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Hollowed Existences

~spoiler warning~ What would have happened if Bella hadn't jumped?...

I sort of just started this little story for fun because I wanted to see as to where it might go. hehe xD. The chapters are going to be short, why? I don't know. My brain doesn't tell me its reasoning most of the time but I bet it has something to do with the fact that if i squished it all together it wouldn't sound right. Thats my guess. hehe xD. Oh and of course, I don't own Twilight, New Moon, or any of the characters. They are all Stephenie Meyer's creations. ^_^

13. Chapter 13

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“Bella,” Charlie yelled from downstairs.


“Jacob’s here!”

I nearly jumped out of bed when I heard the announcement of Jacob’s arrival. I quickly book marked the page of the book I had been reading and placed it on my bedside table. I made my way downstairs slowly and saw Jacob standing in the doorway, hanging up his coat on the coat rack.

“Hey Jacob,” I said brightly.

“Hey Bella.” Jacob said equally back.

“Come on upstairs then,” I said as I made a hand gesture towards the direction of the stairs.

Charlie heard and his mouth fell open.

“He is not going into your room!”

“Charlie,” I looked at him with a frown, “he was just in my room last night. Besides, it’s your fault he’s over here again seeing as you only gave us 30 minutes to talk last night and that was no where near enough time for Jacob and I to catch up.”

Charlie nodded reluctantly and gave me a look I didn’t understand; he almost looked sad. He headed back towards to living room where the sounds of a soap opera where playing from.

I led Jacob up to my room where I heard the distant conversation coming from the living room.

“Hey! I was watching something!”

“Move your feet, lose your seat or in this case, TV program.”

“But it’s the World Series and this drama stuff is so boring!”

I snickered as I heard Renee and Charlie go at it like little kids. I heard a similar sound come from Jacob behind me.

Once in my room, I shut the door behind us and then went over and sat down on my bed. Jacob went to pull out the chair from the computer desk but it was stuck. He tugged a bit harder, yet still to no avail.

“Maybe it’s caught on a cord,” I told him, grinning slightly at his frustrated state.

He pulled harder and was rewarded with the impact of the top corner of the chair’s back coming in contact with his groin. He let out a small whimper as he fell to the floor.

I laughed but then quickly went over and knelt beside Jacob.

“Jake? Are you all right,” I asked in between fits of giggles.

He stared up at me furiously.

“Stop laughing! This hurts like hell!”

“Of that I have no doubt. And the only reason it’s funny is because this is what happened to you at your interview isn’t it? Or at least, one of many bad luckish things to happen anyway.”

I snickered and he glared.

“I think I should stop hanging around you Bella,” Jacob said remorsefully.

I looked down at him in shock. He couldn’t be saying what he was saying could he?


“Your bad luck is starting to rub off on me and it’s becoming quite a nuisance.”

Jacob cracked a smile and I sighed in relief at his joke. Then, I let out a small chuckle and helped him to his feet.

This incident brought back the memory of last night and Jacob’s odd interview. I laughed under my breath at the memory and I recalled Jacob’s recollection of the events he went through just to get a job. He had been right, it did sound like a normal day in Bellaville but far from a normal day in Jacobville.

“Well, I knew it was going to be a interesting day the second I stepped out of my car and into an ankle deep pothole of water thereby soaking my best shoes. And let me tell you, those shoe’s were not cheap.”

I chuckled slightly and Jacob sighed impatiently.

“Bella, I’m not going to tell you what happened if you’re going to be all giggly during it.”

I composed my face and stared at him as emotionlessly as possible.

“Proceed,” I said calmly.

Jacob grinned and continued.

“Well, I just thought that the pothole was just a little sign of bad luck and so therefore I ignored it. So, I went up to the office building, because I was applying to be a filer, I know, boring job, but they are willing to pay me really good money for working for them for the next few months. Like I was saying, I went up to the office building and opened the door and the next thing I know, this guy carrying a box runs into me, drops the box which sent billions of these little paper holes flying every where. The guy then started to yell at me for being a ‘young hooligan’ and insisted I help him clean the mess up unless he wanted me to call the sheriff,” he grinned at me, “even though I have connections, I still agreed to clean up and was soon on my way up to the office. When I entered, the receptionist looked at me and she looked like she was going to laugh at any minute. I looked down at myself and I see that I pretty much look like a dalmation but reversed. I was wearing black shoes, pants, and a black v-neck sweater and I had all these little white dots sticking to me all over the place. I looked back up at the lady and quickly explained what happened. She just nodded her head and once I told her I was there for the interview, she gave me a clipboard with a paper to fill out and a pen clasped on the top and pointed me towards the door where I guessed an empty room was so I could fill out my paper in silence. I unclipped the pen from the top of the clipboard and began to fill out the paper. Once I was almost finished, I realized that the ink from the pen was coming out to quickly and was making my writing illegible. I tried to quickly finish my signature at the bottom but just as I started to write my last name, the pen practically exploded ink all over the place! It was on the paper, the clipboard, the desk, the chair and on me! But you could only tell it was on me because you couldn’t see some of the white dots anymore. I threw the pen down and went to open the door to tell the receptionist what had happened when the door opened and someone walked in. The guy looked at the scene of the room, the look of my clothes, and the look on my face, and burst out laughing. He asked me what had happened to me and so I told him.”

