waving to me from across the
lot., I waved back and then got into the car.

“I see
you’ve made some new friends already.” Dad said as I pulled the door shut.

“Sure. Did you know they’re all Dr. and Mrs.
Cullen’s kids?”

“Oh, well
no. I’ve never seen any of the kids
before. There’s so many of them.” He
laughed. It was a quick ride home. The closer we got to the house, the heavier
the rain got. “Here you go kid. I’ve got to get back to work.”

“Bye.” I
ran as fast as I could into the house.
I set my things onto the couch and wandered up to my room. I kicked my shoes off and got back into bed. I curled up on my side and closed my eyes.

have I done?, I thought. But it wasn’t
my thought. It wasn’t my voice. It was someone else’s.

I held a
pale hand out. That wasn’t mine
either. Blood was dripping down off my
fingers. My hand turned into a tight
fist. I could feel how wrong this was.
My body was wracked with shame. I
dropped to my knees.

The body
of a young man was spread out before me.
His skin was almost as white as mine. His eyes were glazed over,
dead. He was dead.

I’m a
monster. Intense thoughts of self
hatred and self destruction ran through me.
My body shook with the force of it.
I slammed my fist into the brick wall in front of me. The window pane shattered and glass rained
down all around me. I looked down into
one of the broken pieces. The
reflection of angry, helpless, empty red eyes stared back into my own. I was

win.” I said aloud, in a voice not my own.
“I’m coming home. I can’t take
this anymore. I just can’t.” I looked down at the poor helpless boy
before me. “I’m sorry. So sorry.” A tearless sob ran through me.

ringing of my phone woke me up. I
listened to the new ringtone for a few seconds before I picked it up.

“Hello?” I
answered breathlessly.

“God, are
you alright?” Kai asked.

“I’m fine.
I was just asleep.”

“Oh, I’m
sorry. I just wanted to know how your
first day went.”

“It was
good. I think I made some new friends.”

great! Sorry I woke you up. I’ll call you later.”


“Love you

“Love you
too.” I hung up. I propped myself up
against the headboard. For a minute, I
just breathed.

That was
such a weird dream. I never dreamt like that.
It was so clear, so vivid, so real.
It didn’t make any sense to me.
Those pale hands and that desperate agony was something I wasn’t going
to forget for while. I needed some air.

I jumped off
the bed and made my way over to the window.
It was only a slight drizzle now.
I could deal. I ran back down
the stairs and pulled on my jacket. A
quick glance at the clock told me that it was six. Dad still wouldn’t be home for a while. I pulled my hood up and sat on the front steps.

It was
actually rather cold. I knew that
Seattle was usually like this, but this was nothing like I had actually
expected. I thought maybe it would be
something like spring in New York. It
was much worse. Yet to my surprise, the
rhythmic sound of the rain was actually soothing. It helped me to calm down, clear my head, and articulate my

A figure in
the distance caught my attention. It
was that boy from school. Andrew was
his name. What was he doing walking
around in the rain?

“Hey!” I
called. He looked around to see who was
calling him. I waved when he finally
noticed me.

yourself.” He smiled.

“So do you
often walk around in the rain by yourself?” I questioned.

of. It helps me think.”


“So you’re
the one who moved into the old Parsons house.” He commented. I just looked at him. “I live behind you.” He explained.

do? That really cool actually.” I stood
up. “Mind if I walk with you?” I asked,
fingering the house keys in my pocket.

“Not at
all. Come on.”

“So what’s
it like around here?”

mostly. Small town stuff.”


“I know.”
He half smiled. “I’m still getting used
to it myself. I moved out here like a
year and a half ago from New York.”

“Glad I’m
not the only new kid. No offense or anything.”

taken. I move around a lot. I’m used to

“Are your
parents like traveling salesman or something?” I joked.

“Uhm, no,
not really.” He shrugged. “Don’t tell
anyone. I’m a foster kid. My parents
died in a car wreck when I was like five.”


okay. I don’t really remember them.”

“Yeah, it
was still insensitive of me.”

nothing. How could you have known?”

“If it
makes you feel any better, my mom died about three years ago.”

“I’m sorry
to hear that. And no sorry, it doesn’t
make me feel any better.”

subject. Man this weather sucks.”

“It does,
doesn’t it.” He laughed.

We walked around for a while just
talking. I told him all about
home. I also told him all about the
bullies and the harassment.
Reluctantly, I told him about the legends about the Shoshone tribe. After all that was why I was bullied. They had crowned me the school freak ever
since they could talk. In return, he
told me all about how he had been bullied and the pressures he faced being a
foster kid. I truly felt for him, I
did. This was something I could
understand in a way.

We talked about other things too,
happier things, funnier things as well.
I liked talking with him. It
felt so easy. I just felt like I could
trust him. He understood me to an
extent and it was great to be able to talk to someone about all this. I knew he could be a great friend to me if I
allowed him to be.

“So, do you
want to go for another walk tomorrow?” He asked as we stopped in front of my

“Yeah, I
would like that. Maybe we can do
homework together or something?” I suggested.

“Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiled, before he
started home. Andrew really was
great. I found myself looking forward
to the next time we could talk.

As I headed back inside, I started
to think about that dream again.
Halfway up the stairs, it hit me.
Those pale hands didn’t belong to me, no, but they did belong to someone. Damien.
They belonged to Damien.

it was true that I felt a strange connection to him. It was very strange. I
had just met him this morning, but I felt like I had known him my whole life. I felt like I had been searching for him,
and that when I finally found him, everything seemed to come into place for
me. Everything looked brighter,

all of this was true. But why was I
dreaming about him like this? What did
it all mean? I didn’t understand what
was going on, but I would. I was
determined to figure it out.