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Your Memory

This is how I think Bella felt in New Moon when Edward left. It is sad so....if you don't like sad, don't read it.

I hope you like it and please review!!

1. Chapter 1

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Your Memory

Your memory

It plagues me

It haunts me

In the night

As I cry


To sleep

Yet again

Your memory

Rips into

My heart

It tears

And tugs

And pulls

Till I can’t


Your memory

Is painful

All those times

You said

You loved me

Feel unreal

And fake

And completely a lie

Your memory

Is a spirit

It hangs around


Always following

Always reminding

Me of you

And how you never loved me

Your memory

Won’t let me forget

Won’t let me

Move on

You are always

In my head

And never far

From direct thought

Your memory

Is you

Your face

Your hair

Your eyes

Your personality

All that I loved

About you

Your memory

Is something I can’t let of

Something I can’t forget

But want to forget

Something that

Makes me smile


Through the tears

Your memory

Is all of you

You broke my heart

But never

Gave it back

I love you!

I hate you!

Why won’t you let me go?!