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The Beauty in Edward's Life.

Edward first meets his daughter as Bella is being changed.
He doesn't understand how he could have ever hated such a beautiful creature.
One Shot. *Fluff* Read & Review please(:

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1. Beauty

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As I sat in a chair by the bed I held Bella's right hand between the both of mine. Her body shook and spasumed through the burning pain. I'd switch places with Bella, in a moment if I could. I couldn't bare to watch her suffer- it was killing me. "This is what Bella wants." I said quietly "This is what I want." It had been nearly 9 hours since I'd bitten Bella. 9 hours since my venom started to burn through her veins. 8 hour since Alice dressed Bella in a blue sun dress. (I'd only taken notice to the color because it's my favorite on Bella.) 8 hours since the room was cleaned of blood. And I hadn't left the room in nearly 10 hours, and I didn't plan to without Bella.

I sighed and kissed Bella's hand. "It's going to be okay, Bella. I love you. I love you, and I know you love me, and I'm sorry for the pain. I love you. I love you....." That was all I could say. She probably couldn't hear me though, but it doesn't matter. She should know I'm here and she knows I love her.

May I come in, son.?Carlisle said mentally from the hallway.

"Yes, Carlisle." I spoke quietly and calmly. I didn't turn to face him but I heard him approaching.

"She's fine, Edward. Everything is going to be perfect." Carlisle assured.

I sighed once more and gave Bella's hand a squeeze before letting go to face Carlisle. "I know. I just- it's so hard to watch her suffer. But I can not leave her side." I explained

"I understand. But this will all be over soon enough." I nodded in agreement. "Now, would you like to properly meet your daughter?" Carlisle grinned.

Wow I thought to myself. I have a daughter, I am the father of Bella's child. Bella had my child. Something that ties Bella and I. Something, someone we created out of love.

I couldn't hate the thing- Renesmee, knowing Bella loves her so much. Besides, she's the one thing in this world that connects Bella and I. She's apart of me. I do love her.

"Oh, uh, yes." I said. I stood at the appearance of Esme and the little baby in her arms. Esme smiled and approached me. She motioned for me to take the baby out her arms, but I couldn't. I didn't know how to hold a baby. I was one hundred seven years old and I'd never held a baby.

"Edward take her, you'll be fine." Esme insisted. I looked down at Renesmee's tiny chubby face. She was sleeping. She was the almost the most beautiful thing in this world, no she was just as beautiful as Bella. The two most beautiful things in this world were mine, one of which I didn't know how to hold.

"I don't...know...how." I said was a shrug. I wanted to but I was scared I'd hold her wrong and hurt her in someway.

"Edward." Esme spoke my name. I lifted my head to make eye contact with her. "She's your daughter. It will just come to you." Esme seemed sure enough so I trusted her judgement and took the baby. I cradled her in my arms, she was so soft, sweet. The fast thud of her heartbeat was a comforting sound.

Carlisle moved next to Esme and put his arm around her waist. They both grinned and left the room. I sat back down in the chair by Bella's bed. Renesmee startled me as she slowly awoke.
Her big brown eyes were identical to Bella's. I found comfort in that, also.

"You have caused a lot of trouble Renesmee." I said lightly to her. "But I love you. Daddy loves you. You're so beautiful, just like you're mother." I don't know if babies can smile, but this one did, and I smiled back.

I held Renesmee close to Bella and continued to grin as it truly sunk in that this was all mine. "This is mommy." I said softly to Renesmee "Bella you're- our daughter is amazing. You were right, and I was wrong. I love you both so much." In the moment Bella's body was still, calm. I sat back down as Renesmee started to drift back to sleep. I kissed her on her forehead as I started to hum Bella's lullaby.