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A Huge Mistake

Has there ever been a creation of Carlise's that decided to go there own way. Yes there has. Her Name is Daisy Roberts. She didn't leave because she thought carlisle's way of life was odd, but for a whole different reason. 'I was walking along a street that seemed way too dangerous to walk on. Especially if you had a lot of money in your pocket. But it was the quickest way home.'A Huge Mistake Banner by me!

Tell me how you like the story. Sometimes these type of storys just come out of me.

4. Chapter 4-Reunion

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Daisy’s POV

I ran back to Bucksport. Hopefully they got my letter and wrote back. When I got on main street I walked at a normal human speed.

“Hello may I help you?” asked the lady behind the desk.

“Yes, is there anything for the name Daisy Roberts?” I asked.

“Hold on let me check.” She disappeared into the back room. She came back with a letter in her hand.

“Here you go.” She glanced at the return address. “Do you know someone in Washington?” She asked.

“Yes, I have some old friends there.” Very old, about seventy years old.

“Oh that’s nice. Well have a nice day!” I made my break and went down to the water front to sit at my favorite bench that looks out to the bay. I opened the letter and glanced at the writing it was definitely Carlisle’s hand writing.

Dear Daisy,

We completely understand why you left. Sometimes it can be too much. We love you very much and will support any way you chose to go.

We have gotten new members of the family, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Renesmee, and Bella.

Why don’t you come and visit us for the month. How about a week from the 16th. We’ll pick you up in Seattle. We miss you very much.

~Carlisle, Edward, Esme, and Rosalie

I read the letter over a couple times. They completely understand, and they love and support me, this was nice to know and it only made me feel more guilty. I took out my cell phone and dialed the number to the Bangor Airport.

“Bangor Airport, this is Dianne speaking.” Someone said in a very bored voice.

“I need a ticket to Seattle for the twenty-third.” I said.

“First class or Coach.” She asked in the same bored tone.

“First Class.” I answered.

“Alright. Added up it will be a total of five hundred and fifty-six dollars even.”

“Ok thank you.” I then hung up. I had eight days to pack. I can’t wait to see my ex-family again.

I got up and walked out of town then when I was far enough into the woods away from human eyes I ran at vampire speed to my small cottage. I started packing as much of my clothes that I could fit in my one suite case that I owned.

8 days later……

I slammed the trunk of my black Ferrari. I don’t like to use it much because it’s ostentatious. But now I’s critical that I use it. I would appear odd that I walked the thirty miles from Bucksport to Bangor. I walked to the driver’s side of the car. I sped down the interstate towards Bangor. I parked in the parking lot of the small airport and ran inside to catch my plane.

I caught plane just in time and sat down in my seat, lucky me that the seat next to me was not bought there for I get to sit alone.

A couple hours later after switching planes a couple of times I finally landed in Seattle. This is the happiest day I’ve had in a while.

Edward’s POV

The whole family was going so we had to take three cars. When I say everyone I mean everyone, even Jacob. Me, Bella, Nessie, and Jacob took my Volvo, Esme, Carlisle, Rose, and Emmett took Rosalie’s BMW convertible, and Alice and Jasper took her Porsche 911 Turbo.

“Who would have ever thought Edward Cullen had friend.” Emmett said.

“Shut up Emmett.” I said then we all got in out cars. We got to Seattle really fast due to me and my families lunatic driving. When we got to the airport we headed towards the gate and waited.

Daisy’s POV

I walked to where family and friends of passengers waited by the gate. I started looking for my former family. Then I spotted a bronze haired boy. That had to be Edward. I ran over and gave Edward a huge hug.

“I missed you Edward.” I said.

“I missed you too Daisy.” He pulled me back to look at me. Then we started walking towards the parking lot.

“Don’t worry I haven’t changed since you last saw me.” I said. I then walked over and gave Rosalie a hug.

“Maine Huh?” I chuckled

“You gotta love Maine. There are tons of Bears it’s really nice.” A huge black haired man laughed behind her.

“You and I are going to get along well.” He said. “I’m Emmett, Rosalie’s husband.” He added

“Nice to meet you.” I said politely. Then Esme walked over and hugged me.

“Hello Esme.” I said.

“Oh Daisy, I’ve missed you!”She said. Carlisle was standing behind her.

“It’s nice to see you again Carlisle.” I said politely

“As it is for you. I believe some introductions are in order.” Carlisle said. “Daisy this is Bella, Edward’s wife.”

“Wow! Edward found a wife, never saw that coming.” Edward punched me playfully in the arm. I’m happy that he found a wife. He deserves to be happy. “It’s nice to meet you Bella.” I added.

“This is Alice and Jasper,” He continued.

“Hi” I said.

“And this is Renesmee, Edward’s daughter.” He concluded.

“Excuse me did you just say daughter?” I turned to Edward. “Well haven’t you been naughty these past years.”

“She’s not full immortal, Daisy.” He said this like he’s explained it a million times before.

“What is she then?”

“She was conceived, carried and, given birth to all while Bella was human. I nearly killed her.” He explained.

“You fell in love with a human?” I started laughing.

“Yep. He fell hard and fast.” Emmett said.

“It was worth it.” He kissed Bella. Though it was short it was also passionate. Just then we got to the cars. A tall man with russet colored skin went into a car with Alice and Jasper. Rosalie, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle went into another car, and Edward Bella, Renesmee and I went into a shiny silver Volvo.

So much had happened today. I learned that my best friend was married and had a kid, and I had reunited with my family, two huge leaps for me.