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A Huge Mistake

Has there ever been a creation of Carlise's that decided to go there own way. Yes there has. Her Name is Daisy Roberts. She didn't leave because she thought carlisle's way of life was odd, but for a whole different reason. 'I was walking along a street that seemed way too dangerous to walk on. Especially if you had a lot of money in your pocket. But it was the quickest way home.'A Huge Mistake Banner by me!

Tell me how you like the story. Sometimes these type of storys just come out of me.

2. Chapter 2- End of Sense.

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For the past few months I’ve been watching this coven act like a family. It was too painful to watch. As usual I cowered up to the room Esme gave me to tearlessly cry to myself no one noticed my absence. I think. I’ve been up here for two hours now. I then heard a knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I said sniffing.

“It’s me Edward. Can I come in?” I’ve gotten really close to Edward these past few months. We’ve became great friends. We were inseparable.

“Yes. Come in.” He walked in. As soon as he saw me he rushed to my side.

“What’s wrong, Daisy?” He sounded nervous.

“It’s this family. They remind me so much of my human family.” He seemed to understand what I was going through. Had he gone through this too?

“I know the feeling. Your memory will fade though. Soon you will barely be able to remember them.” But I want to remember. No matter what the sacrifice.

“You miss your family too?” I asked

“Yes of course but I don’t remember them well. Is there anything I can do for you to make you feel better.” The only thing I want is to be alone.

“Um… could I have some alone time.” I asked. He nodded.

“Yes of course. If you need anything else just ask.” He walked out of the door.

What am I going to do? This pain is too unbearable. I had two options. One, live with the pain. I could do that one but it would be extremely hard. Two, I could leave this family and go my own way. That one seemed like the best logical option.

I thought about what I was going to do. I knew I couldn’t bear to just live with it. So it was decided. I have to leave and never come back. I sighed. Edward could probably hear me now.

‘Edward please don’t say a thing. I want this to be as painless as possible.’ Edward was at my door.

“Daisy no matter what it will be painful. At least come back every once and a while.” He pleaded. He sounded furious.

“I can’t promise that.” I said. He was making this too complicated.

“Daisy please.” He pleaded. I would have to make my run for it when they go hunting. I shook my head.

“Bye Edward.” I pulled him in for a hug.

“I’ll miss you.” He whispered in my ear. I’m sure if vampires could cry we’d both be crying waterfalls.

“Daisy are you sure you don’t want to go hunting.” Edward asked he knew this was the last time we’d see each other. Why did he have to make this so painful.

“No I’ll go later this week.” ‘I’ll miss you, Edward. Now don’t make this hard.’ I thought.

“Ok.” He said. Then everyone walked out the door.

Where is there a piece of paper? I asked myself. I pulled a piece of paper out of one of Edwards journals. I hope he won’t mind. I wrote as fast as I could.

Dear Edward, Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie,

I’m terribly sorry for leaving. It’s just too painful watching you all act like a family. It reminds me of my old family.

I just need to leave for the sake of my sanity. Edward knew about this. I told him to not say anything. I promise you I will visit at some point.

Once again I’m terribly sorry. I will miss you all.

~Daisy Roberts.

I left the note where they could find it. I ran out the door. I’ll run up to Maine. There’s plenty of woods there. I started running North West. I hope they’ll forgive me.