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Hollowed Existences

~spoiler warning~ What would have happened if Bella hadn't jumped?...

I sort of just started this little story for fun because I wanted to see as to where it might go. hehe xD. The chapters are going to be short, why? I don't know. My brain doesn't tell me its reasoning most of the time but I bet it has something to do with the fact that if i squished it all together it wouldn't sound right. Thats my guess. hehe xD. Oh and of course, I don't own Twilight, New Moon, or any of the characters. They are all Stephenie Meyer's creations. ^_^

5. Chapter 5

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As the door slammed shut below, I was jostled out of my thoughts. I had been contemplating as to what I was going to say to Charlie and how to say it. I had gotten most of my homework done but there was still the Calculus homework to do and my brain just couldn’t work out the problems and the equations so I set it aside and accepted my fate of getting an incomplete tomorrow. After all, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I got up from the floor where I had been sitting and stretched my legs. I looked at my computer and thought about Alice’s email. I wasn’t sure if I was going to respond any time soon but I couldn’t be rude and not email her back. I sat down on the chair, turned on the computer and decided to email her back right then and there incase where I was going to be sent I wouldn’t be allowed a computer. When I got to my email page I saw my old message and then a new one from her. I clicked the old one and replied. I just made sure she understood that I was fine and everything was okay. I then opened the new message. I was sent just three hours previous, which would have meant it was sent right around the time I had logged off. It was short, and very direct, yet I didn’t quite understand.

Bella, I saw it. I’ll be there. As will Jasper and everyone else, but I fear Edward won’t be. Take care. Love You Always. Alice.

I contemplated what it meant but the second I heard Charlie’s usual noises meaning he was getting ready for dinner I went downstairs. I saw Charlie and quickly shoved Alice’s message to the back of my mind and focused on the task at hand. Charlie was looking in the kitchen for me. As I got closer I saw his face. He was curious as to wear the food was, probably, and where I was as well.

I set my face so he knew I meant business and then I said, “Hey Charlie. I think we need to talk.”

Charlie turned around and stared at me. His eyes narrowed and he understood fully what the ‘talk’ was going to be about.

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

“Well, I was thinking along the lines of my current state and what you are planning to do about it and what I’m planning on doing about what your plans involve and how I’m going to make sure my plans come out correct and your plans fail because I’m not going anywhere.”

Charlie looked confused for a second and as I thought about it, I wasn’t sure if what I had said really had made sense. To clarify, I decided to make it simpler.

I took a deep breath. “Charlie, I’m not going anywhere and I’m not changing my… current state.”

He understood that. His breathing became quicker and shorter and his face was turning a deep red. His eyes became slits and I saw his fists clench and his knuckles turn white. Here it came, the fight that would lead to the outcome of all the other fights. If I didn’t make my side heard and known and if I didn’t convince him that I was fine here, I would be packing. I looked down at the floor as I saw the vein in his forehead throb. That was about as mad as he could go. I straightened my back, put my arms firmly at my sides and planted my feet on the ground making sure he knew I wasn’t quitting.

Then, in a voice almost inaudible, he said, “You will go where you are told and you won’t argue.”

I heard him, I heard him loud and clear. I didn’t like being told what to do. I was usually the one doing the telling; and I was damn well sick and tired of people telling me what they thought was best for me. I began to shake. I quivered like I never had before, I never felt this much anger coursing through me before; it felt like a drug. I wanted to feel more, I wanted it to encase me; I wanted Charlie to know just how serious I was. I also knew that this wasn’t exactly like me, I didn’t get so mad so easily but I knew that this was a special case and I needed my anger, it was going to be my shield.

“No, I won’t!”

I hadn’t planned on my voice sounding the way it did; carrying so much rage and it nearly being yelled.

“No Charlie! I will do as I want. If I want to crawl into a hole and die then that’s my decision and not yours. If I want to live in Forks for the rest of my life, however short that may be, then I will live in Forks. I will not listen to you, nor to anyone else unless I want to.” I began to walk towards Charlie without even realizing I was walking forward. “And I most certainly will not be forced to do something I don’t want to do!”

The last statement I nearly screamed. I turned around and walked swiftly from the kitchen only to be followed closely behind by Charlie. He was still furious, I think he had even reach an all new level of fury because not only did he have the vein in his head throbbing but also the veins in his neck throbbing and I had never seen that before. He grabbed my arm and swung me around.

“You will do as you’re told! You will listen to me and you mother!”

I yanked my arm away and stared angrily up at him.

“No Charlie!”

He just didn’t seem to get it. He wasn’t going to win as long as I breathed. I began to walk away again when he grabbed my arm again.

“Isabella Marie Swan! You will listen whether you want to or not!”

“I’d rather go to a mental institution for sticking up for what I believe in then willingly go to Jacksonville because I backed down and was forced to leave! Tell Renee that! Tell her I said ‘send me to the nut house’! God knows I’ve been through enough to make any sane person insane!”

I pulled my arm free once more and headed towards the stairs but as I heard him quickly approaching yet again, I spun around and slapped him so hard across the face that it left my hand numb; but I was too caught up in my anger to notice. Charlie however was stunned, it quickly disappeared though and his eyes began to bulge.

“How dare you hit me!” He roared. “I’m your father!”

I looked him square in the eyes and put on a mocking smile. “By nothing more than blood.”

That comment did leave him shocked. I could tell I had crossed a line that was thought to be un-crossable. In a sense, by what I had said, I had basically disowned his as a father. I had basically declared that I’d rather not have a father. I turned one last time and headed up the stairs.

Once in my room, I slammed the door and got my backpack. I was leaving this house, but I wasn’t leaving Forks. I’d sleep in the forest if push came to shove. Once I was done packing, I went back to my computer and decided to email Alice one more time. I told her I wouldn’t be able to reply to any of her emails for quite some time due to the fact that I was going to have a difficult time getting online. I didn’t tell her I was leaving my house because it would’ve cause panic or something. I clicked send and then shut down my computer. I quickly got up and went to reach for my backpack when I tripped and hit my head on my nightstand. It was then that I heard the sirens among other sounds. Charlie must have called them. They were coming for me; they were coming to take me away to a white room with white clothes.