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What I am

Two poems about how Edward & Bella feel when they are apart.


1. Chapter 1

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Bella’s point of view

I am broken

I wonder if he will return

I hear his voice scolding

I see my father suffering

I want to be in my loves arms

I am brokenI pretend that he is with me

I feel nothing

I touch my tears

I worry that I won’t ever be whole again

I cry when I think of him

I am brokenI understand that I don’t deserve him

I say that I’m fine

I dream nightmares about his leaving

I try not to think of him

I am broken

Edward’s point of view

I am a soulless monster

I wonder if she has moved on

I hear my families concerns

I see her in my memories

I want to be with my angel

I am a soulless monster

I pretend that I can survive without her

I feel empty without my Bella

I touch the keys of my piano

I worry that my family will interfere with my choice

I cry on the inside

I am a soulless monster

I understand that she is better off without me

I say things I don’t mean

I dream of our impossible love

I try to resist my desire to return

I am a soulless monster