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A Huge Mistake

Has there ever been a creation of Carlise's that decided to go there own way. Yes there has. Her Name is Daisy Roberts. She didn't leave because she thought carlisle's way of life was odd, but for a whole different reason. 'I was walking along a street that seemed way too dangerous to walk on. Especially if you had a lot of money in your pocket. But it was the quickest way home.'A Huge Mistake Banner by me!

Tell me how you like the story. Sometimes these type of storys just come out of me.

1. Chapter 1-New Life

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I was walking along a street that seemed way too dangerous to walk on. Especially if you had a lot of money in your pocket. But it was the quickest way home.

I had lost track of time. I always get caught up in my work. I work at the Artistic Institute of Michigan. I taught everything. Singing, Composition, Dance, Art, and Drama.

I was teaching a star student. Edward Cullen. He usually takes the night courses. He wanted my reference on a piano piece he just composed. If I say so myself he's a very talented person. Not to mention that he;s also very attractive.

Just then I heard gun firings coming from a small store. I ran over to see if anyone was hurt.

When I walked into the store I saw a man lying lifeless on the ground. Then I looked around. The shelves were toppled over. Glass broken.

It all happened so fast I looked up and saw a man holding a gun. Then he pulled the trigger. I felt a sharp pain in my torso. I screamed out in pain, then lost consciousness.

I then heard the door open. A person gasped.

"Carlisle! Get in here quick!" That voice sounded oddly familiar. Somewhat like the student I was teaching just before all this happened.

"Oh my." This voice was different. It didn't sound familiar at all.

"Edward, get my bag."

I heard the door close then open again in a few seconds.

"There's no hope for the man. He's already dead. But this girl has a chance. We'll have to change her though. She's lost too much blood. But the venom will work." Venom, Change her what did he mean?

I felt the sharp pain in my torso but also there was an even sharper pain coming from my neck that made the gun shot feel like a paper cut. I screamed out in pain again and again for what seemed forever.

I'm so sorry the unfamiliar voice spoke over and over again.

I felt like I was on fire. I wish they would just kill me or put the fire out I would settle for either.

The pain began to slowly fade. My heart rate accelerated to about 10 times the usual rate. That can't be a good sign.

My heart stopped all together and so did all the pain. I must be dead.

"Carlisle what's wrong with her. Her heart stopped she's done with the transformation. Why isn't she opening her eyes?" Transformation, what in hell did he mean?

"If you can hear me nod." The man named Carlisle said. I did as he said I nodded.

"Could you open your eyes?" I opened my eyes I found myself on a large bed. Where was I.

"Where am I?" My voice sounded beautiful. And yet different.

"Your in Pontiac, Michigan. At me and my family's house." Pontiac that's about a 45 minute drive from Detroit. I looked down at myself. My skin was much whiter than I was used to.

I was about to ask why my skin was so white and why my voice sounded different.

"Allow me to explain. I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen, this is Edward Cullen my son," He gestured towards a boy with beautiful bronze hair. "this is my daughter Rosalie Cullen," He gestured towards a blond that looked like she could be a model. I nodded. "and this is my wife Esme Cullen."

"You see Daisy were not human."

"What are you then?" I said my voice still sounded absolutely beautiful.

"Daisy, were vampires. And so are you." I was confused. I am human.

"Not anymore." Edward muttered. What was he talking about. Esme glared at Edward.

"When you got shot at that convent store you basically had no hope of living. Until me Edward showed up. We saved you and brought you to this house."

"How did you save me?" I asked.

"You see vampires have venom. The venom isn't used for killing but more of a parelizer. I found of a way to use it for saving peoples lives that otherwise would have had no hope."

"I had no hope of living so you saved me." I stated.


"And now you have special ability's that you didn't have when you were human."I have special ability's now? Edward nodded.


"Like how you can run faster than any other living being, or that you now have extreme strength. Some of our kind have extra ability's."

"Do any of you have extra ability?" Edward smiled.

"Yes, Edward can read minds." That explains so much. He looked like he was trying to hold back laughter.

"You also seem very attractive to the mortal." Rosalie added.

"Of course there are rules that you have to follow."

"Like" I prodded

"Well there's basically only one. Keeping the secret." That doesn't seem too hard.

"You must be thirsty." Esme said. I hadn't noticed it until now that I had a burning feeling in my throught. I nodded.

"Let's go hunt then." Rosalie said. They all walked out the door. Hunt. Hunt what? And were are they going? Edward stopped and waited for me.

"You have a lot of questions don't you?"

"Yes." He must have been reading my mind

"Yes I was."

"Would you stop that it's getting on my nerves."

"Wish I could. Do you want me to answer your questions?"


"We're hunting animals. We consider ourselves as vegetarians. We're heading towards the woods. Where there's woods there's animals. We don't hunt humans. Otherwise you wouldn't be here now. The sun doesn't hurt us. It is the reason why we can't go out side during the day. you'll see what it does soon enough. There is that all your questions?"

"Yes. Thank you."

When me and Edward got outside everyone else had there eyes closed and there noses in the air.

"Just do what there doing and your instincts will take over" I did as Edward said. I heard foot steps some were nearby. Before I knew it I was running.

In just a few minutes I saw a heard of white tailed deer. They scattered and I ran and pounced a large buck. He struggled. I sunk my teeth into his neck. The blood tasted so great. Edward got a slightly smaller one. I looked at my shirt it was covered in blood. When he was done he had not gotten one drop on his shirt.

"Your a natural." I looked at my shirt.

"You'll get better" He promised. I think I'll learn to like Edward.