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Hollowed Existences

~spoiler warning~ What would have happened if Bella hadn't jumped?...

I sort of just started this little story for fun because I wanted to see as to where it might go. hehe xD. The chapters are going to be short, why? I don't know. My brain doesn't tell me its reasoning most of the time but I bet it has something to do with the fact that if i squished it all together it wouldn't sound right. Thats my guess. hehe xD. Oh and of course, I don't own Twilight, New Moon, or any of the characters. They are all Stephenie Meyer's creations. ^_^

6. Chapter 6

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Nightmares plagued my thoughts. I heard screaming, glass breaking, snarling, yelling, the crunch of what sounded like wood breaking, pain throughout my body, and then my name being yelled. I was confused and thought surely something weird was happening.

It was then the most horrible and painful nightmares truly began.

I was surrounded in darkness and in blood. I couldn’t see anything except the endless abyss of black swirled with red. And the noise, oh how the noise deafened me. It couldn’t be described as anything other than a din of endless noise. Nothing could be understood there, it was all muddled. How long I was like that I don’t know. All I knew was that I hurt everywhere. I kept feeling pricks in my arms, in my legs, and my head was throbbing and felt like it was having a thousand splinters stabbed into it. I can say this; I felt this pain for what felt like an eternity… I just hoped I wasn’t dead because of how I had left things off with Charlie. How could I have been so mean and left it at such a bad note? How, could I have said he wasn’t my father?

It was then that I felt a bolt of electricity course threw my body. It was merely seconds after the black swirling abyss had seemingly locked itself on me. Its origin seemed to have come from my chest and then radiated to the tips of my fingers and my toes. Just as it faded, I felt it again. It hurt terribly and every time I felt it I seemed to become more aware of my body and just how bad it hurt. By the third time I felt the bolt, I became fully aware of my body. I felt drugged and drowsy yet I still felt the pain all over my body. I didn’t want to open my eyes but someone was calling my name, several people were calling my name and one sounded familiar…


“Bella! Bella! Are you okay?”

I ignored his question as I felt a new wave of pain go down my spine. I cried out in pain and then I fully opened my eyes.

I looked around me at the too familiar hospital walls. No less than 8 doctors or nurses surrounded me… I couldn’t differentiate which were the doctors and which the nurses. Charlie was holding my right hand and it looked like he was crying. I squeezed his hand and instantly regretted it. My arm hurt so badly. How did I end up like this?

One of the doctors/nurses told me to not move and so I willingly complied. I looked at the ceiling and then realized we were moving. The ceiling was white as were the walls we were passing. I wonder if this is what Alice saw?

I looked back at Charlie; maybe he knew what had happened. “Charlie, what happened? I don’t remember.”

He gave a slight smile. “Well Bells, we were hoping you could tell us. Do you remember anything?”

I gave him the truth. “I don’t know Charlie, I really don’t remember anything except hitting my head on my nightstand.” Then I remember our argument. “Oh Charlie I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean anything I said about you. You’re the best dad anyone could ask for. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” I had begun to cry and the motion my body made as it cried made me cry out in pain so I stifled my sobs, which took a great effort.

We had just entered a room that was big enough that it could have held 3 or 4 carts yet it looked like it was just meant for me.

I wasn’t there thirty seconds, when I was wheeled away to the x-ray room. They took x-rays of everywhere imaginable. It was only when they were trying to move me onto the table to get the x-rays done when I realized I had a brace on my neck and that my neck and back hurt terribly. After the x-rays were taken, they wheeled me back to my room and I got a few moments alone with Charlie… peaceful moments. Five minutes later, someone came in and took Charlie out to discuss some things. I saw the x-rays being put up on one of those light board things. The second they were up, Charlie covered his mouth and his eyes widened with what looked like horror. The doctor continued to talk to him and Charlie’s face grew only worse until he was crying. When he came back in, he hadn’t quite composed his face. He stood beside me and held my hand. There were a few nurses running around still, checking out all my signals.

“Charlie, what’s wrong with me? What did the x-rays show? What happened to me?”

He looked pained but then complied. “Bella…” He had to move so one of the doctors/nurses could reach something next to him but as soon as she was gone; Charlie took up his spot again and continued. “Bella… you have a gash on your forehead, a concussion, your right arm is broken and…” he looked away, unable to continue.

“Dad?” I squeezed his hand, instantly regretting it. I felt another surge of pain run down my neck and back but I didn’t make a sound, only a face.

Charlie looked back at me and then continued, but I then when I heard what he had to say, I wished I hadn’t pressed him, I didn’t want to hear it, “Bella, your back is broken. Apparently… somehow… you broke your window, why I don’t know, and then threw yourself at the wall. You broke your neck, back and your arm and you have a concussion. On the way here to the hospital… your heart stopped. They had to shock you three times before it finally started again. In a few minutes, you will be getting ready for surgery. They have to fix you up a bit Bells.”

I gaped at him. That explained why I felt the ‘bolt of electricity’. Then I thought about what he said had happened to me, according to the doctors, in my room. I couldn’t have done that to myself. A, I didn’t remember doing anything other than falling and hitting my head and B… I… heard a growl. Before I could think any further the one I figured as the head doctor came over to Charlie and I. He asked Charlie to please wait in the waiting room since I was about to be prepped for surgery. Charlie agreed and slowly bent down to kiss me on my cheek since my head was probably covered in blood from the gash. After he had left and as I was slowly wheeled down the corridor, I became curious.

“Um, hi.”

The doctor looked down at me and smiled. “Hello.”

“I was wondering what am I going into surgery for?”

He looked down at me with a frown this time. It was also tinted with sadness and something that looked like he was disapproving me. “Well, we need to put a steal plate with some pins in your right arm since you have a very bad compound fracture, then we need to reconstruct your axis, that’s the bone your head sits on and rotates on, and we need to reconstruct 13, 14, 15, and 16 of your Thoracic Vertebrae. You’re in for a very long re-cooperation time. You’ll probably spend some time in solitary confinement, which keeps anyone from seeing you except for doctors and nurses of course…”

“What?!” Did they mean what I thought they meant? “Are you saying I’m going to a mental institution?”

He looked down and nodded sadly.

I stuttered. “Bu-bu-but… I didn’t try to commit suicide! Is that what you all think? That I tried to commit suicide? How is it possible for me to have done that? It isn’t possible for me to have done that to myself! I don’t even remember what happen!” I was hysteric I knew it. But I was not going to a crazy house for doing something I didn’t even remember doing.

The doctor looked at me nervously them motioned for the nurse. She quickly added something to my bag of saline and I shortly after felt my eyelids getting droopy and my muscles relax considerably. She must have given me a sedative.

“I’m telling you da truf! I woodn’t do dat!” My voice was just a whisper and I was mumbling because I couldn’t get my mouth to form the words properly. The doctor looked at the nurse and I just barely heard what he said. It sounded so far away.

“How much did you give her? It should’ve taken at least a minute, not 10 seconds!”

“Doctor, I gave her exactly what her type calls for. Nothing more.”

I knew that the sedative was working faster than usual. It should’ve taken me a little bit longer than what it did for me to feel the full effects. Yet I was still being lulled into an almost sleep like state.

As I began to fall into unconsciousness, I recognized one more thing, just as I entered the surgery room I saw someone I hadn’t expected.

“Doctor Cullen. Your patient Isabella Swan.”

“Thank-you Doctor Mitchell.” Carlisle looked down at me and gave me a sad smile.

“Carlisle,” I mumbled. I gave a small smile in turn.

Just before I fell into oblivion I heard him say one thing that made me smile big, “You can’t stay out of the hospital for too long a time can you, Bella.”