I just couldn’t hold it in any longer; I erupted with laughter and couldn’t stop. I laughed for what seemed like hours until the pain in my stomach caused me to subside and I quieted to giggles. I looked up at Jacob and he was giving me a reproving look.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t laugh,” he stated calmly.

“Actually, all I said was ‘Proceed’. I never said I would or wouldn’t laugh.”

Jacob scowled.

I grinned and gave in, “I promise to not make another peep for the rest of your story.”

He nodded and continued reluctantly.

“The guy, Mr. Joe Boyle, was not as strict as I thought he was going to be. He was a really nice guy. He just sort of had to keep a tough appearance to keep everyone in line but he’s quite a nice guy actually. When he started to interview me in another spare room, he asked me all sorts of questions like, why did I want this job, what uses would the money be for, how punctual and time mannerly I was, you know, stuff like that. In the end, he said he was happy with my interview and said that I sounded pretty sincere and an all around serious guy, so he gave me the job.”

Jacob looked pretty smug when he finished.

So your ride home was uneventful?”

“No,” he said slowly and winced, “I-“ he stopped short and looked at the ground as if embarrassed, “I nearly ran into a little old lady crossing the street. I swerved to avoid hitting her and therefore ran into a tree. The car was damaged a little but is reparable and I’m fine too.”

I looked at him with my mouth open.

“I know, it’s a miracle I walked away isn’t it?”

He thought I was staring at him like that because I was worried about him? Granted I was a little worried about his well-fare but he had nearly ran into a little old lady!

“But what about the little old lady! Was she all right?”

Jacob then understood my expression and chuckled to himself.

“I suppose so-“ I cut him off before he could continue.

“What do you mean you ‘suppose so’! Didn’t you go to check on her and ask her if she was okay?”


“Didn’t you care enough to offer taking her to a hospital just to make sure she was fine?”



“Will you shut up and listen for one second!” Jacob said between shakes of laughter.

“This isn’t funny Jake! What if you hurt her?”

He continued to laugh but then quickly sobered enough to speak.

“I said ‘I suppose so’ because she really didn’t stick around for me to question her.”

I stopped mid-rant.

“What do you mean?”

Well if you’d let me get around to actually-“

“Fine! Now tell me! I’m shutting up now!”

Jacob chuckled.

“I went to get out of my car and ran over to her to ask her how she was doing. She was extremely angry with me but she had managed to get to the other side of the road unscathed. When I questioned her as to whether or not she was okay, I received multiple blows to the arms and chest by her handbag. She was hitting me with her damn bag!”

Jacob fell to floor laughing and at the image of a little old gray haired lady hitting 6’5’’ Jacob with a handbag; I burst out laughing as well.

I was pulled out of my reverie by Jacobs’s laughter.

I snapped my head in his direction and saw him holding up the book I was reading right before he had come over here.

He looked over at me with the biggest grin spread across his face.

“Please don’t tell me you read these sorts of books.”

He flipped through my copy of Captain Underpants and then dropped it back down on my nightstand.

“You did not just insult the wonderful Captain Underpants! Without him, you wouldn’t even have any clean unddies to wear!”

We burst out laughing and didn’t stop until Jacob sobered and cleared his throat. My giggles died down and I looked at him. He looked as if he knew he was about to hear some tragic news and I understood that he now wanted to know exactly what had happened here, in this room, my room, so many months ago.

“So you want to know then? What really happened?”

He nodded. Eyes serious.

This was going to take a lot of explaining and I knew I had to start from the beginning, to the time I nearly jumped off the cliff that time that seemed like forever ago.

I took a much-needed deep breath and began the story.